We may need to add a football team at Greensborosports.com

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(More mail today and how do you respond to this one?)

Dear Sir,

Good day.

My Name is Tochukwu Kelvin Eziukwu, I am 17 years old and I play professional football in Nigeria and I wish to be enrolled into your football academy.

I shall send to you my pictures/video should you request for them.

I look forward to your earliest response.


Yours faithfully,

Tochi Kel Eziukwu.

*****Our football academy fee has been $99.00 down and $99.00 a month over the next 9 months when we ran one of these back in 90’s…..*****

  • ron said,

    Nigerian email scam!…..LOL

  • ron said,

    Hey when you get that tape let me take a look.