ORMA drops Saturday game up in New Jersey

Posted by Andy Durham on February 14, 2010 at 4:09 pm under High School | 21 Comments to Read

from Saturday and we don’t have a Sunday final as of 4:07 pm here on Sunday afternoon…..

St. Anthony’s 63
Oak Ridge Military Academy 46

** (PrimeTime Shootout – Sun Bank Arena – NJ)

Info from the St. Anthony’s site at MaxPreps.com.

  • WildManStan said,

    That St. Anthony’s team doesn’t even have a gym on their campus and they speanked you fools by 17 points.

    You can’t spell “dormant” without “ORMA”!

  • Mike said,

    Do some research you idiot, they were ranked 17th in the nation!

  • WildManStan said,

    Based on everything I’d read here, I thought ORMA would be taking on Kentucky next, Muppet Mike. Turns out they aren’t even within a baker’s dozen of a school that has held practice in a bingo hall and uses the cafeteria as a locker room. So much for the big time, dORMAnt.

  • dale fulton said,

    do you mean doormat, you fool?

  • WildManStan said,

    That too, Donkey Dale!

  • jojo said,

    Wildmanstan must be mad because ORMA is better than his favorite team. We are playing the best in the nation while y’all are getting spanked by teams in your own backyard.

  • dale fulton said,

    the only thing that’s dormant is the left side of your brain.

  • Eddie Willis said,

    i take my hat off to coach k—he has ignored his detractors and he has delivered a national schedule for oak ridge as he said he would— it would be nice to see some local teams schedule them next year and have the jill wilson invitational—invite gds, dudley, and northern—-they could let amos quick throw up the first ball and skip alston could be in charge of the marketing ( he could turn the $5M gate into inot a $1M grant from the city council to go along with all their other white elephant orojects.
    i do think manny bloom is a stand up guy for inviting orma to his tournament this year—he probably caught a lot of crap for that! many, you’ve got balls and i admire that.
    happy valentine’s day!!!
    eddie willis

  • Rupert Murdoch said,

    by the way, “wildman stan”, aren’t you the same guy who said last year that oak hill would kill northern and then when you got called out after being quoted, you denied it? i love the way you post every once in a while under your real name and then pull this “wildman stan” stuff.

  • WildManStan said,

    Oh, DF, you’re getting a bit sensitive in this day and age. Neither one of us attaches much credence to the sham that is ORMA hoops. You want to shoot the messenger? What are you, a GDS fan? Have you seen my posts in advocacy of GDS? You want to start something in the cyber realm with a potential ally? Be my guest. Let’s make this a whirling dervish in cyberspace.

  • dale fulton said,

    i just think the players deserve some credit for playing a tough schedule—i do not support the methodology @all.

  • Mike said,

    ORMA wins second game over a talented St. Nichols, congrats to ORMA!

  • WildManStan said,

    Hey Roops, who won that game? That’s right. It wasn’t the rule-breaking, blind-leading-the-deaf JOKE that was Northern Guilford basketball last year. If Northern is now in the biz of claiming moral victories because they came within a score (that’s “twenty” for you linguistically-challenged types) then go ahead and thump your chest.

    You’re just like Dale — too stupid to realize you have an ally against the sham that is ORMA hoops. But if you want to call me out, I am more than willing to reveal your limitations. I guess I’ll just have to conscript you and Dale as the necessary online cannon fodder I need to uncover the hilarity of that institution.

  • Jerry Weast said,

    For those of you who do not know, “WildmanStan”, I will start giving clues and you can guess—there is no $100 gift certificate to Outback, but the clues will be worth the entry fee.

    The prize is an all expenses paid trip to Kernersville, NC.

    1st clue—-My initials are JS.

  • maryfrancis said,

    who cares who he is….the guy is a complete tool.

  • mark said,

    The hate, (maybe jealousy is a better word) for the ORMA basketball program around here is laughable. I think what K is doing at ORMA is a great thing and I hope he is successful. And this is coming from someone who was hyper-critical of what he has done in the past as a public high school coach. I felt it was wrong for him to use his influence as an AAU coach to recruit players from one public school to another. As a Ragsdale fan I hated to see Frye and Simms end up at Central when K coached there. I hated to see Frye follow him to Northern. The junk that went on with last year’s Northern program is a black mark on his resume in my eye.

