Tar Heels in NIT tonight: Holla if you hear me and you’re heavy on the Heels

Posted by Andy Durham on March 30, 2010 at 11:22 am under College | 17 Comments to Read

from www.goheels.com:

North Carolina (19-16) will face Rhode Island (26-9) in the semifinals of the NIT in Madison Square Garden tonight.

The Rams are a two-seed and knocked off top-seeded Virginia Tech last Wednesday, 79-72. No. 4 seed North Carolina knocked off No. 2 seed UAB, 60-55, last Tuesday. Rhode Island is 2-0 this season against ACC foes, beating Boston College and Virginia Tech, both on the road. North Carolina is 1-3 in neutral site games this year and 5-11 outside of Chapel Hill, but Carolina has won three of its last five games outside of the Smith Center after starting out 2-9.

Rhode Island is 13-14 in the NIT and North Carolina is 12-4; the Tar Heels are making their first trip to Madison Square Garden in the NIT since 1974. Carolina is 7-3 in the Garden in NIT games. This is Rhode Island’s deepest run into the Tournament; the Rams got to the third round in 1992 and had not gotten past the second round since in five appearances, most recently in 2008 and 2009. Rhode Island leads the all-time series with North Carolina, 2-1. The Rams captured two Dixie Classic meetings in 1949 and 1950 before falling to North Carolina in 1993.

Game Time: North Carolina versus Rhode Island, 9:15 PM, Madison Square Garden

Last Time: Carolina beat Rhode Island 112-67 in the second round of the 1993 East Regional in Winston-Salem.

  • CJones said,

    Holla! Go Heels! 20-win season baby!! And they didn’t have to play 18 home games like Duke to do it!

  • BenFoldsFour said,


    Go Heels 2!

  • BatDad! said,

    I’m the Bat DAD and I’m here to tell everyone that UNC rules and Rhode Island ain;’ got nothing! Go Heels! And now for the finishing move!

  • Mick said,

    The Heels underachieved even for their lack of chemistry. But they have pulled together and won some games in the NIT. I’ll be watchin! Go Heels.

    NCAAs – I despise the Dooks but will not be too upset if they win another for the ACC!
    But will be pulling for Butler overall. A Butler – Dook final would put me in a great position. Butler wins – that would be awesome for Bball and Dook loses. Dook wins – another title for the ACC.

    Also liked the much hyped Big East flopped in the tournament overall. Oooh… another reason to pull for the dooks beat them ears of the Big East!

  • Timekeeper said,


    North Carolina wins and Duke loses. Wait and see. I know the coaches and have seen their records in games like these. For Tar Heels time is in for Duke time is up.

    Go Heels! BatDad knows.

  • John Kilgo Jr. said,

    Tonight’s the night. HOLLA! Tar Heels Unite Forever!

  • Bryan said,

    Andy…you’re not “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner. Come on man! Hahaha!

  • ad4deacs said,

    Are you kidding me? What if UNC wins the title will you all holla Yeah we’re number 65?

  • Mick said,

    Actually, it would be #66. But nice try.

    I am not really very excited but it is nice to end a bad season on a positive note. Of course the distinction of being the first team to win NCAA and NIT back to back wouldnt be something to write home about.

    But, as we all know you cant accomplish that particular feat w/o winning the NCAAs first…… right Deacon!

  • Andy said,

    Scott (Steiner) I am not, but it looks like Kilgo Jr. and his crew have come to the circle and they have spoken.

  • Andy said,

    If North Carolina tops Dayton tomorrow night in the NIT Finals, does banner go in Carmichael or in the Dean Dome?

  • WildManStan said,

    It goes in the janitorial closet in Carmichael beneath the folded up towels the kids use to wipe up sweat off the lane.

  • mark said,

    If North Carolina tops Dayton tomorrow night in the NIT Finals, does banner go in Carmichael or in the Dean Dome?
    Posted by Andy

    Neither. Just add 2010 to the 1971 NIT Champions banner they already have

  • ad4deacs said,

    True Mick, but just try to understand the frustration of being a fan of anyone but UNC and having to read articles about UNC everyday even when they aren’t good. My best example of this would be when Duke played for their frist National Championship, main story in News and Record was about how Carolina Fans felt about Duke playing for the championship…..really? I’m not a hater either I pull for all ACC teams in tourney play and am a big fan of coach Williams. You’re point is well taken and deserved, we have an NIT tourney championship(2000) but we don’t talk about it. I suggest you do the same.:)

  • Andy said,

    Good point on the banner Mark. They were talking about this on one of the morning radio shows and discussing that they already had too many non-significant banners hanging around and that too many banners makes your building look cluttered….

    The Carmichael talk was hot early in the post-season when North Carolina began their NIT-run in the old building, since the Dean Dome was being renovated…..

  • Mick said,

    Well, they could hang it with that other one. 1971? And I mean with that other one as in right behind it. Maybe, they could even save on hooks and use the same ones. I guess that might create an obstructed view but times are tough all over. “Ya meen”

  • Pete said,

    Whatever happened to Dan Smith and Bill Gaither?

    Hang em in Cameron.