SWG girls win big over Ragsdale and Tiger boys get big win over Southwest Guilford

Posted by Andy Durham on February 10, 2010 at 10:43 pm under High School | 15 Comments to Read

Courtesy of Mike Ellis Jamestown News:


Southwest Guilford 8 13 17 14 – 52
Ragsdale 0 9 0 9 – 18

Obviously, it was all Southwest as they buried the Lady Tigers. Ragsdale could get
nothing going offensively and Southwest played great defense. As unbelievable as it
might be, the Cowgirls did not have that great of an offensive game with turnovers
and missed shots, but they did all they have to in putting the Lady Tigers away
early. Southwest was already a good team, but with the addition of Cheyenne Parker
in the middle, they have become a very good team. Southwest is in first place in
the Piedmont Triad with an 8 – 1 record (14 – 6 overall). Northwest is at 9 – 2 and
High Point Central is 7 – 3. Zena Lovette led Southwest with 12 points and Parker
added 9. Only three Ragsdale players scored with Ciara Jackson with 7 the high
scorer. Ragsdale falls to 5 – 5 in the Conference and 12 – 9 overall.


Southwest Guilford 10 19 15 14 – 58
Ragsdale 10 15 18 20 – 63

Ragsdale found a way to pull out a last minute victory for the second night in a
row. With the game tied at 55 with 1:27 left, Ragsdale got a basket from D’onovan
Smith on an inbounds play, then got two foul shots from Kalik Parker to take a 59 –
55 lead with 1:05 left. Southwest got a trey from Justin Surgeon with 39.9 seconds
left to cut it to 59 – 58, but were forced to foul and Jaxon Randolph hit two more
foul shots to make it 61 – 58 with 21.1. Southwest missed two three point attempts
on consecutive trips down the floor and Ragsdale gathered the rebound and were
fouled both times. Smith made 1 of 2 for a 4 point lead and Benaiah Wise also hit 1
of 2 for the final margin and the 63 – 58 win.

Tyquan Roberts led Ragsdale with 14 points. Jaxon Randolph had 12 and D’onovan
Smith 11 as both came off the bench to make valuable contributions. Ragsdale
solidifies their hold on first place in the Piedmont Triad with an 8 – 2 record and
has two games remaining. High Point Central is in second place at 6 – 4 and the two
meet at Ragsdale on Friday.

Greg Bridges had an outstanding game for Southwest with 22 points including 4 three
pointers. Southwest fell to 4 – 5 in Conference.

  • Amused said,

    Hey….I just noticed a little while ago that you guys failed to put up the ACC schedule for today. You did know that Duke and UNC were playing…right?

  • Bad Situation said,

    Southwest girls team went way too far tonight beating us like that. I did find it very interesting that the boy on our varsity Kalik Parker and Southwest Cheyenne Parker are brother and sister at 2 opposite schools but live with there mother. They both left with Kalik’s mom. How is this legal? If they banned the northern kids then how are they able to do this at southwest? I dont think it is fair. Either Kalik should be at Southwest or Cheyenne should be at Ragsdale.

  • LWK said,

    Look for another inside job on this one as well, just like the year before

  • jellybeanscotty said,

    It’s not that SW girls went “too far” in beating Ragsdale, but that SW was able to hit more shots. In my opinion, SW missed a lot of easy layups and free throws that could have easily had the score much higher. As far as how Cheyenne & her brother are at 2 different schools is between the schools, their parents, and the athletics dept. You don’t know what circumstances there are as to why this is. When SW & Ragsdale played earlier in the year, there was nothing said(even though Cheyenne didn’t play she was still a presence on the bench and you had to know that she would play against you the 2nd time around) so why would it bother you now? Please don’t try to take anything away from our girls because they had a better game last nite. Our girls have played hard this season and fought to get to where they are now.

  • Bad Situation said,


    I see you have some insight into the situation then. What are these guidelines? Because if it was between the school, parents, and athletics dept that means it is the same issue as northern guilford. I am going to look up the rules but from the parent meeting we had before the season. Proof of residence in the district will be needed to play.

  • gcs police said,

    if this is true someone has to report it to gcs – they dont go after people till there are complaints. Ragsdale has many questionable athletes on many teams, as do most schools. Neighborhood football teams, basketball teams, baseball teams are not always good forever, players move to play for certain coaches, coaches recruit players to come. One thing you can bank on – if one high school is good at any sport for 5 plus years or more, something is going on there. And dont give me that coaching is better, i know that but you have to have talent to continually win.

