Sabian says “North Carolina will Win tonight”, gives Duke “No Chance” on Saturday

Posted by Andy Durham on April 1, 2010 at 3:30 pm under College | 8 Comments to Read

Just got off the phone with college basketball analyst Chris Sabian up in New York, for tonight’s NIT Finals and Chris said, “North Carolina will win tonight, no problem”…..

Chris said he is taking the Tar Heels over Dayton by 8-10 points and that the play on the boards would be the difference in the game this evening. “The Heels dominated Rhode Island on the boards and rebounding is what wins championships”, said Sabian, and Chris also told me that the Larry Drew II will have a very big game tonight.

Sabian says that Drew did not have a huge game against the Rhode Island Rams and that Drew II has been playing unreal in every other game and that tonight is the next breakout game on the point guard’s schedule.

Sabian says he doesn’t hold out much hope for Duke on Saturday since the Devils will face a team that is coached by Bob Huggins. Sabian says, “you can’t beat a Bob Huggins-coached team in big games. Huggins is the best in the business when big-game situations are about to unfold”.

Sabian says, all Duke fans can look back to last Sunday and enjoy the Devils’ victory over Baylor for about 51 more hours, because Sabian says on Saturday night, Duke is going home. “They are going home, I tell you”, said Sabian this afternoon.

Duke’s problem will be John Scheyer, says Sabian….”Scheyer can not handle the wrap-around that West Virginia uses in the half court”, said Sabian. “As a point guard, Scheyer will be blown away by the defensive system that the Mountaineers employ and Huggins has a major dislike for Duke and he will bring that to the arena on Saturday night”.

Chris seems to have a disdain for Duke, but Sabian says he is just doing his job and that is what makes him the top college basketball analyst on the east coast.

We hope to check back with Chris later tonight and gets his thoughts on the North Carolina-Dayton game and see if he has more for us from “The Big Apple”, in New York City. We thank Chris for his time this afternoon and look forward to more “Sabian says” conversations, throughout the NCAA Championship weekend…..

  • Sky Hooker said,

    Thanks Chris. I like and agree with what Mr. Sabian is saying.

  • BC Bronx Bomber said,

    I have been reading Sabian’s work in the New York papers for years.

    Good to see he still has it.

  • topfin29 said,

    Is he one of “the experts” that picked Carolina #4 early in the year? NIT? Do they even televise that?

  • Kevin said,

    Wrong on the first. Can he go 2 for 2?

  • topfin29 said,

    laughing no further

  • Andy said,

    I spoke with Sabian this morning and he said he will be back again with more game predictions and reports and that his information will reach the people.

    Sabian says he really has some key inside information on the NBA Draft and how it will effect ACC teams….

    We welcome Chris to our team and look forward to more from him.

  • DukeFan said,

    Chris Sabian obviously doesn’t know what he is talking about…

  • J said,

    I wouldn’t give this guy a dollar to buy me a raffle ticket.. great predictions! haha