Re-cap of the Top Ten Guilford County Girls Coaches

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A look back at the Pre-Season predictions from our contributing writers……..

Here are the Top Ten Guilford County girls coaches and how their teams should fare this year. It was a very close race as far as positioning goes.

1. Krystal Britton: Dudley: Won State Championship last season and have a great
nucleus of players returning. Her teams have always advanced deep into the playoffs
and she should have been Coach of the Year in this area last year. Key returning
starters in Breonna Patterson, Desiree Drayton, Chell Jackson and the return of
Amanda Harrison should give the Panthers a dominant presence. Also there are a slew
of players that saw extended playing time in Kierra McIvor, KK Rouse and Ebony Goins
whom all will be vying for a starting position. Key loss will be the leadership of
two time Conference player of the year and Guilford County Player of the Year,
Charleston Southern signee Helen Terry.

2. Darlene Joyner: Northwest: This could be the year that NWG breaks through. They
have always gotten off to a great start and have had high State rankings, only to
whither early in post season play. They have a great experience crew returning led
by Conference Player of the Year Melissa Foures, Gretchen Bennett and Hannah
Mcintosh. Coach Joyner does a great job in getting her squad to run half court sets
with picks and back door passes. They shoot very well from the perimeter and free
throw line. If they can get solid play from other starting players and reserves, do
not be surprise if they go deep into the playoffs.

3. Kim Furlough: Northern Guilford: Coach Furlough has really kept this team
together in the aftermath of what happen concerning the boys. Her team has improved
over its first year of varsity play and now those Freshmen and Sophomore players are
now Juniors and Seniors with a lot of experience. Led by returning starters,Two time
All Conference Player Samantha Cofer, Molly Tohmaseb, Kelly Tessitore and key
players in Vontrese Hayes,Taneesha Williamson, there was no Sarah Apple, but there was a very hard-working Jessica Johnson, Alexis Robinson and Asia
Milton, this team should walk away with the 3A Conference Title. Coach Kim should
get her first Conference Coach of the Year Award and look for Northern to challenge
for the State Championship trophy.

4. Shawn Newton: South East: Coach Shawn teams are always pretty good. They are well coached and have a nice system in place. Yes, they loss Amy Beasley and South
Carolina State signee Paris Alston. They loss Haley Hackett a year before and still
came back and won 20 games or more. They have some key returning starters in
Brittany Price, A. Mcneil, Julissa Anderson and several other keep players that
played significantly last year. Look for them to be at the top come February and to
advance in the State tournaments.

5. Brian Robinson: Bishop McGuinness: Coach Robinson program has set the bar for
winning State Championships. No other team in the area or State can make that claim.
They ae the most fundamentally sound team in the area led by one of the top recruits
in the State Megan Buckland. They have some players whom will have to contribute
immediately this year in the likes of Sarah Coon, Erin Fitzgerald, Gabby Mortis and
others. If they have lost Whitney Knight to transfer, they will find a way to fill
her shoes. They always do. That is why they are called “The Home of Champions”. This
could be one of his most challenging seasons.

6. Jessica Bryan: Southwest Guilford: One of the bright young coaches on the rise.
After leaving Southern Guilford she has made great head way into the SWG program.
Her squad had a strong finish and the 14-13 record should be much improved this
season. She has some of the best players in the area returning in Zena Lovette,
Shannon Buchannan, Cheynenne Parker and Brittany Mercer. They can play uptempo or a half court game. She will get the most out of her players and the magic mark of 20
wins is not out of reach. A great start will help tp validate that. A strong season
could lead to Coach of the Year honors to her resume.

7. Debbie Jones: Page: The 9-14 record of last year was just that. Folks who know
Coach Jones knows that will not be the case this year. She has an unstoppable guard
in Chevena Pickard who could carry any team on any night and should have a great
season to add to her already impressive highschool career. The experience that
Portia Oakley, Brittany Drew and Ashley Fowler brings will help with that turn
around in Pirate Basketball. Winning 15 or more games is more than reachable. If
they get on a hot streak and play consistant, then 20 wins could happen.

8. Kenny Carter: High Point Central: Coach Carter is more like in the top three
because of the success that he has had. Last years team struggled at times because
of lack of experience. Look for the likes of Cedrica Gibson, Megan Tate, Brittany
Gywnn and company to raise eye brows this year. Coach Carter believes in a well
discipline team and now he must get his team to buy into it in order for them to get
the desired results which is called “WINS”. As the season progress, look for HPC to
be in the top 5 at the Christmas break.

