Low-scoring game, but ORMA takes over HP Wesleyan by 29 in High Point

Posted by Andy Durham on February 16, 2010 at 10:28 pm under High School | 12 Comments to Read

Boys Final:
Oak Ridge Military Academy 62
High Point Wesleyan 33

  • Eddie Willis said,

    Is Wesleyan that bad? Did Oak Ridge “rub it in” or did they substitute freely? The Leeks must have been “taking a leak’ during this game!

  • hoopsnut said,

    Was actually somewhat of a game at half. I think it was 10-15 pts. I dont think Wesleyan scored but 2 pts in 3rd quarter. Lawson and the big kid looked good. Canty was inconsistent and Neal looked lost. Their role players were really good last night. The sophomore guard for Wesleyan was awful and the Wesleyan couldn’t take care of the ball. They may have had as many turnovers as shot attempts. Was really impressed with the energy ORMA had. I think someone said it was their 4th game in 4 or 5 nights.

  • dale fulton said,

    LOL!!!!! Oak Ridge had so many coaches last night that they were sitting on the bench behind the team. We will rip Wesleyan i they don’t play any better than they did last night when we play this Friday. They have the worst guard play I have seen in a long time!!!! They may not even get the ball past half court if we sic the Rotweillers on them.

  • bballfan said,

    In my opinion, wesleyan has been overrated all year. They never win games when the other team has any size to match theirs, and they get barely any production out of their guards.

  • dale fulton said,

    All I can say is they are lucky they stole the Leeks away from Caldwell——If they hadn’t they would be no better than #13 in the Guilford county girl’s high school basketball rankings.

  • Hey Dale said,

    Nice to know that Dale Fulton is actully Jeff Smith – ass’t at GDS. That explains everything.

  • Bobby Coley said,

    You ought to ban Dale Fulton from this site effective immediately. He is constantly making unfounded and rude remearks about every team except his own, and that is totally uncalled for.

  • what do i know ?? said,

    Weslyn looked like a team just playing the schedule out…who was the point guard before montay brandon got there? put him back at point, and put montay on the wing…why is everyone trying to make montay brandon at PG? The kid is almost 6-5…make him a scorer and use his height to your advantage…

  • WildmanStan said,

    You can’t ban anyone just for disagreeing with you. he didn’t use any names and I doubt very seriously that jeff Smith is going to waste his time talking about ORMA on this blog. There is no difference in being an obnoxious fan or an obnoxious hater to me.

  • Andy said,

    I have deleted a number of Dale’s comments in the past and he has ruffled some feathers, but lately he has been keeping it fairly calm and cool.

    Dale loves his Bengals and we are still trying to understand where he is coming in from on some issues….

    We will continue to monitor his comments and if they become offensive then they will be removed and that goes the same for all comments that show up here on the site.

    What is offensive to some may not be as offensive to others, but if you have a problem with any comments that show up here, then please bring them to our attention and they will be handled, as have quite a few on past occasions…

    I do believe that it was once stated that Dale lives in the Kernersville area and is not associated with anyone named Smith or Jones for that matter.

    Please keep us aware…..

  • jojo said,

    HPW was just out matched into this game it was basically over with from the tip. The score was 25-12 at the end of tube first quarter. The Leek brothers and the tall guard was the only bright spots. And no ORMA did not run up the score the starters got benched midway into the third quarter.

  • Eddie Willis said,

    Andy, I agree with your points. There is no way that the afore mentiond assistant coach would get on this board and say that—especially when it would be obvious that he was at the game ( assumption based on previous comment from “Hey Dale”). I think everyone should just leave K, his players, and his coaches alone—Obviously, there is some blind hate out there—-There is no more mortal enemy than a woman scorned or an AD, or whoever, but I think “Enough is enough!!!!!!!”.
    I am starting to hope this program thrives at the expense of some of these bad sports that are alive and well in Guilford county ( and Kernersville of course). If they succeed, then they will have overcome many obstacles, and for that I take my hat off to them.