Going for the Gold on the Outdoor Track

Posted by Andy Durham on March 24, 2010 at 7:15 pm under High School | 17 Comments to Read

Special to Greensborosports.com by Track Scout#1……..

Area Track and Field Standouts…..

Around this area there have been some outstanding track runners. With baseball gold and March Madness here they have gotten overlooked. Well now here is your chance find out what kinda of talent we have in Guilford County.

Corey Arvinger, Greensboro Day School -I want to start off with a
kid who is kind of an underdog this season. Corey Arvinger. He is a senior at
Greensboro Day school. GDS is never known for their track team, but this year
they have a runner who is on fire. He is 4-0 in the 100m dash with his fastest time
being 11.09.

This kid, Corey Arvinger, means business. GDS has a meet against Western, Dudley and Grimsley after spring break. I’m excited to see how Corey will hold his own. Corey also does well in the high jump, 200, and long jump…..

Marty DeFrancheso Bishop McGuiness– He is Junior over at Bishop McGuiness. He has a huge upside. He runs the 100 and the 200. Marty’s 100 time this year is 11.25 and his 200 time is 24.25. This kid is lighting fast and I wouldn’t want to run against him.

David Amerson, Dudley– NC State football commit David Amerson is not only good at football. Track seems to be natural for him also. Running the 100, 200 and doing the long jump is his specialty. 11.1 is not a bad 100 time at all. He also runs a 23.44 200m dash! He long jumps 22.10.75. David is an excellent athlete.

DL Boswell, Ben L Smith– “DL recently made a splash at the Elon High School invitational meet. Running 50.43 in the 400 and 22.5 in the 200 colleges should be all over this kid. With his stocky stature It helps him to move swiftly on the track.
Keep your eyes on this one here.

These are just some of the highlighted athletes that I have seen run so far this season. If you know of anymore I will be more than glad to put them on here. Also there will be a girl’s list coming soon.

Thanks to Track Scout#1 for our first report and we’ll be watching for Cedric Ellison at Ragsdale and for Catrina Green at Western Guilford to see if they are still in the hunt….The Armwood kid at Ragsdale(Chris Armwood) has switched from Track back to baseball, but boy that kid is fast……The young freshman down at Southern Guilford may be the fastest of them all….

  • Andy said,

    I wonder if Rayshawn Trader at Northeast Guiford is running track? In football he had run about a 4.3 40 so that ought to give him a pretty good sprinter’s edge….Maybe even Michael Sanders at NEG too….

    And what about Thuc Phan at Page, that kid was lightning quick…..He ought to be able to haul in the 100 or 200 or on a relay team, anchor or whatever…..

    SEG had some fast kids too, but their names escape me…..One of the SEG kids might have been Robinson and I wonder about Torian Patterson at Grimsley, that kid could fly……

    One more note and I’ll hit the road, that Sean Ples kid who was at NWG and headed over to NEG, he was very talented in the Shot Put at one time and he could run like a son of a gun too….Was a footballer and he might be back at it with NEG next fall….

  • TRACK said,

    Thuc might be running im not sure. I heard he actually might transfer to GDS and team up wiht Corey Arvinger. That could be a dangerous relay team

  • NE track fan said,

    No Trader is not running track. He tried to come out for indoor season and told Coach Blue he was only going to run the 55 dash. To his credit Blue told him” we operate on a team concept here and if you are not willing to train and race on the 4×400 relay(whre we could be competitive with depth) we cannot use you.

    Also, Andy it is not wise to trust those hand-times 40’s. When Trader did run track he was rarely under 11.2 and he was inconsistant in the 100 meters.If he had been a complete sprinter and focused on the 200 and 400 he would have been better at the 100 as well.

  • Track Coach said,

    Sanders did run some track at NE Guilford early in his career. He has great football instincts. These do not transfer into track speed. He excels in football due to cut back ability. He was never much of a straight ahead sprinter. When he did run at NE he was a pole vaulter and an 800 meter runner. He ran about 2:13 which is not super competitive.This is primarily a football,basketball site. I see very little track and field knowlege posted here. Pless is out for track at NE. He is throwing and does run some relays for the Rams.This season the NE men are not real strong in the short sprints. They are much better in the 4×400 relay than the 4×100 or 4×200 races. A track team that is heavy on the 400 type athletes is much stronger than one that only relies on the 100 meter people.

  • Andy said,

    We know some track here, we just haven’t had much time to write about it..

    We have a new contributing writer that is going to help us and the rest of you can help too…

    I have run over 100 road races including 3 marathons over the years and the distances I have covered have been 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 13, and 26 mile races or 5k, 10k and whatever if you will…

    I have been in the 400, 800, 1600 and 3200 meter races too and ran 1600 meter relay as anchor back in the day…

    That was a long time ago and times have changed, but you’ll find we have been there and done that in about every sport that comes along…It is just remembering how to do it and to figure how they are doing it today….

    I have ridden a bike to Danville, Virginia and back on Highway 29 so I have been that route and to Durham, Raleigh, Winston, Asheboro too…It is just trying to keep up with these times and trying to keep up with the Flex-A-Min payments these day…

    Good topics and we can all learn more together….

  • KIC said,

    Okay, I see my boy Corey Arvinger doing his thing! That’s what’s up Corey, I’m proud, keep up the good work! However, I believe that GDS was put on the map last year…Corey is helping it stay on the map. Hopefully next year, once he graduates someone will take his spot and so on.

  • keith said,

    to find out the talent in track talk to charlie brown

  • Next? said,

    What about the kid at Western who played back up point guard? He wore #4. Lightning quick and there was talk about him being recruited by some colleges for track. I want to say his name began with an R.

  • Andy said,

    I think that was Rashad Hayes and maybe someone can tell us if he is out there on the track…You would think he might be a good jumper too….Triple jump or long jump…

  • Spaz Fan said,

    I don’t know if I would say that GDS is on the map yet, but head coach Bill Welch has quietly produced several D1 athletes these past few years. Things are definitely on the upswing over there with their Track program.

  • Andy said,

    From the “For what it’s worth department”, Bill Welch gets a big vote of support from us here at the site…

    His dad has worked very hard in and around the community over the years and I’m sure Bill Jr. is cut from much the same cloth…….

    If Jaleel Roberts can get over the cross bar, you would think he would win the high jump on one leap with his height…..

  • SE FAN said,

    The SE Guilford boys & girls track team are 11-0. Check them out……..

  • Andy said,

    Who are some of the top SEG runners/jumpers?????

    Someone tell Charlie Brown he needs to check in here and give us the lowdown on SWG track and field…

    Coach Eggleston is the man over at NWG isn’t he and Coach Blue used to wear the track shoe at NEG….

    Whatever happened to Mittman over at WG?????

  • TRACK said,

    Rashad Hayes and Corey Arvinger are brothers from what i hear. both of them are great athletes

  • spaz fan said,

    Coach Mittman coaches at Andrews in High Point now. WG Alumni Ken Wilson is the track coach at Western now.

  • Andy said,

    I heard yesterday that the Smith boys and girls and especially the girls were looking very tough in track this year….There is nothing like hearing the sound of the gun going off in the distance….THE RACE IS ON!

  • langley said,

    are you going to win the game today from dereck