SEG Middle School at Hairston today

Posted by Andy Durham on February 10, 2010 at 1:14 pm under Amateur, College, High School | 16 Comments to Read

Sotheast Guilford Middle School at Hairston today at 6pm and you’ll get to see the young man for SEG that everyone is talking about, Theo…..He is in the 6’4 to 6’5 range and he plays for the SEG Falcons and they will face Hairston today at 6pm on Franklin Blvd., over near the Greensboro Armory…..

I had three different people telling me about this game last night and there should be a good crowd on hand to take in a rare triple-header with SEG-Hairston, WG at SEG, and then the Duke at North Carolina game…….

  • BIG TICKET said,

    Theo is the real deal!!!!

  • whatutalkingboutwillis said,

    Heard this kid was looking at ORMA?

  • Eddie Willis said,

    heard dudley has him wrapped up, and that he will be in the academy. Supposedly will graves and brendan haywood among other basketball players plus pressley is bringing him some super bowl goodies. good money says follow him to dudley—telling you, dudes, the academy is the best recruiting tool there is.

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  • Andy said,

    Saw him on Wednesday versus Hairston Middle School, and I was not overly impressed. The kid will have to learn how to play team basketball.

    He was out front playing guard on a team with 5’4 guards and he is all of 6’4/6’5….

    The kid needs to be inside at this level and he will have to change his style when he gets to high school and learn how to play within a team concept.

    Hairston has learned the team concept and they were the better team that I saw today.

    Theo Pinson is a good kid, but he has a very long way to go before he will be able to dominate on the high school level.

    I want to see this kid improve and I’m not going to get on here and blow smoke his way after what I saw today. This kid has a long way to go and he did not do anything within a team concept today and the fact of the matter is, that Hairston did and they proved that you can do this on the Middle School level.

    Dudley would be better served to focus on the Hairston kids and let Theo work on his game at SEG and he will be ready some day, but he is nowhere near there yet….

    Just a few thoughts…..

  • tee tee said,

    I heard about this kid a couple of months and saw him play about a month ago. He is the best 8th grade player that I have ever seem. He met and exceeded all of my expectations. He has the inside and outside game with all of the mobility necessary. Dudley is the only public school in this area that this kid should consider. He is without a doubt a future high priority recruit for any ACC or equal school. If Laney at USC can recruit a 13 yr old quarterback, then surely Roy or Mike can sign an 8th grader. This kid is the real deal !!!

  • Joe said,

    He lives in SE zone and if he goes to Dudley he will have to sit out a year based the Fair Play rules in Guilford County. At some point will anyone stop Dudley from recruiting the SE zone? Dudley did the same thing with Kevin Swinton years ago after his freshman year at SE. there are two sets of rules in Guilford County, the ones Dudley plays by and the rules every other school has to play by.

  • Theo better than Andy's post ! said,

    Andy – Theo may have had a bad game tonight and that is life with young teenagers. Recently I saw him play against the Northeast Middle boys team which I believe had the best set of individual players and team in the county this year. Theo was without a doubt the key player on all fronts to beat NE middle. He was hitting 3’s with excellent range, he had about 5 dunks, multiple blocks and he drew double teams the entire night but yet they won as he found his teammates with great passing.

    This kid will be a dominated player on the high school level. The high school game will allow his skills to show even more because the players on the floor can better match his play making ability.

    For you to say “he is nowhere near there yet” – Andy – I am extremely surprised that his playing created such a response. This kid will go down as one of the best all time D1 prospects to come out of Guilford Co.

  • witness said,

    the kid has some skills…. needs to work on outside shot……and being a team player… the kid did not hustle at all…… but has huge upside… who knows who will land the kid. i heard it was westchester

  • tee tee said,

    Andy – since you went to a middle school game, who are some of the up and coming best boys and girls that you may have seen or heard of in middle school.

  • KMS said,

    Since this post is middle-school based, which is usually a little lower on the totem pole than most of the topics, I thought I would weigh in with a congratulations to Kernodle Middle School’s basketball team. The team followed the undefeated football team’s success, by going 13-0 this year, including a close win over a good Northeast team. There are really no superstars on the Kernodle hoops team, just a bunch of kids that are pretty good athletes that really enjoy playing together, but most of all they are close friends…which is what middle school sports should really be about. They key to their success, however, is Coach Chambers…a college-caliber coach who really has taught these kids well.

