The Winter Weather Can Kill You

Posted by Andy Durham on February 14, 2010 at 6:59 pm under High School | 6 Comments to Read

So many snow days and then so many missed days of schools or days when school let out early and that killed any chances of having after-school activities, including the much-needed conference basketball games that the coaches and athletic directors have been scratching their heads about in an effort to come up with a solution where they can get all of their conference games in and still be able to play the Conference Tournaments.

Talks already abound about dropping the traditional Conference Tournaments and just playing out and making up all of the regular season basketball games for the boys and girls in Guilford and surrounding counties….

Going into the week of February 15, some high schools still had two games to make up and their conference tournaments were supposed to have started on Monday February 15…

What are you going to do about that? We have had snow for the past three Fridays and that has led to a backlog of games that are left to be played before the tournaments can even begin.

This has been the roughest winter we have seen, weather-wise, in the past 25-30 years. Even private schools like Greensboro Day and High Point Wesleyan have found themselves having to make up games and they don’t have to cancel under a Guilford County call since both make their own calls as private academies….

During the week of February 8-12, Western Guilford had four games scheduled, as did many of our area schools. Western had to change their game with Southern Alamance set for Saturday Feburary 13, because Page HS needed to play Southern Alamance on that day so they could still meet Grimsley on Monday February 15…..

So many games to make up and the NCHSAA will only allow the schools to play four games in one week and that would kill your chances of being able to play makeup games and Conference Tournament games, all in the same week, because you might end up playing six games in one week…..(Monday-Saturday)

The NCHSAA(North Carolina High School Athletic Association) will have some very tough decisions on their hands as they try and help the local institutions close out their basketball seasons on a solid note.

It remains to be seen if the Conference Tournaments will die a very Cold Death this year or if they will be given new life under a whole new set of guidelines……

  • Not Hard To Do said,

    I don’t understand why they are making this so hard? This is high school basketball, not the NBA, or even NCAA. If I’m incorrect, will someone please inform me otherwise. I don’t think that not playing two games will make that much of a difference in gate receipts. I would propose that you use the records of the teams the week before the postponements for seeding to be fair to all teams. Furthermore, if the games in question will not make a difference in seedings, why worry about remaining games? Moreover, I guarantee you the athletes rather have a tournament than makeup games.

  • huh. said,

    im hearing eg boys are playing @ morehead tommorow. is that the start of their conf tourney or a make up game? and im hearing if eg wins they get anotha shot @ OVERRATED POLITICAL NG

  • the difference said,

    it’s a big concessions gate for whoever hosts it plus, the state gets a bigger portion of the conference tourney than they do reglar season games. that’s the difference.

  • 77 Hornet said,

    for “Not Hard To Do”
    You’re right it’s not the NBA or NCAA. It’s much bigger than that to these kids. This is their NBA and NCAA because once high school is over they are through playing for the most part.

  • knowthedifference said,

    The state gets no cut from the regular season or the conference tournament. Conference tournaments generate the revenue that is used to run the conference. It pays for trophies, certificates, commissioners, any expenses the conference incurs. The state starts getting money when the state playoffs begin.

  • Proud Wildcat said,

    huh…that is correct…Eastern Guilford at Morehead tonight at 7 in the first round of the conference tournament…and yes, if they win, they get Northern (unless some unforseen miracle happens and Rockingham beats them)