College Basketball Silly Season – Wake Forest Edition

Posted by Don Moore on April 7, 2010 at 3:37 pm under College | 7 Comments to Read

Dino Gaudio is out at Wake Forest Men’s Basketball Coach. WGHP-TV will cover the Press Conference live on the Internet. Check WGHP’s website for the correct link.

  • amused said,

    Didn’t you clowns have this guy picked for Coach of the Year? Nice call.

  • Andy said,

    That’s how quickly things can change in the ACC….

    Gaudio was a lock for ACC Coach of the Year until he hit that bad stretch and Johnny O from the Sports Carolina Monthly agreed with us and most of the other readers did too….Johnny O makes the call and it sticks and you can take that to the bank any day of the week except Sunday….Saturday 9-Noon.

    Wake is losing too many players to the NBA and they are not staying more than 2 years….Aminu, Johnson, Teague the list goes on and on….

    I hate it for Dino. He and Ollie Purnell were both good coaches, but Duke and North Carolina have put a lot of pressure on the other ACC schools and the future is not bright unless you have a job in Durham or Chapel Hill….

    If you coach in any other town in the ACC your job is not safe and whoever won the ACC Coach of the Year(Gary Williams of Maryland with memory in gear), nobody cares at all now…..

    The only talk in the ACC right now is Duke over Butler and GAME OVER/START OVER at Clemson and Wake Forest.

    Sabian had this news last week, but he said sit on it…….

  • EddieWillis. said,

    If I remember correctly, everyone picked Gaudio and please remember that those were prosser’s players. he must have shot off his mouth.

  • Sam said,

    A sad season in the ACC. Dino is gone and what will Wake do now, bring back Dave Odom or go get Frank Haith? Purnell was past his prime.

  • ad4deacs said,

    As a Wake fan there is no denying the late February collapse each year. It also appeared the players hated each other by the end of the season. I can only hope we keep a few of the recruits coming in because we had a good class.

  • CoachKnow said,

    I will predict that there will be many more changes ahead after watching the Butler vs Duke NCAA Championship game. Many University Administrators are asking the question why are we not recruiting student athletes. Why do we not have any Academic All-America selections on our basketball team. Will that student graduate from this university if we give them a scholarship? What is the NBA doing for this university. Why should this university be a lauching pad for the NBA?

    Cornell one of the elite academic institutions also fielded a team of student athletes that did well in the NCAA tournment this year. My guess would be that universities will start to look for a more balanced student athlete. Not a 80% athlete and 20% student.

    I think the win without any regard to academic performance will start changing to how well are your students doing academically. Are your students passing their classes every semester, are your students graduating. I can see the university asking coaches are they recruiting students athletes that can succeed in the classroom and have a high chance of graduating from the university.

  • EddieWillis. said,

    Great point!!! Butler had two academic All-Americans on their team and they enjoyed playing together and fr their coch. I’m not a Duke fan, but give Coack K credit, he’s a great leader, always takes the blame and not the credit ( unlike Roy especially this year), and he teaches his kids to play hard. That was one tough group of players he had and they were a team!!!!!!!! Most college coaches don’t give a **** about their kids, they are just looking for the next deal. Look @ Purnell, he did not even say goodbye to his team—–now what did that selfish ***** teach his players?
    All the schools only look at the short-term and how much many they can make from winning right away. How smart is WFU, give the guy a 4-year extension and fire him 6 months later. And these university presidents think they are strategic thinkers!!!!!LOL!!!!!