Posted by Don Moore on March 14, 2010 at 8:41 pm under College | 10 Comments to Read

Big thanks to Chris Jones on the heads up on the NIT Brackets. Carolina and State are in the first Round, Tuesday. State will be on at 8 PM ESPNUnseen and Carolina at 9:30 PM on ESPN. Virginia Tech plays Wednesday at 7 PM, no TV scheduled.

  • Not a Tarhole fan said,

    UNX has the worst record in the NIT field. Why was Miami shunned for them?
    I know the holes beat Miami. the Canes had a better record and won 2 ACC Tourney games(2 more than won by the holes). So what, NC State beat Duke, Wake, Marquette and Florida State twice and but do not belong in the NCAA.They are in the NIT where they belong this year.

  • NIT said,

    Have to agree that NCSU belongs in the NIT but so does Miami. unc got in because they are unc, no other reason. They’ll draw a big crowd, maybe host a game, sell some tickets and be outta there. All about the money.

  • mark said,

    The NIT is an invitation only tourney. Other than the minimum requirement of no losing record they are going to invite teams that bring interest and fans. As bad as their season has been, Carolina will sell out Carmichael for an NIT game. Miami would probably have 4000 fans show up. If by some miracle Carolina keeps winning the NIT will garner more attention than it has in years. That’s why they were invited.

  • NIT said,

    As I said, all about the money.

  • Tom said,

    UNC wants 40 dollars for the NIT game Ticket! They are out of their minds. They are having it in Carmichael to drum up interest.

  • Not a Tarhole fan said,

    I hope William kicks UNX’s tails. If William needs help, Mary can finish off the holes.

  • Amused said,

    On a bright note…..WAKE MADE THE BIG DANCE!

    You wouldn’t know it by reading the news on here. Go figure.

  • Andy said,

    I can’t believe Wake got in after the way they played down the stretch.

    I’m still in a state of shock and all Deacon fans I have spoke to are feeling the same way. I could only spot two in the County and they said they were numb.

  • heels fan said,

    The game isn’t in Carmichael to stir up interest. It’s in Carmichael because they have already started renovations on the Smith Center.

  • Amused said,

    Just because “you can’t believe it” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t report it. It isn’t about the way you finish, it about the full body of work throughout the season. That’s why they play a full season and not just the last 6 games.

    Wake’s quality non-conference wins from early in the season got them the bid. That, and knocking off Maryland.