Other HS scores from Friday night that we may have missed

Posted by Andy Durham on February 13, 2010 at 4:56 pm under High School | 13 Comments to Read

SWG 80
WS Parkland 69

NEG 70
Southern Guilford 39

Smith 79
Southern Alamance 23

HP Andrews 73
Wheatmore 33

Smith 72
Southern Alamance 53

NEG 46
Southern Guilford 37

Caldwell Academy 34

VCS 39
Salem 32

  • WOW said,

    You also forgot about Greensboro Day School and Christ School scores.

    Greensboro Day School- 50

    Christ School- 79

    Wow. The Bengals really got worked by this team.

  • Bball fan said,

    WOW. You missed the part where Christ School is 7TH IN THE NATION. shut the heckl up

  • yankeeclipper8 said,

    Wow…Bball fan is a little sensitive. Still got “worked”…29 points. Granted Christ School is big time program, but according to Dale Fulton it was going to be close…Not!

  • Andy said,

    We had the GDS-Christ School game on the Friday night edition…..

  • Bball fan said,

    well dale fulton needed to be realistic. as a gds fan…I am proud of our basketball team but this year we are not as good as past years. that being said, i was at the game and gds played well in the first half and only trailed by 10 at half. we didn’t shoot very well and missed some open looks….and also we played without brandon dorsett. While i don’t think we would have won….it could have been a much closer game. People need to stop hating on greensboro day. This is the first loss this year that has been by more than 6 points. While gds might not be the caliber team it usually is, they are still very good and in my opinion could beat any team in this area on any given night. That being said, games against oak ridge and dudley would be very tough. Id say these two teams along with gds are the cream of the crop in the area. But anyways i am tired of greensboro day being constantly hated on when in reality they only have one bad loss. (westchester) look at the teams gds has played this year. far better comp than most teams play against.

  • WOW said,

    If GDS could beat any team in the area, why did they “punk out” of the second meeting with ORMA. Also, Brandon Dorsett is a good player but even with him the still would have lost by 20 instead of 30. Excuse me, 29.

  • PLEASE said,

    Greensboro Day is a decent team, they really dont play anyone so when they do play the good teams, they always lose. So PLEASE SHUT THE $%^& UP.

  • GOON said,


  • Bball fan said,

    hey PLEASE. Can you tell me another team in this area besides oak ridge who has played anywhere near as tough a schedule as gds? you clearly have no clue what you are talking about. GDS has wins against oak ridge, mt zion’s national team, cannon school, wakefield hs, jacksonville hs, northern guilford, and trinity christian and wesleyan. all of these teams are ranked or have been ranked in the state and some in the nation. Not to mention all of these teams have D1 recruits playing for them. furthermore every single team gds has lost to is ranked either in either statewide or national polls. I’m having a hard time figuring out where you are coming from. its easy to yell and cuss about nothing but when it comes down to making any sense…..you are lacking. shut up and go get some facts.

    – WOW while i agree we probably would have still lost it would have been interesting to see, i feel the game would have definitely been different. i was at the game and gds had a bad shooting night where the ball movement was there, bu gds just couldn’t convert on several good looks. im not saying gds would have won…..but it would have been closer. and i still don’t understand why you consider losing a national top 10 power is embarrassing or bad.

  • WOW said,

    One reason that I feel that GDS missed a lot was because they were intimidated by the size of Christ School. Christ School had length that GDS wasn’t used to and that made them think twice about a lot of shots taken. Lastly, a thirty point loss is embarrassing no matter what team they are playing.

  • PLEASE said,

    I got to the school, i have facts.They played 1 ranked teams, which is christ school. Cannon, Wesleyan, mount zion are horrible teams. Just because they have one guy who is being recruited doesnt mean that the team is ranked. They beat oak ridge by a buser beater with to players missing who impact the team in a major way. I no facts, i see that schedule, im there. you are probably the guy who says “hands up bengals to three zone”. They dont play anyone. They lost to westchester, who does westchester play? Nobody. And Dudley has a way tougher schedule. You really dont no basketball

  • PLEASE said,

    I HAVE FACTS. they dont play any ranked teams. The only team they played that was ranked was christ school. They beat oak ridge by 2 points with

  • PLEASE said,

    2 players missing who has makes a big impact on the team. Dudley has a way tougher schedule than GDS. also, The teams you named are not good. Just because you have 1 or 2 guys who are d1 doesnt mean the team is ranked so, YOU GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT. I bet your the guy who says “hands up bengals play 2-3 Zone