HS hoops tonight with NCISAA playoffs

Posted by Andy Durham on February 25, 2010 at 11:55 am under High School | 4 Comments to Read

The following games will be played at the Greensboro Day School on Lawndale Drive:

HP Wesleyan(19-11) vs. Christ School(34-1)….Only loss by the Christ School this season was to Findlay Prep out of Henderson, Nevada….I checked on the conference that Findlay Prep is in, and it said Freelance……Leek brothers must get tons of help from the HP Wesleyan Trojan guards. The Christ School has at least 6 DI prospects on their roster…..

Forsyth Country Day(20-8) vs. Greensboro Day School(25-7)…Forsyth has already beaten GDS twice this season and this is the first time the Furies had won at all against GDS in 17 years….Who is the chaser on Tyler Lewis, the PG for FCD????? That will be the key to the game. The old coach always said, if you cut off the head of the monster, then you have a chance to kill the plague….Tyler Lewis is spreading quickly and Greensboro Day has to stop it…

Any volunteers? Lucas Weavil maybe? If Christian Pulliam gets that call he still has to run the point on offense and he might need CPR(Christian Pulliam Resuscitation). Brandon Dorsett uses so much energy already running the court on the breaks, is he your first option??? Guess we’ll have to head out Lawndale Drive and see what Coach Johnson and Smith have prepared for the Furies……

The following games will be played today/tonight at Westchester Country Day:

Victory Christian(Charlotte){17-18} vs. Westchester Country Day(27-1)…WCD has the Deuce, Ike and CJ Plummer and they should win this game and two more and become State Champions….

Caldwell Academy(19-8) vs. Asheville Christian(20-7)…It has been a great year for Caldwell Academy and these kids enjoy playing together as a team and they continue to do things that the outsiders that are looking in do not believe can happen…..This is a special team, much like Coach Norman Dale’s squad from out in Indiana….

High Point Christian Academy(13-17) vs. Gaston Day(10-17)…..All those years with Coach Robert Kent are starting to pay off for first-year head coach Brandon Clifford. Oates, Weethe and Nix-Denmark need make sure that there is nothing rotten in the playoffs and that the Cougars keep on marching to the finals, after their exciting Round One win down at Northside in Charlotte….

  • inappropriate said,

    i come to this site to find out about area sports scores, not to read andy durham’s attempts to be funny. wow, a grown man joking that a kid might need CPR. how inappropriate. in a day where it seems like we read about kids collapsing and dying in sports each week, you have some nerve to make that lame attempt at humor. you are trying way too hard andy, just report the scores…

  • yankeeclipper8 said,

    To Inappropriate: Lighten up dude. Wow…you are way too serious. You are the one trying way too hard to take things the wrong way…

  • Andy said,

    Maybe the creativity was a too extreme, we’ll leave it open for discussion.

    The main point was that Christian might get very tired running the offfense and trying to keep up with Tyler Lewis while playing defense.

    I have nearly fallen out while playing defense on some hot summer days out of doors and I had nothing left for offense whatsover and that was part of the point…..

    We will leave the floor open…..

  • WildManStan said,

    “inappropriate” pops his (her?) sanctimonious head in here to drop down the holier-than-thou. Lighten up . . . and then scram, fool. You add no value to the conversation here.