Sabian says his butt hurts, but seats are good on Press Row

Posted by Andy Durham on April 1, 2010 at 7:05 pm under College | Read the First Comment

Sabian’s back and he says Will Graves from Dudley HS is keeping the Heels in the game, Dayton 62, North Carolina 59….

More from Sabian….We momentarily lost contact with Sabian, but now he says the score is Dayton 56, North Carolina 54…..
Dayton 56
North Carolina 52

Quick game update from Chris:
Dayton 49
North Carolina 46

North Carolina is getting their butts kicked at the half in the NIT Championship game, 45-32, with the Dayton Flyers flying out in front after the first 20 minutes, but Chris Sabian direct from New York City says, “North Carolina will still win this game and I guarantee it”……

The lock is in from Sabian and this man knows basketball and Sabian says that the Heels will still win in fine comeback fashion, but I am starting to wonder…..

His butt might be in worse shape after the game if this score doesn’t change in a big way in the second half, but Sabian says UNC will still win tonight…..

We hope to have a final report from Sabian before we have to close things down for the night….If anyone sees or hears from Chris before we do, please don’t invite him to sit down…..

  • Dale Fulton said,

    His butt’s probably sore from being in the locker room with Roy.

    Editor’s note:
    Getting kicked we will assume.

    Maybe even getting chewed out….I had to chew his butt out is a line that we have heard on many of Roy’s radio shows….