  • jellybeanscotty said,

    To Bad Situation:

    Yes, I do have some insight on the situation since I went to the source of your complaint. Again, you don’t know what is going on. Had you asked Kalik, I am sure he would have been more than happy to tell you what was going on, and if he didn’t want to tell you, then that means it was none of your business! So, before you go posting things, that you obviously have no clue about, find out what is going on before you cause any unnecessary harm.

  • Bad Situation said,


    You didnt answer my question. What agreement does Southwest and Ragsdale have about these kids? I am a concerned parent and i would like an answer.

  • jellybeanscotty said,

    Bad Situation,

    I am not the one you need to be asking for an answer….if you are that concerned, then you need to call the Fairplay Hotline and report it. And yes, I did answer your question: Had you asked Kalik or even Kalik’s mom(like I did b/c I don’t want anyone jeopardizing anyone else’s chances on the team because of the Northern situation), then you would have your answer. And, by some chance you did ask, and they didn’t tell you, then AGAIN…..it’s none of your business. Just be concerned with how your team is doing and wishing all of these athletes well! That’s what I plan on doing.

  • Andy said,

    We had a situation last year where we had a brother at NWG and his sister was at Northern and it dealt with the re-districting out there and the fact that a junior or senior often have the right of refusal to remain at their old school and graduate there if the new lines come into play and if there are non-graduating classes that are not available yet then the students would remain at their old school even though new lines have been drawn up…

    New lines may be coming into play out there with Ragsdale and Southwest and one thing is for certain, the County Schools already would have a handle on this one, the way things have been popping up in the past two years…..

    SWG and Ragsdale are surely on top of this too and there is not much that will by the County Schools’ attention the way the system has been called out recently…..

    *****Mike Ellis, Ogi Overman and the Jamestown News also stay on top of all of these matters and not much will slip by Ogi or Mike…..You can count on them, we always do.*****

  • witness said,

    This can’t be a issue of the lines being redrawn. It was my understanding that this family just moved from Georgia 2 years ago into the GCS.

  • jellybeanscotty said,

    There is no issue….both of these kids are where they should be. There is nothing illegal going on, no politics involved or anything else anyone can think of. To put it simply and hopefully to end this discussion, Kalik Parker goes to Ragsdale and Cheyenne Parker goes to Southwest for reasons that was obviously not anyone else’s problem except for GCS and evidently they don’t have a problem with it since 1 is at Ragsdale and the other at SW.

  • Bad Situation said,


    What about the other schools and kids? What about the northern kids from last year? I took the advice you gave and contacted fair play. They will investigate and go by the address that was registered with the county for them. After reading what witness said about them being here 2 years. If they have been living in either district. They should have started off at the same school last year? From what i was told she played last year for southwest. I am not understanding the agreement with southwest and ragsdale. jellybeanscotty you sound like you are covering for someone. One of these kids was illegal at the wrong school last year.

  • jellybeanscotty said,

    Good grief Bad Situation:

    Nobody is covering for anybody…and you are not the first I am sure that has contacted the hotline about this situation. I don’t know the full details of went on at Northern nor do I care because it is not affecting us this year. You are under the assumption that there is an agreement between SW & Ragsdale(it wouldn’t matter if both schools said it was ok, GCS would not allow that to happen)….their parents did what they were supposed to do and enrolled them at the schools they are at now. You are correct in saying that you had to provide proof of residency in order to be eligible to play at your current school, which means if neither has been pulled to go to the same school, then GCS deemed it ok for them to play at their current locations. I am sure there was some question as to why there were 2 kids, living in the same house, going to 2 different schools, and I am pretty sure it was investigated then(again, because of the Northern situation).

    I finally figured out the problem you are having: 1) You felt like we beat Ragsdale too bad, 2)No one will tell you the reason as to why they are at 2 different schools(because again, it’s none of your business) or 3) You just have nothing else better to do than cause trouble. Either way, people can complain all they want but it’s not going to change the fact Kalik will be at Ragsdale and Cheyenne will be at Southwest….LEGALLY!!!

    Now, I have to get ready to cheer on my Cowgirls and hope you do the same for your Lady Tigers. Have a good evening!!!

  • Intheknow said,

    To Ragsdale people and Bad Situation,

    First of all Cheyenne Parker is legal to play at SW. Ragsdale people said nothing last year before the moved when they lived in SW district and Kalik went to Ragsdale. I guess that was ok. She is a senior and was grandfathered and has a letter from Student Assignment. If you know anything about GCS, athlete or not the allow seniors that have moved to stay at there previous school almost 100% of the time. And by the way I can’t believe Ragsdale people are whining about getting blown out or questioning a player. I guess during football and baseball season you guys forget about this. Remeber this during football when yall beating people 45-0 with three or four star players that belong at other schools. Yall cant always win.