High School hoops tonight 2/12/2010 Finals

Posted by Andy Durham on February 12, 2010 at 11:15 pm under High School | 17 Comments to Read

Dudley 51
Page 44

*****Panther girls finish (11-1) in the conference and earn the #1 seed for next week’s proceedings…*****

Northwest Guilford 50
Western Guilford 38

*****NWG was 23-23 at the foul line…..*****

Dudley 79
Page 55

*****Dudley boys wrap up the regular season top spot in the Metro 4-A Conference with a perfect (12-0) record….*****

High Point Central 46
Ragsdale 43

Northwest Guilford 57
Western Guilford 45

Christ School 79
Greensboro Day School 50

Dudley scoring in their 79-55 win over Page….
PJ Hairston 17 points/8 rebounds/5 blocked shots
Jaquel Richmond 15 points
Breenan Wyatt 11/6 assists/9-9 at the Free Throw Line…..
Reggie Dillard 9
DeSean Manuel 7
Dominique Byrd 6
DJ Alston 6
Sam Hunt 3
Stephon Redd 2
Anthony Hamlett 2

Page scoring:
Jackson Kent 13 points
Demone Harrison 9 points/7 rebounds
Frankie Eaves 9 points
James Summers 7
Bryson Fonville 7
Stacey Greene 6
Desmond Harrison 2
Dillion Sykes 2

  • NW Fan said,

    NW girls went 23 of 23 from the line tonight.

  • Andy said,

    Do you have a final on them for us? NWG-WG…….

  • NW Fan said,

    I believe 50-38————–32-32 at the end of the third

  • NW Fan said,

    Both teams(girls & boys) are supposed to be highlighted on WXII after the Olympic coverage

  • All I know right know said,

    GDS got blown out???? I thought Jeff Smith was a defensive genius?????

  • eddie gaedel said,

    I do not remember the specific post that labeled him a defensive genius, but if I recall correctly there was past stating” he is defensive and thinks he is a genius.”

  • too political said,

    Anyone want to give NW props for beating a Western? A team in the supposedly untouchable Metro? Anyone have any details of what happened in the GDS game?

  • Yea said,

    That is a very good win for NW, i wouldnt f thought they would beat them but they proved me wrong. And Christ school were to athletic for GDS, plus they mad them play out of there game. GDS were missing alot of open jumpers, and with brandon dorsett not playing, the couldnt control the tempo.

  • hs fan said,

    Too political, comgrats to northwest on the win, but dont even start on the metro. the metro is leaps and bounds better than the piedmont triad, its not even funny. Take a team like grimsley who is battling for 3rd in the metro, they beat hpc and northwest by 10, and ragsdale by 22! these are the top 3 teams in the piedmont triad.

    metro>piedmont triad.

  • too political said,

    Thanks for appreciating NW. Hs fan you are going to talk about grimsley beating NW and it was the first game of the season for both teams. You and everybody else knows that teams get better as the season goes along. As to talk about who beat who, Nw beat western your 2 seed by 10 and lost to western by 1 in 2 overtimes. Nw also beat page pretty lopsidedly even though the final didn’t show that and lost to page in ot in the phi. I’m not saying that the metro is not better, just wish some people would stop marking them as untouchable because they aren’t. Why is the dorsett kid not playing?

  • hs fan said,

    I guess well see int he playoffs cause the two confrerences are matched up against each other

  • Great video said,

    Hey Andy, have you checked out the NW high school playbook video from friday night. It is worthy of a look. Check it out at http://www.vikinghoops.com . its about time they are getting some positive attention. It was really a great game between rival schools.

  • Great video said,

    Andy, did you see the NW high school playbook highlights from Friday night? It is worthy of a look. Its about time NW is getting some possitive attention. It was a great game against rival teams.

  • Great video said,

    Check it out at http://www.vikinghoops.com

  • Great video said,

    You can view it at http://www.vikinghoops.com

  • Great video said,

    Sorry for all the postings. When I first posted it they did not appear so I didn’t know they went through and posted it again.

  • too political said,

    hsfan, we will see. Thanks for debating with me. It’s obvious that Dudley is the best in both conferences but there isn’t much of a difference in the rest of both leagues. you can even argue the metro isn’t as good because their bottom two teams can’t seem to beat anyone whereas in the piedmont the bottom teams can win games. Let’s have a great week of conference tourneys and then let the real fun begin. Good luck to all.