Who will be the first #1 to fall in the Field of 64?

Posted by Andy Durham on March 18, 2010 at 10:20 am under College | 8 Comments to Read

This is a good question that has been tossed around a bit over the past four days and what do you think?

Who will be the first #1 Seed to be eliminated from the NCAA field of 64 teams?????

Will it be:
Kentucky or

We’re hearing that if one of Duke’s big three goes cold or if the team shooting is off then the Devils are done….Syracuse has a rap on them that they are entering the tournament on a slide after falling out early in the Big East Tourney….The word on Kentucky is that there is too much youth, the Wildcats are too young to win this thing….Kansas seems to again, be the odds-on favorite to take the Big Dance, but they have been here so many times before and let everyone down, that had them in their brackets….Kansas a lock? A lock to lose early most long-time observers would say…..

John Smoltz said this morning on the radio that his pick to win it all is Villanova and Smoltzie has Kansas State in his Final Four….

Kansas State? The K-State Wildcats????? Where is Ed Keif when you need that former K-State track star……

Kentucky Wildcats
Villanova Wildcats
Kansas State Wildcats
Davidson Wildcats
Eastern Guilford Wildcats…..

How many ‘Cats can you get in one tournament?????

  • DUKE said,


  • John Wall said,

    Kentucky and then I’m going pro.

  • JJ said,


  • no devils said,


  • Lugnut said,

    If Duke’s big three go cold? What team in the tournament can you not say that about? My vote is Syracuse…

  • Andy said,

    Nobody has a Big Three quite like Duke. I remember Nolan Smith’s cousin Kenny when he was over at Carolina. Those Smith’s and Deano included, meano business…..

    I agree with JW, Kentucky is gone……JW will not see the light of the library this spring….Books out the window and he’s drinking a Sprite into the night, on a 10pm flight to see the LA Clippers…..Boom goes the Dynomite, JW out of sight, can’t you just feel the man’s plight….

  • Jackson T. said,

    Kentucky and then Kansas will follow.

    Go Guilford College Quakers!

  • notjimmelvin said,

    kentucky. too young