HS hoops tonight for 2/12/2010

Posted by Andy Durham on February 12, 2010 at 11:00 am under High School | 20 Comments to Read

Page at Dudley….Senior night for Brennan Wyatt and for Breonna Patterson among others and we will be listing others as the day moves on…

Christ School at Greensboro Day School
*****These two will start us off and I will be adding more in the next few minutes…I know these two by heart and we will have the Page Pirate-Dudley Panther game on the radio for you on AM950 beginning at around 8pm with the pre-game and then right on through to the post-game and then we will have total scores and wrap-ups coming down here on the site throughout the night and ending somewhere at around 1am…..*****

Grimsley at Southeast Guilford(Whirlie boys have to avoid letdown after last night’s huge come-from-behind win at Smith./SEG girls looking for that second seed in the Metro 4-A Conference…..)

HP Central at Ragsdale(HPC girls have to have this one and the Ragsdale boys can just about wrap up the Conference Title with the victory.)

Southern Guilford at NEG(Do the SG Storm have a couple of upsets left in them?????)

Western Guilford at NWG(The gym will be packed for this one. Big-time rivalry…NWG Senior Night with seniors Kyle Vebber, Zach Ellwood and Andrew Sahol for the boys and should be Gretchen Bennett, Hannah McIntosh, Melissa Foures, and others and list them if you will for the girls…. )

Smith at Southern Alamance(Smith girls still want a sure-shot at second in the Metro….)

WS Parkland at SWG(Cowgirls are the team that everybody is talking about and they have been, “All The Way Turned Up”, in the past 3-4 weeks. They could take the Conference Title if they keep it turned up for two more games….Plus, Senior nite for Cheyenne Parker & Brittney Mercer for Cowgirls Jalen Kitching, Chris Love, Justin Surgeon, Gregg Bridges for the Cowboys)

Wheatmore at HP Andrews(HPA is playing 2-A level, but they are still putting out a 3-A type product and they can take both boys and girls regular season crowns with a good showing tonight…)

High Point Christian Academy at Caldwell Academy out on Horsepen Creek Road….(Great area private school game with Oates, Weethe, Willis-Denmark from HPCA and Saunders, Carter and Page from CCA among the ones to watch.)

  • jellybeanscotty said,

    Parkland @ Southwest…Senior nite for Cheyenne Parker & Brittney Mercer for Cowgirls Jalen Kitching, Chris Love, Justin Surgeon, Gregg Bridges for the Cowboys

  • mark said,

    That Central @ Ragsdale should be a great game. Ragsdale has already clinched a tie but it would be better if they can clinch first outright tonight against Central.

    Central handed the Tigers a pretty ugly loss the first game. Southwest is the big conference rival but Central isn’t far behind.

  • NWG said,

    NWG – We all wish Seniors Kyle Vebber, Zach Ellwood and Andrew Sahol the very best. Good luck and play well tonight, it’s your last HOME GAME, SO ENJOY.

  • Basketball FAn said,

    Question: No Amanda Hairston (Dudley)on the roster? She’s a senior but I havent seen her in the box score recently.

  • Andy said,

    I think Amanda played in the SEG game. I was there and I think I remember hearing her name. I’m not sure about the game at WG. I only saw the boys game at WG with Dudley….

  • She'll play in the States said,

    Amanda won’t play til the conference tournaments are over.

  • why said,

    Why is that?

  • spaz fan said,

    Hey Andy, Do you know what Christ School has as far as D1 recruits? I know Marshall Plumlee has offers from Duke and half of the Big 10, and they have a guard Eric Smith who is a South Carolina commit. Anyone else?

    If anyone wants to see the best high school team in the state, they will be play GDS tonight on Lawndale Dr.

  • CJones said,

    Northern at McMichael Saturday afternoon in Madison.. Make Up Game from two weeks ago.

  • hoopsnut said,

    Not sure GDS can keep it close tonight. Anything inside 15 points would be good I think. I know they aren’t into moral victories, but this is one they should get blown out by 30. Especially without leading scorer Dorsett. Still haven’t heard the full story. Rumor has it he fell behind on his studies and Coach Johnson sat him. Either case, they will have their hands full. Just hoping they compete and keep it respectable!!

  • Eddie Willis said,

    That’s a good strategy for GDS to sit Dorsett tonight against the toughest team they will play—now that will give thaat foo, dale Fulton, more to run his mouth about.

  • hoopsnut said,

    Not the most realistic guy at times is he?? Definitely not an unbiased point of view. It will be interesting to see how they play and what style they play. Not sure they can run around and trap like they normally do and stay in the game. Have to wait and see. Would love to see them play Christ School close.

  • dudleyseniors said,

    Other Dudley Seniors include Dominque Bryd, Deshaun Manuel, and Stephon Redd for tonight.

  • dale fulton said,

    we will give “the greenies” all they want!!!!!! it’s going to be a good and raucous crowd—the greenies look over confident—i am sure coach johnson, coach shelton, and others have something up their sleeves—-we may even play better without dorsett—

  • jim said,

    It was a disaster for GDS. 29pts .

    They were clearly overmatched by the starters as well as the 2nd team, whic is very good. GDS guards play well but missed way too many open shots against taller players. GDS got nothing inside.

  • jim said,

    I meant to say lost by 29. GDS hit a late FT to keep it under 30 and Chrsit held the ball the last minute.

    GDS very well coached but part of the execution is making open jumpers. GDS failed miserably in that aspect.

  • yankeeclipper8 said,

    Where is Dale Fulton?? Thought he would be on here to tell us how his “Greenies” did. Maybe he’s still off crying somewhere.

  • dale fulton said,

    christ school’s greenies are the best hs team i have seen this year including oak hill. i must say that i never realized how much brandon dorsett meant to our team—it would have been a different game if he had played—-our coaching staff appeared to give up early and we missed way too many shots from 10-12 feet in to give us any chance—-several college coaches there to see a lot of talent on both teams.

  • jim said,

    “several college coaches there to see a lot of talent on both teams.”

    I only saw a lot of talent on 1 team, and it wont GDS.

    GDS guards are quick and good ball handlers and make good passes, they are stationary shooters and are really , really, small. No D1 there.

    The bigs are projects at best. Way to slow and unathletic to compete at D1.

    The biggest asset they have is Freddy. They play well as a team, which is good enough for most teams they play, but against a team like this, they are exposed.

  • jojo said,

    Dale Christ School is not as good as Oak Hill. I am sorry Oak Hill would rip Christ School a new one.