MVP Kevin Swinton and Oklahoma Baptist NAIA National Champs!

Posted by Andy Durham on March 24, 2010 at 10:54 am under College, High School | Read the First Comment

We knew him when he was at Southeast Guilford, we knew him when he was at Dudley HS and he helped lead the Panthers to the 3-A State Championship, we knew him when he went to Wake Forest and then on to UNC-Wilmington and now we are pleased to announce that Kevin Swinton has become a National Champion with Oklahoma Baptist, after winning game MVP honors in the Title game last night….

Kevin, good job and you hung in there and back when we were calling your dunks the Swinton Bombs, when you were a freshman and playing for Coach Calvin Hunt at SEG, little did we know that you would head down a long road that would eventually take you through many peaks and valleys and finally see you land on your feet in Oklahoma and that you would lead your team, Okalahoma Baptist University to the National Championship, a title that our own Guilford College Quakers led by World B. Free, ML Carr, Greg Jackson, Teddy East, Robert Kent and Johnny Ralls, won back in the early 1970’s….

The memories of Guilford winning the NAIA title live on, and now we can add the memory of our own Kevin Swinton leading his team to that same title in 2010….

Again, long live the “Swinton Bomb” and GOOD JOB, Kevin Swinton……

Former Dudley star Kevin Swinton led his team (Oklahoma Baptist
University) to a NAIA National Championship last night. He was MVP of the game
with 19 points and 9 rebounds.

  • ol' bawl coach said,

    His name came up this past Sunday in a conversation, with some Panther alumini . .now we know! Glad for him . . . . the ACC isn’t the only place that wins a national championship