Coach Bloom steps down at Northwest Guilford

Posted by Andy Durham on February 25, 2010 at 11:20 am under High School | 8 Comments to Read

Northwest Guilford boys basketball coach Manny Bloom stepped down after last night’s game with Ardrey Kell in Charlotte.

Coach Bloom will no longer coach the Northwest Guilford Vikings. Coach stepped down for personal reasons, but he will remain at Northwest Guilford until the conclusion of the current school year…..

*****I spoke with Coach Bloom on the phone this morning and he is very proud of the young men that he had the chance to work with at NWG.*****

  • NWG said,

    Now it’s Offical – All you NWG Parents can start posting and tell us how wonderful he was and that you were not one of the compaining parents. LETS HERE IT

  • TOO BAD said,

    Wow! I am not a parent or have any ties to NWG, but I thought he did a great job. They lost a good coach. I hope he stays in the area and continue to coach.

  • NEW RULES said,

    New Rules for Parents at NWG – Any parent directly contacting a coach about playing time or giving a negative review of coaching skills will result in having their child removed from the team, Period. Mr. Hughs, Please implement immediately or we will never retain a Coach.

  • Wake up said,

    The parents who are responsible know who they are but dont bash all the parents because of a few.

  • Andy said,

    What more can you say? The coach and kids won the Conference Tournament after a mid-season slump where they lost some very close games.

    That game this past Monday versus Smith was one of the best games that I have seen this season.

    Good job by Coach Bloom and the kids and we wished they could have stuck together, but now all parties involved must move on…..

    Timing is everything in this basketball/sports business and you don’t have a lot of free time to stop and reflect.

    It will be important to make some moves from all the people that will continue on with their basketball careers…Coaches, players etc….

  • Whos Next said,

    Congrats to NWG on a great season.

    I hear there is a Coach who lives in the area
    who would love to be back on the big stage
    at a major HS BBall program. There is only one problem he
    would bring his team with him.

  • Hoos said,

    Who will be the next Coach? No way its who ‘whos next’ is talking about. I think we need to go out and get a coach with has proven that he can handle himself and a program and does things the right way. Does anyone have any ideas on names? Anyone in the area, or will we go out of town?

  • Andy said,

    We will close the comments on this one for now and give everyone a chance to step back, cool off and get ready for their next moves. Good luck to all and we may get a chance to get into this again later on, but for now we have to turn our attention to some other details….