9. Weaver Walden: High Point Andrews: Coach Walden finally got his players to play
together and the result were outstanding. They improved from 8-14 to 16-11. The loss
of Campbell signee Tonisha Baker will be huge. He has Jackson coming back and that
should be a very comparable replacement to help lead his squad. It might be asking a
lot to repeat last season 16-11 record, but knowing coach Walden, he may even
improve it.

10. Brandon Apple: Northeast: Coach Apple squad is ripe for a good season. After
being one of the top a few years ago, they had to regroup this last season. They
will be in a new conference and that should serve them well and allow them to get
off to a great start. They will need much needed scoring and winning 14 games could

  • r u kidding me said,

    whoever did this list show re do it. kenny carter should be at the top of this list hands down. it should be no question that he is the best girls coach in the triad if not the state. count the titles and enough said . dont care about pass teams dont care about who he had , i am counting rings. you still have to play but to say he is not the top coach in the triad is stupid. how many of the coaches besides the dudley coach has won 1 or more besides kenny carter?case closed.


    “Sarah Apple”
    might i ask who sarah apple is?
    i do not see her name in the box scores for northern guilford.
    and what about jessica johnson?
    she is a returnee right?
    and i have seen her name in the box scores.
    i have seen a couple of northern games and i believe that she is one of the key players on the team.

  • ur kidding urself said,

    First of all, it was a pre-season prediction about this season, read the first line.
    Secondly, if Kenny Carter was God’s gift to coaching, his teams should have finished higher than 3rd in their conference regular season. 06-07 3rd; 07-08 3rd; 08-09 3rd; 09-10 3rd.
    Thirdly, being 3rd in his conference for the last 4 years doesn’t even qualify him to be the 3rd best coach in the area, much less the State.

  • eg gville said,

    Im not sure how you determine this list. but what about tina gunn? the only team ranked higher than eg is dudley. cmon now.

  • Andy said,

    Contributor has Eastern connections and not allowed to write about EG Wildcats in overall summaries, but we have EG #2 in this week”s girls poll and they have received adequate attention on this year’s listings….

  • update it when said,

    Hi Andy;
    You gettin ready to stir up the pot for those that don’t finish reading the headlines lol.


    However, I do think the contributor should be allowed to re-write….one for season and one for post season..and should be allowed to talk about Eastern.

    Your readers will let he/she know if the facts aren’t correct.

  • Andy said,

    Onr thing is for certain, the readers will let you know and we do appreciate all the input….

  • Bill said,

    Molly TahmaseB with a b:)

  • what? said,

    Jessica Johnson is one of the leaders for the Northern girls teams yet she continuously gets tacked on the end of these write ups..what’s up with that?????

  • answer said,

    To What and Revisions needed….

    I guess because Jessica Johnson transferred to Northern her junior year she doesn’t get the props she deserves…there is no question that she is one of the leaders for Northern ladies..Go JJ!!!

  • u r kidding ur self said,

    you measure a coach by championships and success of their programs. i think kenny carter has a few state titles under his belt. i could care less about him finishing 3rd or 4th it doesn’t matter. he has rings let me repeat that rings on his fingers. how many does those coaches that you name on the list have. he has enough for all of them to get one. the list states best coaches it didn’t say right now. i guess those sorry tarheels were good pre season but now they are sorry as crap. but you still say old roy is not a good coach right. half the people that write on here can’t play dead in a western movie but yet you have room to talk about something you know nothing about. you judge a coach by other standards not by what he is doing now. many great programs might take a hit because of talent along the way but you don’t leave because the talent pool is short . you stay and coach the players you have and make them better . but you wouldn’t know that. look around the leagues and tell me who were good last year and lost a lot of talent and now are struggling because the talent is not like it use to be. so from me to you mr. know it all r u kidding to ur kidding urself lets do wins and losts who lost more and who has won more against all these coaches on the list. not taking anything away from them because they are all good coaches i bet you kenny carter has more wins and not a lot of losts in his years as a coach.

  • NW Fan said,

    According to maxpreps, going back 4 years(as far as it goes), Joyner at NW is 6-4 agaisnt the beloved Kenny Carter & the overall record is much better also.

  • just loss said,

    ok nw fan make that 6-5 and how many state championships does she have? what is it kenny carter 5 joyner 0. now i do stand corrected. good coaches are judged by their success through out their years of coaching. you people are stuck in the now. if that’s the case a lot of coaches would be fired now. old roy williams would be gone. but no he is a good coach , and so is kenny carter. joyner is a great coach at nw she gets it done , but i bet you she has had some bad teams along the way and she has not left because the talent was less. that’s when your coaching skills are at it’s best. we have great coaching here in guilford county if some people would just sit back and enjoy watching these kids play everyone would be happy. but no that’s not going to happen every parent thinks their child is the next super star. just be happy your child is playing because there are a lot of kids would die for that chance to do what they are doing.