Looking ahead to NCHSAA Girls playoffs Round Two for Wednesday

Posted by Andy Durham on February 23, 2010 at 1:03 pm under High School | 5 Comments to Read

Things get a lot tougher as Round Two gets going on Wednesday and the action on the girls side looks even harder/tighter than it does on the guys side….

Northwest Guilford(19-7) at East Mecklenburg(24-2)….It is tough when you have to hit the road and face the #1 team in the state, but that is the very task facing the NWG girls as they head out on I-85 South toward Charlotte on Wednesday. This is the stuff dreams are made of and sleep well my friends, this one will take some doing…..

Matthews Butler(20-4) at Southwest Guilford(20-6)…..This is another one that will take some doing, but at least the Cowgirls and coach Jessica Bryan will have the home court to work with and they will need that and more to top a battle-tested Butler bunch….Love, Parker, Buchannan, Lawrence and everyone else you can round up will be called into full-time duty for Round Two…

High Point Central(22-4) at RJ Reynolds(24-3)…..Weird stuff with these Demons as they beat the Dudley girls by a bundle(63-48) and then they lost to the Page girls(63-55) and with Central’s win at SEG, you would think a road-trip over to Winston-Salem would be no big deal to them…..

Mount Tabor(19-6) at Dudley(23-4)….The chart/calendar would tell you that Dudley is picking up steam at this time of year and that the Panthers should have Round Two set and that they would be ready to put another notch in their belts….Round Three could get dicey with one of the Charlotte teams due in to the Dudley campus…..(We noted that Dudley lost to WS Reynolds earlier in the year(63-48), well Mt. Tabor defeated WS Reynolds, 61-39…On any given Wednesday, you never know….

*****Just look at all those 20-win records, 24-2, 24-3, 20-4 and we have more coming up….*****

Northern Guilford(21-5) at Fayetteville Westover(20-5)….The Nighthawks got off to a great start on Monday night and they will need that momentum that they built all the way back in the conference tournament to continue as they go on the road for Round Two…The NG girls have shown a wealth of maturity, as this young team has grown up together over the past three years and with Kelly, Molly, Jessie, Sammy and the rest of the crew they might just be due, in round #2…Will they come through? I’m asking you…..This team has a proven leader in Kim Furlough, a lady that wears her game on her sleeve and she likes the short-sleeved shirts, so if they can get over Westover, hopefully it is back home to the nest for them on Friday night….Tallest Westover player is Shanice Pringle, 6’1 and she averages 12.6 rebounds per game…

Overhills(21-5) at Eastern Guilford(23-3)…Hopefully the EG Lady ‘Cats have got their Mojo back after Monday night’s win over Western Harnett and Harnett, Overhills and Westover out of Fayetteville have all gone toe-to-toe several times this season with Westover having the edge…EG will have to call on seniors Capricia Smalls, Kristin Crosby and Ameriah Jamison to keep them at home with that “1 seed and then Miranda Jenkins will need to be there for her elder classmen to lend them the helping hand that only a steady point guard can provide….Smalls and Jenkins may have to step back, access the situation and then just flat-out take over here late in the season…Jamison and Crosby’s threes will always be a big part of what this team wants to and needs to do….

  • Andy said,

    This caught my eye from Round One girls:

    Butler 100, North Davidson 32

  • Now ur on the bandwagon said,

    Are you trying to say that there is a possiblity Butler could beat SW tomorrow?—You don’t have to because it won’t happen. The panther nation doesn’t even need to scout Butler at SW, it’ll just make it worse for them to know what’s coming when they play in round 3, assuming they can beat Mt. Tabor. (Butler smoked E.Meck in there tourney) Wonder why?—-a couple injuries for EM, but they still won in round 1 by 30 plus. NW will definitely have there hands full, injuries or not. HPC @ RJR is the most interesting game—can I say RJR will win, but if HPC pulls an upset that I thought HPC could do it?-lol Even more interesting, whoever wins plays EM. Didn’t someone already present these scenario earlier?-lol

  • HPC said,

    How is Highpoint Central beating Reynolds an upset, when we are ranked higher than them?

    HPC by 15!

  • WOW said,

    Now ur on the bandwagon, there is always a possibility of SW getting beat in the playoffs. Anything can happen. Butler already has a better record than SW anyways. SW is a great team, but they aren’t unbeatable. At this point in the season, everyone is beatable. Reynolds will have a problem with HPCs pressure and style of play, but its going to be a good game overall. I think its ignorant of you to sign NWG girls off by automatically giving the win to East Meck. Injuries this late in the season will hurt, no matter what. Their main scorer is having to play the point gaurd taking her from a mainly scoring position to a distributing position. Im fully aware she is going to get her points either way, but the NWG girls have fight and heart, and you can’t teach that. Know your facts before you talk crap.

  • RJR by 15! said,

    You only missed that call by 30 HPC