MVP’s Frye and Coffer lead Nighthawks on the Mid-State 3-A All Tournament team

Posted by Andy Durham on February 20, 2010 at 12:26 am under High School | 20 Comments to Read

Northern Guilford Nighthawks Mid-State 3-A Champions…..






From the Nighthawk Nation in the Nighthawk Nest:

  • Finally said,

    About time Frye won an MVP, he should have won the MVP for the Pizza Hut, Also probably that best all around player in the county. Maybe not the most athletic but he never tries to do to much and plays within his teams game plan. Gets points, assist,rebounds on a nightly basis. If you had to start a team from scratch he would be the one to start with.

  • wants2no said,

    What does the playoff bracket look like for the NG boys?

  • 2 wants to know said,

    Shouldn’t Frye be a freshman in college this year? I think someone told me he either started school late or something like that.
    Not trying to start anything!!!

  • Larry Warner said,

    Is it normal to have all tournament teams? MVP, yes, but I am surprised at the all tournament selections.

  • CJones said,

    NG Women vs. Eastern Wayne… Monday at 6:30 at the Nest.. Men follow at 8 pm

  • ankersaway said,

    2 wants to know….Does your train of thought have a caboose?
    For real…someone told you? and you post it on here…From the NCHSAA web site… a student may not participate if he/she becomes 19 years of age on or before October 16, 2009.

  • confused said,

    He attends Guilford Early College maybe they got confused.

  • nchsaa rules said,

    I have no idea if this kid started school late or not but he could have started school one year late and still not turn 19 until Jan or afterwards during his senior year. There are a boat load of kids that graduate and they are still technically 17 years old so being one year behind the norm is not an issue for debate.

  • Andy said,

    Johnathan Frye attends Guilford Middle College at the Guilford College campus and this is a high school program that allows you to enter college your freshman year with several college credits and he will attend Appalachian State…..

  • Get a life said,

    2 wants to know,
    “Not trying to start anything”….. come on really? Why else would someone post something like that. Just a classic example of someone that’s jealous of a good team, they can’t find anything bad to say so they make something up. The sad part is that there’s alot more people in Guilford County that can’t wait to see the Nighthawks lose, all the more reason i hope they cruise through the state playoffs, and win the state title.

  • Tom said,

    I don’t think it has anything to do with the Nighthawks. Most people in this county are pulling for the 2010 Nighthawks. I just think there are people out there that don’t want anybody else to have success. As NG fan, I know we have very good basketball teams. More importantly, we have exceptional kids on the team. Jonathan is a great player and an equally good student. Some of the nonsense written on this blog has to be ignored. Good luck to all teams in the state tournament. Guilford county teams need to make a good run.

  • b-ball fan said,

    It seems like the NG girls backed into the conference tournament title, however, NG did what they needed to do & EG did not—-it’s just that simple——I believe EG can beat NG today, tonight and tomorrow————however, they messed that opportunity up——that being said——-congrats on your tournament championship.

  • observer said,

    It’s not NG girls’ fault that Eastern lost to Williams. The last time Northern played Eastern they only lost by 4 so I think they are pretty evenly matched teams. Both are very good teams, and it could go either way in any game, but NG still deserves congratulations on the Conference tournament championship. They won it fair and square, and made Nighthawk history by winning the school’s first conference tourney championship. WAY TO GO LADIES!!!!

  • b-ball fan said,

    Read the post agian “observer”—-never said it was their fault——I’ll stand by my statement from an objective point of view———-again congrats to NG for their tournament championship.

  • another observer said,

    They are some sensitive, touchy fans, b-ball fan… I guess if your school had been caught with their hand in the cookie jar in as many sports as they did, you would be kind of sensitive too… just saying….

  • Not the Girls said,

    Another Observer….the NG girls were not EVER involved in any of “mess” last spring. They have done the right thing from the beginning and still continue to be just hard working girls that earned a championship. Be happy for them!

  • another observer said,

    Did I say anything about the girls??? I was speaking about NG fans in general…and you just proved my point…

  • Not the Girls said,

    Another observer…you said “the school” and the girls are part of the school! …proved my point!

  • another observer said,


    You know… a bit dog barks!

  • what the heck!! said,

    Why dont you list ALL of the all-tournament team instead of just the northern players? Guess its selfish Northern people who our want there kids to shine!