Since 1935, but now no more Devils, Heels, Panthers, Redskins or Rams at HAM’S

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Many of you have probably watched a lot of games on the TV’s at Ham’s on Friendly Avenue over the years and turned up a few of their mugs in the process, but after Sunday April 11, Hams’s on Friendly will be no more.

Since 19 and 35, and that’s 75 years of Ham’s on Friendly, and come Sunday, Ham’s on Friendly will close it’s doors….I remember watching a Celtics-Lakers NBA playoff game there at Ham’s back in the mid-80’s and thinking to myself, “Why are they still playing NBA hoops on Memorial Day?” But I was still watching as Bird, McHale, and Parrish battled Magic, Worthy and Jabbar……

Those were the days and now like so many other things from our past, time has passed Ham’s by and it is time to say good-bye to the Ham’s on Friendly Avenue….

GREENSBORO — Ham’s Restaurants will close its original location on Friendly Avenue on Sunday.

“Due to changing demographics and economic factors, Ham’s feels it can better serve its guests at their other three Greensboro locations,” the restaurant stated in a news release. Those restaurants are on High Point Road, Cone Boulevard and Battleground Avenue.

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And to spin this one step further, “When’s the last time you stopped in and ate at Ham’s?” For me it has been a long, long time and maybe in realitiy, that is why they are closing….Drove by there the other day, but kept on moving down Friendly Avenue…..

  • kirk said,

    This used to be the place to go in Greensboro back in the 70’s and early 80’s for HS and college kids. I’ll have to get by there this week.

  • Ham's Fan said,

    It just sucks that they have to close the original Hams.

  • Dale Fulton said,

    I have not missed a Monday night football game there in 27 years. Guess we’ll have to find a new spot! I’m sure the carhops that used to frequent the parking lot named Dawson and Charlie are looking down on Ham’s now. Al, Karl, and Mark Freiberg worked hard and rovided some great Maybe Dave Daniels, Buster Seymour, and some of the old ham’s crowd will make it back before they close.

  • reggie perkins said,

    was one of my favorite spots for lunch after we played noon time hoops at the Y back in the old days..