One year ago today

Posted by Andy Durham on March 13, 2010 at 10:44 am under High School | 4 Comments to Read

One year ago today, the Dudley girls and the Northern Guilford boys were playing for the State NCHSAA 3-A Championships in Raleigh. NO Guilford County teams on hand this year, but Good Luck to the Bishop McGuinness girls, out of Kernersville, as they go for their 5th straight State Title…

Here is today’s full lineup from



At Raleigh–Reynolds Coliseum
Class 2-A women–noon
East Bladen High School Eagles (29-0)
Salisbury High School Hornets (28-0)

Class 2-A Men — 2:30 P.M.
Kinston High School Vikings (27-4)
West Caldwell High School Warriors (27-2)

Class 4-A Women — 5 P.M.
Green Hope High School Falcons (31-0)
David Butler High School Bulldogs (24-4)

Class 4-A Men — 7:30 P.M.
Terry Sanford High School Bulldogs (31-0)
Lake Norman High School Wildcats (25-3)

At Chapel Hill– Smith Center

Class A Women — Noon
Williamston High School Tigers (29-0)
Bishop McGuinness High School Lady Villains (22-7)

Class A Men — 2:30 P.M.
Goldsboro High School Cougars (23-7)
Monroe High School Redhawks (31-1)

Class 3-A Women — 5 P.M.
South Central High School (28-4)
Forestview High School Jaguars (26-2)

Class 3-A Men — 7:30 P.M.
Rocky Mount High School Gryphons (23-3)
Concord High School Spiders (25-6)

  • Eddie Willis said,

    Before anyone jumps me, I have nor did I have anything to do with Northern Guilford HS, but after taking time to reflect on the anniversary that Andy pointed out it really shows me that educators, etc. in this county are not and maybe never have been about the kids. If they were, they would have punished the offenders like the head coach and the players who were living out of the district. Instead, they have punished the whole NG community, not because of anything other than jealousy.
    I actually heard yesterday from a parent whose 9th grader plays varsity softball at a GCS school, that a GCS employee has actually parked outside and near his home to track comings and goings of his daughter whose time is shared between two parents who are divorced. Now, how do we have many for this and other extravagances like a PR officer , but we constantly cut back on teaching and exposing our students to the cultural arts like music, art, etc.. It just does not make sense to me. We have an administration that is totally out of touch with the community and its needs. By the way, I have been more than a casual observer at many of our schools in GCS at multiple locations.
    If the GCS administration thinks the witch hunts are doing anything to enhance education, they are totally clueless.
    My advice to Mr. Green and his overpaid and overstaffed administration, is to trim those costs at the executive level and to get back to the basics of education—the three “Rs”, not the three “Os” —overstaffed, overpaid, and oversight (of the wrong components of education).
    You need to get it and get it fast, ’cause I for one will be working against every incumbent school board member to bring us new ideas and new life to education.
    Thank you for reading,
    Eddie Willis
    PS. The magnet schools in GCS are not working either at the original intended level or at the reinvented level which, by the way, occurs every time their is any scrutiny of the programs themselves.

  • John J. said,

    Save money and let the communities care more for their schools. Neighborhood schools is the only way to go. Stop busing and offer the ssame things at every school or offer kids credit for on the job training during their junior and senior years.

  • pat said,

    Wake county recently got rid of their super intendent and are in the process of going back to neighborhood schools, it took a brand new school board to get it done. In this economy, alot of things will have to change. Mr Greens days are numbered as are the old guard on the school board. The days of over paid large admin. are over. Its time for a new direction.

  • Leom said,

    Andy these are three of the best comments I’ve read on here concerning GCS in a long time. I hope every member of the school board up for re-election losses. It will take community involvement.