NASCAR(Napping Advised Scause Cars Are Racing)…..Again

Posted by Andy Durham on February 15, 2010 at 1:30 pm under Professional | 3 Comments to Read

NASCAR(Napping Scause Cars Are Racing)

That had to be the worst car race of the century on Sunday. The guys driving the cars and the guys in charge of the racing looked like idiot out there…..

Potholes, fender benders, Potholes, Red-Flags, Potholes, Caution-Flags, Potholes…. Over six hours of so-called racing on a day when they set their event(You really can’t call this a sport); well let’s just say they set it back at least 150 years or more….

This was terrible! It was joke and the guys calling the race on the radio were still trying to call it something over seven hours later. They had been broadcasting this mess since 12 NOON and here it was 7:15pm and they’re still trying to finish this RACE…..

THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THEIR SUPER BOWL!!!!!! Or was this supposed to be their Super Bowl??????

NASCAR Fans have to be kicking themselves in the head on this day if they followed the action from Green Flag to Checkered Flag on Sunday…..Is there a doctor in the house so these fans and the drivers can have their heads examined?????

We need some help in here!!!!!

Oh, yes…..Just remember, this is just NASCAR….

That’s NASCAR(Napping Advised Scause Cars Are Racing)…Again…….

  • chuckyd said,

    andy its not all about the race its about the finish- very few fans left their seats until the end of the race -obviously you are not a race fan- you better stick to lacrosse maybe something you will understand

  • baseballcoach said,

    props to you for all the coverage you provide local area high school sports. we sure can’t count on the local newspapers to provide the coverage. but come on, leave the nascar guys alone. yes the track breaking apart was bad, especially for a race of that stature. but give nascar some credit, the racing at daytona this past week was the best we have had in a while. let ’em bump and let ’em race. no, the worst stock car race of the century was last year’s second race at talledega, when nascar said no more bump drafting and you had 490 miles of follow the leader. keep up the good work, our local high school athletes deserve all the coverage this site provides!

  • Winston R. Kelly said,

    That was worse than watching the boys trying to get up a load of new mowed hay.