    But ORMA is perfect for him. It is a private school, one that doesn’t play in an association that could restrict his ability to bring in top level talent. I think it is a great place for him to create the next Oak Hill kind of program. And I think he is capable of that. I know ORMA isn’t at that level yet but the team and schedule he assembled in short notice is pretty damn good. As much as I may disagree with his recent public school past I can certainly admit he is very good at putting together a high quality, talented team and getting them to play at a high level.

    I know some may hate the influence a private school can have at stealing away players from public school – but that is just a fact of life that people need to accept and get over. As long as it’s private not public I see know reason to fret. I hated to see Canty leave Ragsdale to go play for him as I thought it would be a bad move since he had already committed to college and didn’t need more exposure. Plus I was a little sad I wouldn’t get to see the tremendous player he has become as a senior. But in hindsight I think the choice worked out well for him. Night in, night out he is playing with higher caliber players, against higher caliber competition. I’m sure that helps his game. I was surprised he didn’t leave Ragsdale before he did to go the prep school route. That’s what many high caliber D-1 prospects do. I’m grateful for the three years he gave Ragsdale and can’t wait to see what he can do at the next level.

    Anyway – just thought I’d toss in my two cents. Keep up the good work Coach K – keep on the same track and you’ll be a big fish in the big pond soon enough.

  • Eddie Willis said,

    You know Mark, that ‘s a great post. I think you were right about the situation on many fronts. I don’t know that you can place all the blame on “K” for the departures of Frye, Simms, and Bello though. Those players were all used to an AAU environment where they were leaders and got lots of attention. That was not going to happen with the new coach. Let’s face it, he’s a no nonsense kind of guy without much personality ( kind of from the same mold as the coach from WHP , and he was not going to give players or parents the “love” they needed or wanted. That’s just a fact. Jay Canty, even though he is very quiet and reserved, proved he’s probably a much more independent person than the others and his talent has proven that he’s the best of these four players by a long shot. Simms is playing OK @ HPU, Frye will be successful @ ASU but will never be a dominant player ( his cerebral style of play will only take him so far @ the next level), Bello could end up being a successful college player if his 1st college is a good choice for his style ( he could be one of those who goes to the wrong school first ), and Canty will be good @ Xavier if he does not miss home too much ( he is a great young man I wish him much success). They would have made Ragsdale very successful the last couple of years, for sure.
    Remember, “K” delivered for the Frye family—-He put Frye on a bigger stage than he would have had, and that’s what his parents wanted. Coaches can only outfit players with gear, they cannot give them a different set of physical skills.
    Eddie Willis

  • Careful now said,

    Careful JW on calling people out. I know who you are referring to and that is not Wild Man Stan! Nichols School is a good win. Congrats to ORMA!

  • suzy h said,

    Wish Jay Canty had left earlier. He would be playing in the ACC. It took one of the other families you mentioned stepping in to help him get qualified. I am not even sure he could play at Ragsdale last year due to the fact he repeated passed courses and they counted them as core classes. I understand why they all left and continue to leave. I think they lost another one this week .
    By the way if you do not think Bello, Canty and Frye all three would have played you are crazy. Shoemaker was drooling over all three of them in middle school. Get your facts straight before you get on your soap box clueless Eddie Willis.
    The only thing you got right is yes Jay Canty is a great kid!!!

  • to :suzy h said,

    you might want to check your facts sweetie pie—frye went back to ragsdale to play the summer between his freshman and sophomore years and was treated very shabbily—that’s why they moved from the district—-another factoid for you is that shoemaker was not the ragsdale coach when those guys were in middle school—he came after their 8th grade year—-not so smart are you?

  • Suzy H correct Gracie said,

    Yes he was the coach and came to their games they visited the school and he gave them Ragsdale t=-shirts. I saw him there with my own eyes.
    Frye did return for the summer because GCS would not let him go back to HPC unless he moved. He returned to Ragsdale for the summer and Shoemaker told a local college coach Frye put a kink in his system the coach told Frye. His parents did not like Ragsdale when their older son was there and never wanted the younger to attend. I do know my facts he lived down the street from me for 10 years. I watched him shooting in his driveway everyday since he was 5.