Super Seven Guilford County Baseball Poll

Posted by Andy Durham on April 7, 2010 at 11:03 am under High School | 22 Comments to Read

#1 Southeast Guilford(11-1)
#2 Ragsdale(9-2)
#3 Dudley(10-1)
#4 Northeast Guilford(10-1)
#5 Southwest Guilford(11-3)
#6 Western Guilford(9-4)
#7 Northern Guilford(8-6)

  • John said,

    The only reason Dudley is 9-1 is because they play cupcake teams that they can destroy. They have had some good games but they dont have a very tough schedule.

  • Andy said,

    Dudley opened up with and beat HP Wesleyan and played, but lost to WG 3-2 and they were up in that game 2-0 and it was decided on one pitch when Macon Smith hit a three-run homer to win it for WG….

    The Dudley-NEG game got rained out and the Panthers will face Western at WG on Friday night….Dudley has done so much to upgrade their program, you ought to give these kids some props, they have come a long way and those that have followed their baseball program close know what I am talking about….

    Everyone has their own opinion and the field will be the deciding factor…..

    SEG did have a 5-0 on Dudley when that game was halted due to the weather, but if that don’t play the games, then we don’t have nothing to talk about…

    Wednesday HS Baseball, let the games begin…..Win or lose, at least we won’t be lost for topics…..

  • justafan said,

    Does the Dudley -SEG rainout start where it was stopped or does it start a new game. Will Dudley – NEG be made up and who has Northern played

  • Andy said,

    SEG-Dudley will start where they left off with SEG up 5-0 in the top of the second with a runner at second, if I’m not mistaken and I’m not sure of the outs situation….

    From what I’ve heard, Dudley-NEG will not be made up…Both teams have tight schedules the rest of the way unless they find some room somewhere to squuze that one in…

    Northern lost to very tough West Forsth team yesterday, they have handed a very solid Westchester team their only two losses of the season, both one-run affairs and they lost to McMichael the defending State 2-A Champs among their six losses….

    NG will hard to stop any time the lefty George Cater takes the mound….

  • Andy said,

    A little more on Northen, they lost to Reidsville 8-3 and then later beat the Rsms, plus the Nighthawks dropped three games in an Easter Tournament series down East to Apex, Middle Creek, and Holly Springs and the McMichael loss was by the score of 6-5…..

    Losses for NG, the West Forsyth game, Reidsville, McMichael and the three down east at Easter….Makes you wonder if players were missing during the down east trip, maybe away on vacation…..(Scores were a bit lopsided…)

  • dweeb said,

    It’s odd not to see Northwest listed among the top local teams. They seem to be strong year in and year out. What happening over there this year?

  • Sidney Jones said,

    Ray Crawford from DUDLEY is by far the best player in Greensboro and should win Player of the Year!


  • SE fan said,

    The SEG-Dudley game is 5-0 with bases loaded and no outs and its a 2-0 count on the batter. hopefully that will clairify it up for you .

  • mike c said,

    Sidney, there are a lot of kids that you can compare to Ray. You can’t feast on that inferior pitching forever. He is definitely a good player but not yet the best. Must keep pushing and working hard….Still better players that also deserve the recognition.

  • EddieWillis. said,

    Not so sure about that. he is a nice player, but Macon Smith, Josh Tobias, etc. are at least as good if not better. If he were that good, he would not have jumped on the UNCG scholly right away. Reminds me a bit of a fine player from Dudley a while back that the current coach was hyping a a 15th round draft choice. Never happened because he had a – arm, ++ speed, – power, etc. . No name ’cause he was a wonderful kid with great support also. Point is, let them play the game and quit hyping kids—too many can’t or don’t live up to it. Let’s see where he is after2 years of playing for Gaski!

  • Andy said,

    Nolbody works any harder than Ray and Josh Tobias…

    I have been out there with Josh Tobias on some of those hot July/August nights and chased down many of those fly balls and that kid has really put in the time and effort and he did it the old fashioned way, with rep after rep after rep and I’m sure that Ray, Macon Smith and others have put in equal time and they are seeing results….

  • Northwest said,

    Northwest got off to a weak start with poor defense. They have been on the way back up with a 7-3 record over the last 10 games. Bats have come alive and defense has gotten stronger. The team finished 2nd in a tough Wilmington tourney. They were beaten in the championship game by the #1 team in the state 10-6. Thursday night is Seniors night in the game against McMichael. Friday night will be a key conference game at home against Glenn. The realigned conference is comprised of Northwest, Ragsdale, Southwest, Glenn, East Forsyth, HP Central, and Parkland. Many would be inclined to tell you that this is one of the toughest baseball conferences in the state. Northwest packs a tough schedule that helps prepare for potential state playoffs. The team is strong and improving with each game.

