Looking at the Metro Conference

Posted by Andy Durham on February 16, 2010 at 10:35 am under High School | 3 Comments to Read

Boys….Dudley #1(12-0)
Western Guilford #2(8-4)
Grimsley, Page, and Smith filling out the #3 and #4 spots…..Grimsley, Page and Smith are even at one game a-piece in their season series, having split them all right down the middle….Loks like it is Smith boys at (7-5) and Grimsley at (6 and a-half-5), the half being the lead on SEG at halftime on a game to be finished today at SEG and Page at (5-6) with a game to be played today at Southern Alamance….

Girls wise it would be:
Dudley #1
SEG #2
Page #3
Smith #4 *****Although the Smith Page might be a flip-flop(Looks to be correct based on MaxPreps)…..

*****The Page boys could be set to fall through the Conference Tournament cracks if what we see with the standings at MaxPreps is correct…..*****

Just a scenario, but it turn out this way and with the girls we can see more clearly with the appearance of in the Metro Round One:
#1 Dudley vs. #4 Smith on Thursday at Dudley
#2 SEG vs. #3 Page at Dudley on Thursday…

Boys could end up like this with just the seedings close to be on the table right now:
#1 Dudley vs. #4 Smith or Grimsley
#2 WG vs #3 Grismley or Smith and that is in the scenario with Smith and Grimsley both closing it out at (7-5) and again they were split head-to-head at 1-1 in the regular season….If Grimsley falls to SEG today in the 2nd half of the suspended game at SEG then the whole setting changes and we go back to a Grimsley-Page drawing…..

*****Maybe we are off base on some of this, but we are in the ballpark, based on what we have been researching….*****

+++++In doing more research, it now appears that the Girls may go with the full length tournament and they may do a Boys only, four-team semifinal format….Stay tuned….+++++

  • hs fan said,

    Its my understanding that grimsley owns the tiebreaker over page because of the little four win, so page was eliminated last night

  • hs fan said,

    Grimsley beats southeast 78-53

  • Metro said,

    I can’t believe we still don’t know who, where and when the tournament will take place and it’s Tuesday already. Why did they allow Page to play it’s game tonight? Page boys were knocked down to 5th place and Southern Alam. finished 7th. This game had no bearing on the conference standing, but cost several other teams a opportunity to play in the tournament. I just hate it for those kids who went to practice Monday and Tuesday only to find out tomorrow that there will be no conference tournament or a modified one. I hope Page wasn’t looking at playing this game to put themselves in place for a Wildcard berth and sending the rest of the conference teams home.