Panthers Cut Jake, What’s Bojangles Goin’ Do

Posted by Don Moore on March 5, 2010 at 6:09 am under Professional | 3 Comments to Read

Late last night, the Panthers cut Jake Delhomme – ESPN has the news.

With all these moves, Bojangles needs a new spokes-model. Any ideas?

  • Panther Fan! said,

    Jake gave us some great moments in Charlotte. The Super Bowl, the Divisonal game @ Chicago in 05 comes to mind. I know this move had to be done and some say it was long overdue, but it’s kind of sad in a way to see Jake leave! (Unlike that joke J.Peppers) Thanks for all the memories Jake and good luck where ever you end up going.

  • wildcat said,

    Andy. thats funny. my latest tweet said “get hype you panther fans. jakes gone. i think ysll trsded him to bojangles..”

  • oppenmheimerfund said,

    The Panthers are an inept organization. They have made only 1 good decision since its origin, and that was to draft Julius Peppers. They had a great opportunity to draft
    Eddie George out of Ohio State, and they drafted a 1 hit wonder Tim Biakabutuba who was hurt more than any player in the league. If I ran my organization like Jerry did my bottom line would stay in the RED. What he needs to do is go out and get a big name GM to take over. He should draft Tony Pike or Jarret Brown in the draft. These picks would really help the future.