Oak Ridge to hit the big stage in NY and in NJ

Posted by Andy Durham on February 11, 2010 at 11:29 pm under High School | 8 Comments to Read

Oak Ridge Military Academy(ORMA) will head up to New York and to New Jersey for games this weekend and they will play St. Anthony’s of Jersey City, New Jersey on Saturday and that is the team that Bobby Hurley’s dad, Bob, has coached for many years…..Both Bobby and his brother Danny Hurley played for St. Anthony’s……..

In addition to ORMA playing Nichols School (Buffalo, NY) at 12:30 PM on this Sunday, they will also be playing St. Anthony’s (Jersey City, NJ) at 6:00 PM on Saturday in the PrimeTime Shootout in Trenton, NJ. St. Anthony’s is ranked 19th nationally this year by USA Today and is a perennial power that has won several national championships.

Tremendous opportunity for our young program to be seen on the biggest national stage in high school basketball. The game will be streamed live on the internet and may be televised by ESPNU and/or MASN.

  • maryfrancis said,

    Awesome!! Good luck!!

  • Kevin said,

    FYI – Nichols is where Duke’s Christian Laettner played his high school ball.

  • jimmy said,

    FYI – Bob Hurley Sr. is still the coach at St. ANthony’s. His son, Danny coaches St. Benedicts. Bob Hurley is probably the greatest high school basketball coach of all time.

  • Andy said,

    Good call Jimmy….

    Billy Hurley or Billy Curley is the kid that played at BC….

    Does anybody know for sure. Wasn’t Pat Kennedy, Jim Valvano’s assistant at Iona before he came south and took over at Florida State for a while and then went toward DePaul??????

  • dale fulton said,

    do any of the oak ridge players have firm offers?

  • yes said,


    Canter to Xaiver
    McCain to California(Football)
    Lawson 7 D1 offers Florida, Gerogetown, Sycrause amoung some
    Joesph to NC State

    Thanks for asking

  • question said,

    Hey Andy is it true that ORMA beat the #2 team in the state of NY Sunday Morning at the shootout classic.

  • Andy said,

    How did they do on Saturday too?????

    I was checking the N&R on-line and did not see anything….

    What have you heard and is it concrete?????