  • mike c said,

    Some good points Eddie. After watching a bunch of kids in the area I’m impressed with Josh Tobias (Fla), Desean Anderson (USC), Parks Jordan (UNC), Ben Fultz (ECU), George Carter (UNC), Dunlap (UNCW), Hudgens (UNCC). Crawford definitely has some tools. Jones at WG. Also like some kids that have not commited or chose another route.
    You’re right about Gaski. Tough to play for.

  • Dudley Alum said,

    Mike C and Eddie Willis you are not the Baseball Gods I would be willing to bet that you
    probably played the game but with no success. If you dont have anything good to say about any of the kids I think you should keep your mouth shut. I think Ray chose UNCG so that he could play at home in front of friends and family. I have studied Gaski over the years and its nothing wrong with being hard kids need a little discipline. I do think that there are people in the area that are upset that he has not targeted more local kids but its seems to be changing. You are right about one thing there are a lot of good Baseball players in the area, Turkson, Burkes, Anderson, Smith, Jones, Sutphin, Carter, Fultz, Hudgens, Tobias,Neal, Kimber, Williamson, and the list goes on . So please you cant go back and change your years so let these kids have their time and quit being negative. GET A LIFE

  • Eddie Willis said,

    I will take that bet—how much do you have to lose? Actually, Dudley Alum, how many local kids have gone to UNCG and had any success since the early days of the program? maybe he recruits the wrong local kids, etc. but he is not a man who cultivates relationship with kids or parents very well—he does not need to be their friend, but he does need to be less aloof when he does recruit and deal with people. By the way, please note where I said anything negative about the kids, please. Your credentials, please?
    PS. Baseball @ major D1 school ( .25 per year scholarship–not much but it helped ) and 2 year starter in middle infield @ same school—-did not have the foot speed or the arm to play at the next level, but I could hit and that was the deal in the day. Could I play @ the same level today? No, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know a heck of a lot about who can play and who can’t.
    PPS. Maybe I’ll see you at a game—-did you make it to UNG game yesterday? I’m at EF tonight–just look around, as I’m not hard to miss—I’ll have a pad and a stopwatch!!!!!

  • mike c said,

    Alum, I have no problem with UNCG nor did I make a comment directed toward UNCG. I also complimented Crawford on his skills. Don’t try to make it out like someone is hating. I have no issue with any of those kids. I just personally feel Anderson and Tobias standout. I have no dog in the fight.

    As to my success, everyone measures success differently. I played for 4 years in college (3 year starter in OF) while on athletic scholarship and earned an engineering degree and later a masters. I also coached in the Northeast and 2 years locally. While the baseball was fun, it’s the engineering degree and masters degree that I consider my biggest success. But I guess ultimately a higher power will judge me.

    Eddie, maybe I’ll see you at EF tonight. That should be a good one. Would like to see Dunlap, Schultz, Anderson, and Fultz. I’m easy to spot. The guy with me will be 6’8″. he was one of our pitchers in school.

  • Dudley Alum said,

    I carry those all the time STOP WATCH AND PAD AND YES I WAS D1 and my parents did not have to pay a dime. CAN YOU SAY FULL


  • Richard Theide said,

    Mr. Willis,
    I will step over to say hello tonight if you are serious. I go to many high school games in the area and, to your credit, I think your posts are normally very fair and to the point. I will look forward to meeting you this evening. I will be wearing an ODU baseball tee shirt and a green LA Dodgers cap.

  • Dudley Alum said,

    You guys enjoy the game it should be a good game lot of talent in that game.
    EF is tough

    Take Care

    Quote for today: Knowing is not enough we must apply
    Willing is not enough we must do

  • Eddie Willis said,

    Mike C. and Richard ( and Dudley alum)
    I chickened out tonight because of the weather. We were already getting rain here @ 6:15, and then I saw the tornado warnings for eastern Forsyth county—that did me in. the stopwatch and the pad won’t make me any money, but my little card with the logo on it saves me $6.00 bucks @ high school games and more or less than that for college games—besides that, I love watching 16-22 year olds play baseball.
    Have a safe night.

  • kirk said,

    Brutal weather. Thought I was going to be in a tornado. In a flash the temperature dropped, rained as hard as I’ve ever seen and the biggest wind I’ve ever been in. Wind actually knocked me down. Scary. Lucky to get the kids off the field at the EF/Ragsdale game. Didn’t have to happen.

  • witness said,

    Has Northern played any of the teams mention above in the super 7?