No more Tar Heel Sports on Majic 94.1: K-Love enters the Triad

Posted by Andy Durham on March 14, 2010 at 5:27 pm under College | 19 Comments to Read

WTHZ MAJIC 94.1 is gone and K-LOVE is now at that spot on your radio dial and that will signal the end of Tar Heel Sports on HITZ/Oldies/Majic 94.1….

K-LOVE is here at 94.1 and you can also catch them at 106.7FM. K-LOVE and we don’t mean Coach K from Duke or Oak Ridge Military Academy. This will be Contemporary Christian music and no more Tar Heel football or basketball……

  • LCox said,

    I will be lost withot Majic

  • Tammy said,

    Why can’t we keep one good station that plays music from the 60’s and 70’s. I loved Majic and probably won’t listen to the radio now, just listen to CD’s. It’s really sad!

  • Suzi said,

    That’s probably the end of me and radio too…I loved Majic and while I like CC music, I’m angry enough about the loss of majic not to support klove.

  • Robert said,

    Too Many Holy rollers around here already

  • Kelly said,

    94.1 was the only place I went on my dial other than CD’s. After Magic 96.1 in Charlotte went away….now 94.1 gone. And they had the ONLY FM oldies station from Greensboro to Tennessee!! It had to be a cash cow for advertising. They say advertisers want that “coveted” 35 to 55 aged audience (‘cus we have the most $ to spend) And that’s the exact age that listened! And then they sell out to CC?? Can’t be nearly the revenue. Nothing about this makes sense!! But FWIW the “old” Majic 94.1 is still streaming great tunes on website.

  • Carol said,

    Cannot believe we’ve lost another oldies station. The other one I listened to has become The Wolf. Please don’t tell me the crock story that advertisers are not supporting the format. Obviously the people you have stirring up your advertising haven’t got a clue what they’re doing to conduct business. Baby Boomers are the largest demographic out there so there is no excuse why it’s not something that can be accomplished. There is no place for Boomer to go now to listen to music. Give me the advertising job…I did it in college and did a damn good job too. I’ll show ya how it’s done. Any takers?

  • Justin said,

    I hate this. Nothing can take the place of the music we’ve lost on this station. All the other stations can’t compare to the genre covered by 94.1 and I hope to goodness there is some way to get this back!

  • Andy said,

    WMAG 99.5 is now calling themselves the New Magic 99.5 so maybe there is something to that……

  • sue said,

    I am just distraught. Can’t believe that we have lost the only station worth listening to other than NPR. Like one of the comments before, I think I’ll just get rid of the radio all together and buy a CD player for the house. Bad decision on someone’s part. At least everyone is talking about it – the main topic of conversation in the grocery, at the gas station, at work, at restaurants…..everyone is really, really mad.

  • bob said,

    i love it when a radio station leaves town under the cover of darkness. what a crock. I wonder what Bruce Hayes has to say about this. He must of thought somebody was listening..

  • piedmont listener said,

    Aha so that is what happened. I had just discovered this station (Majic) only two weeks ago. It was the only station I had listened to in a while and now after only two Saturday night “parties” it is gone! What a drag; it was perfect music for getting outside for springtime too!

  • Gary Whitworth said,

    I am so disappointed .. 1st we lost majic 96.5 and now 94.1. I guess I will have to go back to satelite radio to hear good music from the 60’s. Bummer!!!!!!
    I would wish the new station lots of luck but I wouldn’t mean it.

  • Les said,

    To say I am disappointed would truly be an understatement! I have nothing against CC, but 93.1 dropped oldies for country (just what the Piedmont needs – another country music station!), then oldies were reborn again on 94.1 and now this! I agree. Where are baby boomers supposed to got to listen to FREE oldies radio? I have already re-programmed my presets and dropped 94.1.

  • chappy said,

    Awful. Just awful.

    Gonna miss Tar Heel sports and the only station I could have on at work.

    K-Love broadcasts in hundreds of cities across the country. It’s the same broadcast, everywhere in the USA. No more local DJs spinning your tunes. Way to put good people out of a job.

    The schlock that K-Love masquerades around as “contemporary Christian” is unlistenable garbage. Good luck, K-Love. See you in six months.

  • Dave Shaw said,

    Feels like the day the music died — all over again.

  • mightycat said,

    Took me a very long time to finally find a radio station I just loved to listen to and then without warning its gone. I would rather ride to work in silence or CD’s than listen to the junk that is on. Why is it the junk radio stations stay and increase and the good decent radio stations are gone in no time.

  • Kristine Collins said,

    Sorry if people are upset but this world of ours needs more contemporary christian music.A REVELATION!!!!

  • BOBBY lOCKE said,

    As bad as all this is, the GOOD news is that I am hosting an oldies 60’s and 70’s DJ and Karaoke night with some live artists at D’ McGeary’s in King every WEdnesday beginning Aug. 11 2010.

    Initial reaction to my postings on Facebook are good and I would welcome any participation out there in terms of getting the word out and proving that our generation is not “Under the Hill”

    Go to D McGeary’s on Facebook and express your desire for the oldies night! Thanks!
    Bobby Locke

  • LANEY said,

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