North Carolina Basketball Coaches Association All-District Teams: District 7 Women

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Criteria for being named to the All-District Team:
The North Carolina Basketball Coaches Association (NCBCA) All District Teams, Players of the Year, and Coaches of the Year. There are twelve districts in NC covering the entire state. NCBCA members in each district have chosen first, second, and third teams for All District. In order for a player to be nominated and chosen his or her coach must be a member of the NCBCA.

The NCBCA is comprised of public school basketball coaches. Each first team All District player is eligible to be selected to the NCBCA All State team which will be voted on at a
later date. Each Coach of the Year is eligible to be selected as State Coach of the
Year. The players on our area are in District 7 which represents Guilford, Davidson, and Forsyth counties.

District 7 – WOMEN
First Name Last Name Grade School Pts/ game Rebs/game Assists FG% FT% Awards/Honors/College recruitment

1st Team Millesa Calicott 11 Mt Tabor 18.1 5.8 3.4 47 85 CPC 4-A Player of Year 2010, MVP Mary Garber In. 2008, All Conference 2008, AllConf. Tour 2009. Numerous D-1 offers, ACC.Southern
1st Team Megan Buckland 11 Bishop McGuinness 19.3 7.8 4.6 53 75 NW 1-A Conf Player of Year, 1 of 32 for tryout of USOlympic Development Team, All Regional 08, 30 D-1 offfers
1st Team Whitney Knight 11 RJ Reynolds 15 7 4 43 82 MVP Mary Garber, MVP Boo Williams Tour, CPC All Conf 2010, 50 D-1 Offers
1st Team Samantha Coffer 11 Nothern Guilford 16 8 3 51 84 Pizza Hut All Tour,Beaufort MVP, Mid State All Conf 2008-9
1st Team Jazmine Charles 11 Centr Davidson 18.6 10 2.9 43 69 CCC All Conf. 3 years in row, all County 3 years.

2nd Team Katie Allen 12 N. Davidson 17.3 2.1 3.2 45.6 83.5 CPC All Conf. 2008, 2010. MVP LSB Inv. 2009, over 1,000 Pts.
2nd Team Victoria Davis 12 Parkland 20.5 10.5 3.2 75 Piedmont Triad 4-A Player of Year, All County, All Conf 2009
2nd Team Cedrica Gibson 10 HP Central 12.1 3.3 3.1 50 66 Piedmont Triad 4-A All Conf. 2010
2nd Team Ayshia McNeil 11 SE Guilford 16 5 2.3 Metro 4-A All Conference 2010
2nd Team Gabby Oglesby 12 Mt Tabor 13 7.9 2.1 48 81 CPC All Conf 2010, 2009 MVP Conf Tournament, All Mary Garber Inv.

3rd Team Anquinette Crawford 12 WS Prep 18.3 2 3.5 44 71 All NW Conf. selection 2010
3rd Team Gretchen Bennett 12 NW Guilford 15.5 2.5 3.1 50 68.9 All Pied Conf. 2008-2010. All Tour. 2007-2010, 1,000 Pts
3rd Team Tori Hardy 12 RJ Reynolds 12 6 3 39 77 CPC All Conference 2010
3rd Team Genice Lane 10 Mt Tabor 10 4.1 5.1 48 82 2010 CPC All Conference
3rd Team Carman Pericozzi 12 Ledford 12 8.6 1.2 46 57 Mid-Piedmont 3-A Player of Year
Melisa Foures 12 NW Guilford 7.7 8.9 2.6 45.5 77 2008-09 Player of Year Metro, All Conference Pied-Triad 2010, Signed with Belmont Abbey

Coach of the Year:Rick Anderson-Mount Tabor
Player of the Year:Millesa Calicott-Mount Tabor

  • tell me something said,

    Tell me just how much it costs for a coach to be a member.

    The list is good for the young ladies resumes, however it is misleading because his/her coach is not a member.

    To see not one Dudleyor Eastern Guilford female representative is really alarming!

    The same thing happened last year

  • Andy said,

    We will have to get those costs for you….Coach Robert Kent would know…..

  • Andy said,

    I got those costs and pass the word on to all the coaches….

    It is $15. It is open to any public school coach, head coach or assistant.

  • got it made said,

    I agree with “tell me something”. How is that possible when those were the last 2 guilford county girls team in the state play offs. This is all about politics

  • kills me said,

    I totally agree. What I have seen from a lot of the coaches, should be left elsewhere. Good coaches acknowledge their players abilities and try to enhance that. That’s supposed to be their job. Instead I have watched their need to be seen get in the way of players. What’s with the “diva and/or ego trips”? We as adults (parents, fans, and coaches) should be encouraging these players. Some have always been overlooked because they cannot carry the team everyday, every game. Others just show up and get recognition. Coaches should be maintaining their school and other prep websites, in order to get their players the exposure they need for future education and opportunity. I would dare say that those players who just want a “thank you – job well done” from the coaches would improve dramatically. I would even donate money for the cause. Afterall, it’s about the players not who looks hot in the coaches seat. This should be a requirement from the schools. It’s a shame for a player to be overlooked because of the coaches inability to multi-task. Congratulations to all the players no matter what number you are. Thanks for the memories. Now – take it to the next level and enjoy life.

  • Basketball FAn said,

    Per HoopGurlz Whitney Knight has verbally committed to Duke. Way to go!