HS hoops tonight for 2/19/10

Posted by Andy Durham on February 19, 2010 at 10:54 am under High School | 22 Comments to Read

High Point Wesleyan at the Greensboro Day School and Mack Academy(Charlotte) at Oak Ridge Military Academy, plus the area tournament finals with:

Metro 4-A Finals at Dudley:
Girls…#1 Dudley vs. #2 Southeast Guilford 6pm
Boys…#3 Smith vs. #1 Dudley at 7:30pm

Piedmont Triad 4-A Finals at High Point Central:
Girls…#1 Southwest Guilford vs. #3 High Point Central 7pm
Boys…#1 Ragsdale vs. #3 Northwest Guilford 8:30pm

Mid-State 3-A Finals at Northern Guilford:
Girls…#2 Northern Guilford vs. #4 Burlington Williams 6pm
Boys…#1 Northern Guilford vs. # 2 Eastern Alamance 7:30pm

Mid-Piedmont 3-A Finals at Asheboro HS:
#1 North Forsyth vs. #2 Northeast Guilford 7:45pm

*****We will have the GDS-HP Wesleyan game for you on AM950 radio and we will also have updates and reports on all the area tournament games…..Radio start time is 7pm and we will have scores on all the games at the web site throughout the night with some type of closure by 12 Midnight….*****

  • NWG said,

    Congratulations to the Vikings for making the Finals. Great play by the seniors Vebber and Ellwood. The Diaper Dandy’s have really stepped up with 5 Sophomores on the floor at one time. This team may not go all the way this year but they will be a team to be feared in the future. Andy, when this happens, Please don’t jump on the bandwagon, we will get our news for the NEWS-RECORD and local TV. The Vikings haven’t been in a game like this since 1998. No big deal, Right?

  • Cudos said,

    Cudos to you NWG, I agree. Andy thinks that NW is loaded with only DIII players, I hear Vebber is getting DII and DI looks. And there are others that will go higher than DIII. No one player sticks out was a comment. Well, they don’t need just one player. They have a loaded team that could get it done on any given night. That is way there is no “I” in Team!!! THANK YOU!!! NEXT!!! Good Luck to the viking on their remaining season.

  • ok said,


    if you feel the way you do then why are you on this site? If I recall your own were the complaintants.

    You report what you see. When they show it then it reported

  • L. Bird said,

    NWG – Your boys are being looked at by D-1 Schools. Some are to young to contact.

  • NWFan said,

    Lets all not forget that the success of this NW team is the coaching staff. They put in as much efforts as the players. They have been dedicated and truly taking NW basketball to the next level. The diaper dandys are good and getting better due to tireless committment from the coaching staff.

  • Read again said,

    L.Bird, go back and read. No mention of anyone other than a senior getting DI looks. The statement was others on the team will go higher than DIII.

  • lol said,

    Maybe Dudley girls will beat SE “into submission” on there 3rd try.

  • Coach said,

    It’s KUDOS!!!!!

  • DICKIE V. said,

    Dickie V. here, The Vikings are for real baby, Solid front court play by on of my diaper dandy sophomore, unstopable. Check out the lucas kid, sky high Reed planting the seed in the basket baby. Check out the big forward Keaton can’t be beaten Hack for the dunkerooo. You gota love em baby, the diaper dandys from Northwest Guilford. Win baby Win.

  • jk said,

    Dickie V. is a doosh.

  • AND??? said,

    Hey Coach, do your research before you try to correct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m an Urban Man.

    Like kudos but better using a “c” as in cool instead of a “k”.
    to give props!
    honor; glory; acclaim, appreciate;

  • Nope not buying it said,

    No, Cudos. You were as wrong as a $4 bill. Trying to explain it away like you MEANT to do it is just stoopid. Urban man? Country boy? Suburban Mom? Durban girl? It’s wrong as hell!
    Like stupid but better using two “o”‘s as in Whoooooo you are stoopid!
    acknowledge your stoopidity!
    study; learn; spell; marinate;

  • dale fulton said,

    it’s already a good crowd tonight. looking for a big game from the bengals tonight as we start to get primed for the NCISAA state tourney. good luck to all teams participating in championship matches tonight.

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  • hs fan said,

    Congrats to nw on playing in the weakest conference in the state, where no team has a record over .500. yalls record is 11-15, your not very good. have fun losing to whoever you play from the metro in the first round.

  • Really said,

    OK Nope, now that you have made me a much smarter person. Go to the Urban Dictionary and look up Cudos!!!!!!

  • Basketball FAn said,

    Congrats to the Lady Nighthawks Conf Tourney champs! 53-42 win!

  • kevin said,

    The Bengals? Who are the Bengals? You must be a Dudley fan. That’s what they call the Tigers.

    I get a chuckle when I read the NW fans comments. i’m happy for their team but they have spent the whole year slamming their coach on this site. Him and the center. Just let the kids play and the coaches coach. I don’t know that kid but let him enjoy his hS years.

  • Tom said,

    Both the NG girl’s and boy’s won tonight. The great crowd really helped. The girl’s were down 6 at halftime, but came out smoking in the second half. The girl’s really stepped up and played some great defense. What a great way to send out the seniors. The first round of the state tournament is Monday and I think the boy’s and girl’s will both play at home. Nighthawk Nation needs to show up again on Monday. It makes a huge difference to have a great crowd.

  • Brian said,

    any idea who won the Smith & Dudley boys game

  • Andy said,

    Dudley won it 83-67.

  • ??????????????????????????????????????????? said,

    who won NW vs. Ragsdale?

  • too political said,

    Hsfan, I don’t know what you have against NW but you sound arrogant. You wanna say the piedmont triad is the weakest conference and you act like the metro is world beaters. If I recall correctly this same NW team you say is terrible, beat Western and beat Page. There are no automatic wins in the PTC like in the Metro against the 2 bottom teams. We’ll see which conferences teams go further this week since many are matched up together. NW doesn’t get to pick their conference but if you do recall, they played a heck of a schedule for a public school and took ORMA all the way to the end. Stop hating