Army tops UNCG 9-6 at UNCG Baseball Stadium

Posted by Andy Durham on March 6, 2010 at 4:21 pm under College | 7 Comments to Read

College Baseball:
Army 9
*The Army Black Knights claim the win in this Saturday afternoon contest that got under way at 1pm….(P)Warren Slack(SWG) got the start for UNCG today and Wes McBride(West Forsyth) came on in relief….*….

+++++Joey Henshaw goes 2-4 with a HR and 4 RBI’s and Clint Moore(SS/Grimsley HS) goes 2-5 with 2 runs and 1 RBI in the Black Knights victory over the Spartans. The finale of the three-game series will begin at 1pm Sunday afternoon at the UNCG Baseball Stadium.+++++

  • jim said,

    Iwas there for some of the game. Clint hit it hard the 3 times I saw him and 2 were for hits. The other was a blast to left center that was caught. He will see some nice pitches batting in front of Joey the Giant. The HR he pulled over right field fence look like it went into the parking deck. Clint looked good at short bt did make 1 error on routine grounder. Slack looked ok on the hill but the ump was not giving him anything and he got behind in the count too many times. Clint him hard 2 times.

  • just a coach said,

    at what point to right handed hitters pull the ball to right field? don’t sound like much of a baseball man to me!!! name’s probably not jim either, but I do find you scouting report interesting.
    slack’s breaking pitch still needs to develop, and his fast ball does not appear to have any movement @all—-culd be a long year for the Spartans.
    Beat Army!!!!!

  • Another Coach said,

    To just a coach, The home run pulled to right was by left hand hitter Joey that bats behind Clint. Jim may not be a real name or a baseball man, but if you were a baseball man, you would have known who he was talking about as Joey is going to be a very high draft pick! And as far as Slacks curve ball, that is why he is playing D1 baseball, his other pitches are the problem, the curve ball is good which is why Army did not get to him till the 5th and 6th.

    It is going to be a long year for the Spartans because they have only 9 pitchers on their roster and they have not recuited well, which is hard to believe since they have a great facility and it is very inexpensive to go there. I would bet with new AD this could be it for Gaski because when they start playing against better teams, it will be a long year.

  • jim said,

    ok, made a mstake. Joey the Giant is RH hitter and hit backside bomb over RF fence.
    I’ll say Slack as good as anyone else the Spartans put out there today. They were all getting rocked by the the top of lineup. UNCG hitters were hittless through 5 or so. They were watching many strikes go by and getting behind o-2 and 1-2. Anyway, it seems they picked up the O after I left. Hows that Just a coach?

  • Just a Fly on the Wall said,

    First of all, Jim, you are still wrong. Joey is a left-handed hitter, but that is beside the point. I am curious as to why you choose to get onto the local message board and bash the local team. If you are an Army fan then why don’t you find the Army message board and show them your support.

    And to the coaches… If you think that posting on a message board that you are a coach will make people respect what you have to say, then you are wrong. Everybody knows that college coaches don’t look at or care about what these opinionated message boards have to say.

  • real stats don't lie said,

    Man , it took an Army coming to town for G’boro sports to realize that UNCG had a Baseball team.

    True , the Spartans are short on numbers this year on the hill and will have to be managed very carefully.

    As far as Slack goes, he’s always working to improve all of his pitches, but his curve ball is one of the best and helped him finish in the top 3 in most SOCON Pitching Stats in 2009.

    I take it you haven’t seen him pitch alot or you would know that his change-up has become his best pitch.

    He has had trouble locating fastball early this year, but seems to be getting back on track with it as he continues to develop and experiment with stuff early in the season.

    Slack has had a lot of success against better line ups than Army in the past, so giving up a base hit to his friend, Clint Moore does not bother him a whole lot.

    Hassebrock started todays game and went 4 inninings after having Swine flu earlier in the week and losing 10 pounds.

    Losing 3 mph on the gun and only throwing 93 after a week like that is not to bad in front of 25 scouts.

    Furl allowed no runs in 2 multi-inning appearances this weekend.

    Matt Parish comes back after a horrendous start Friday night and slams the door on Sunday to finish the game.

    Andy, please continue to report on the Spartans(7-3) as SOCON play is right around the corner.

  • jim said,

    Sorry if some you guys think I was bashing the Spartans. That was not my intent. I went to the game to see Clint Moore play. I was pleased. I saw him bat 3 times and he hit the ball hard all 3 times and ended up w/ 2 hits in those three trips to the plate. I thought Slack pitched Ok and as I said earlier, he was getting squeezed by the ump and was getting nothing on the corners or knees. Not many pitchers can pitch behind in the count and it caught up with him and the rest of the Spartan pitchers. I wish UNCG much success and enjoyed my afternoon at their field and will return.