    For what its worth, these kids know Theo, having played with and against him in AAU competition, and have nothing but good things to say…I am sure he has a bright future regardless of where he goes to high school.

  • Danny Shutt said,

    Congratulations to the Southeast Guilford middle school girls basketball team for winning the Conference title. They were undefeated in conference play and lost one non-conference game to Southern Guilford. The future of the girls basketball program at SEG looks to be bright. Some talented young ladies will be entering Coach Newton’s program next year. Congratulations to Lincoln, Eastern and Southern middle schools, they will have some strong players entering their high school programs also.

    I have watched Theo play many games this year, last night was not the best showing for SEMS or Theo. They did make a big comeback in the last quarter and almost tied it on a last second shot. Hairston has some very good players and did a great job against SEMS. IMO Theo has the tools to be very good at a high level. We must remember he is still just a kid and has much maturing to do in all aspects of the sport. If he is led by the right folks, has the dertermination and work ethic, he will go far. I was also very impressed by Hairston’s big man – #33. He did a great job down low. Good luck to Theo – wherever he decides to go.

  • Andy said,

    I’m sure Theo will do fine, I was just very disappointed in the overall showing of SEG Middle….

    SEG looked better in the 5th quarter, which was the 6 non=stop minutes that ran before the regualtion game got going.

    One kid will not be able to dominate the high school game, even PJ Hairston has off nights and without the help of all his teammates such as Brennan Wyatt and Reggie Dillard, PJ would not be the player he is…

    Theo will probably be on someone’s varsity roster next year, but it will be a year or two before he dminates if you ask me….

    Congrats are in order for the Kernodle Middle School and Coach Chambers. After all these years, he and his teams are still going strong.

    I would like to see Theo play for a coach like Bill Chambers and see how quickly his game would change…..Theo is so out of position the way SEG is using him on the Middle School level that it is hurting his game….If he keeps on growing, he won’t be a guard in the future….

    Don’t know all the names of the Hairston Jaguars, , but they had a kid nearly as tall as Theo and he was taking it to the basket and as I stated earlier, Hairston was very well coached and they played team ball.

    One of the things that caught my attention about Hairston was when their assistant coach told his players to respect the refs call. He kept on emphasising for his players to “Respect the Call”…..

    A lot can be learned on the lower levels. The Hairston head coach kept on telling his kids to stay low and stay in front of the man and don’t let him just dribble right by you. Much of what the coach was telling the kids was working and the kids were listening to the Hairston coach and so were the refs when he made his plea about certain fair calls……

  • Mike said,

    Tee Tee,
    You must not have seen Tory Holt play Basketball in middle school, by far the best player I have ever seen and I have seen a lot of kids come through, including Theo.

  • Inside Scoop said,

    Theo is in fact headed to Westchester.

  • kernodle girls & boys champions !!! said,

    Andy – you went to see the southeast boys play but you should have seen both the Kernodle boys and girls play this year. Both the girls and boys went 13-0 this year. I believe the Kernodle girls and boys were the only undefeated teams in Guilford Co this year. Bill Chambers did an excellent job with the boys this year but do not over look the outstanding job that Vernon Johnson did with the girls 13-0 team. Most games were 20-30+ blowouts by both teams all year.

    Kernodle is one of the best academic middle schools in the entire state and to have such outstanding atheletes is impressive. Kernodle won all of its fall sports championships with an undefeated football team and now 2 undefeated basketball teams.

    This is what is right with our schools. Excellent students in the classroom and outstanding atheletes on the field and court! Great Job Cougars !!!!

  • The Crew said,

    Everyone take a deep breath and give the kid a break. As of today 4/1/10 It has not been decided where Theo will attend HS. Either way he is a great kid and will continue to be guided by a set of great parents. They are on top of everything and know how all the recruiting works. His mother played D-I college ball at UNC Charlotte.