All Area Boys High School Basketball Teams

Posted by Andy Durham on March 15, 2010 at 1:06 pm under High School | 11 Comments to Read

All-Area Boys High School Basketball Teams
from our Coaches on Call:

First Team

Jonathan Frye-Northen Guilford (Player of the Year)
Jay Canty-Oak Ridge Military Academy
PJ Hairston-Dudley
Deuce Bello-Westchester
Aaron Toomey-Bishop McGuinness

Second Team

Jacob Lawson-Oak Ridge Military Academy
Omer Atishkin-American Hebrew Academy
Tyquan Roberts-Ragsdale
Brennan Wyatt-Dudley
Brandon Dorsett-Greensboro Day School

Third Team

Mitchell Oates-High Point Christian Academy
Saegan Hilliard-Asheboro
Antwan Wilkerson-Western Guilford
Krechaun Williams-Grimsley
Christian Pulliam-Greensboro Day School

Honorable Mention:

Ike Nwamu -Westchester Academy
Will Saunders-Caldwell Academy
Reggie Dillard-Dudley
Reed Lucas-Northwest Guilford
Reggie Perkins-Western Guilford
Michael Griffith-Northeast Guilford
Darius White-Northeast Guilford
Bryce Benjamin-Northeast Guilford
Dylan Berry-Northern Guilford
John McBeth-Northern Guilford
Carter Gourley-Grimsley
Derek Grant-High Point Central
Jordan Robertson-Greensboro Day School
Christian McCain-Oak Ridge Military

  • N E FAN said,

    No Northeast Guilford players and they made the 3A final 4 losing to the state champions.

  • Tom said,

    That is a fine list of the talent in the area. I am sure people would disagree on some of the choices, but nobody has watched more basketball than you. I have seen a lot of the kids on this list. I do agree that J. Frye is the player of the year. When I saw him last year, I thought the rest of the Northern team helped him. I was wrong. He helped them. He is the most complete player in the area. Notice, I did not say the best, the most athletic, I said the most complete. There are other players in the area that may do better on the next level, but he understands the game better than anyone I have seen. App State is getting a player that makes everybody around him better. That is a hard commodity to find nowadays. Wyatt at Dudley is another player that makes everybody better. Good Luck to all the seniors as they take their game to the next level.

  • Andy said,

    There are three NEG guys on the HM list….Hard to differentiate one’s contribution from another, they all did so many different things and each of the three stepped up on different occasions…Instead of just bringing on one Ram on the HM list, we put all three on the list…..It would be hard for one of them to jump to the Top Three teams based on the talent above them. The NEG guys delivered results and Benjamin will be back next year for another flight during his swan song for the Rams…

    I can not take credit for the list, but I will pass the compliements along to the chef/cook/coaches….

    The coaches came up with the lists and I tweaked them just a bit, but the credit goes to the coaches and I will take or shoulder any blame or regrets that come in as long as it ain’t too heavy….

    Remember the tune, “He aint’ heavy, he’s my brother?????? That’s what it’s all about brother, as Mr. Hogan, aka the Hulkster would say to all those in ear shot……….

  • Part 2 said,

    Does anyone know when the all-conference lists come out?

  • Andy said,

    Some of the names may have been popping up last week.

    We heard the word was that Coach Kenny Carter had been named girls coach of the year in his conference and that the same award would go the way of Craig Shoemaker for the boys in the Piedmont Athletic Conference…

    From the street, but this may be where the rubber meets the road…

  • GBoro Shocker said,

    Nice list of the All-Private School Team.

    just kidding

    All talented players no doubt…and not that I would disagree with anyone on the list….but you telling me that Northern’s THIRD or FOURTH best player is as good if not better than Northeast’s BEST?

    and there are some GOOD players left off the list.

    Bridges from SW Guilford
    Hairston from Eastern Guilford
    Lucas and Vebber from Northwest

    all deserving as well…….just goes to show you the talent in the area.

  • True said,

    GBoro Shocker, you are correct there is great talent in this area. As for NW players. They will get no respect even after their great season ending performance. Unfortunately, due to the selfish acts of parents there will be a shadow over them.

  • Just a question said,

    I think the list is a great mix of kids. I do have just a question…How does Hairston win POY for all-district (3 counties), but then doesn’t win POY for the area( Guilford County)? Doesn’t seem like that computes. Is it because different people are voting? Not mad just curious how the process works.

  • Andy said,

    You do have a totally different set of voters……

    The district is strictly a group of public school voters only, with no private school input……

    I could almost see three different MVP’s in:
    Jay Canty-ORMA
    Jonathan Frye-Northern Guilford
    PJ Hairston-Dudley…..

    I think those three would be your top three choices on any level in the Triad…..

    I didn’t see enough of Deuce Bello’s play to put him in that group…Only saw Deuce once this year….

  • Sports Fan said,

    Nice list but missing Alex Smith from Andrews who had a standout year in the PAC 6 conference.

  • Curious said,

    The list should include all conference PAC 6 player from Andrews Alex Smith?