Pre-season HS Baseball Polls are starting to surface(SWG hits the poll)

Posted by Andy Durham on February 11, 2010 at 2:13 pm under High School | 10 Comments to Read

Impact Baseball has come out with their Pre-season HS baseball polls and we have one Guilford County team that made the list….Southwest Guilford is in the first poll of the season and the Cowboys are ranked #10 in the 4-A version of the Impact poll.

The Cowboys have been tapped as the team to beat in our area…..

State-wide Imapct has:
Ardrey Kell #1 4-A’s…
Rocky Mount #1 3-A…
Graham #1 2-A
Dixon #1 1-A…

You can check out all the Impact Baseball Polls when you Click Here.

  • eddie gaedel said,

    andy partin’s poll is never even close. he bases it on which school has the most players playing impact—-have you ever talked to him about baseball? he’s a huckster—hang on to your wallet!!!

  • wes said,

    Who will be the 5 best teams in Guilford County

  • 77 Hornet said,


  • haha said,

    I agree with you eddie, that is very true

  • Andy said,

    You could almost go with the conference that Southwest is in and include:

    1) SWG
    2) Ragsdale
    3) NWG….then
    4) WG
    5) Dudley

    NG and SEG will also show up in there somewhere and Grimsley is coming on to with young talent like Reader, Shumate and some of their young pitchers….

    Top players will be:
    George Carter
    DeSean Anderson
    Josh Tobias
    Ray Crawford Jr.
    Tevin Neal
    Alex Moore
    Brandon Burkes
    AJ Williams
    Cal Sutphin
    Brock Hudgens
    Ben Fultz
    Macon Smith
    Casey Jones
    Joe Turkson
    Billy Stone
    Walt Sparks
    Colby Keene
    Tiger Miller
    Austin Bain
    A load of NWG players….Stephen Mekita, Corey McKinney, Sanders Kuxhausen, Ben Schmucker, Garrett Stell, Ben Saunders, Keaton Haack, Duncan Everette…NWG and Sonny Gann are loaded and so is SWG…
    More from SWG……Start naming them, I have remembered a bunch, but I can’t remember them all…..

  • realist8888 said,

    Who cares about this poll? It means zero! Play the game! It happens between the lines! Not on a website!

  • Andy said,

    Some fans like the polls.

  • mark said,

    Southwest Guilford – Brock Hudgens. Probably their best player

  • observer said,


    I find it hard to believe that Southwest should be ranked that high.

    This will be the first year in a while that they don’t have a proven blue collar pitcher that can almost guarantee you a win against the playoff teams.

    Time will tell if some of the younger guys can step into the role, also they have big righty who played third last year that may have one of the best change-ups in the area.

    Year after year Southwest has always had a bunch of no names that come together as a team and make a playoff run.

    Conference prediction

    1. East Forsyth
    2. Northwest
    3. Ragsdale
    4. Glenn
    5. Southwest
    6. Parkland
    7. HP Central

  • Peace said,

    Someone needs to look at that 2A team SOUTH GRANVILLE HS in CREEDMOOR

    Clarence Peace

    Will Bullock

    Matt Wilson