Robert and Bobby Stutts from K-Zone make it to Jerri Rowe Show

Posted by Andy Durham on April 8, 2010 at 11:31 am under Professional | Comments are off for this article

Most minor league baseball players are working to make it to the show(The Major Leagues) and Robert and Bobby Stutts, from the ole’ Luxury Box inside the Cricket K-Zone, have made it to the Jerri Rowe Show in today’s N&R and the season hasn’t even officially started yet….

from and Click Here to read the entire Jerri Rowe baseball article:

There’s that chance for the dozen or so in the Cricket K-Zone to wear their new fluorescent green T-shirts. When an opposing player strikes out, they’ll hold up the letter “K” like a torch above the left field line and hang it on a hook.

That’s where Robert and Bobby Stutts will be. Father and son. Robert used to carry his son in a baby carrier — “like a pocketbook,” he says — to see the Bats play at War Memorial Stadium. Now, at Grasshopper games, Bobby takes a seat right beside him.

Bobby is 10, a fourth-grader at General Greene School of Science and Technology. He collects baseball cards of Grasshopper players.

After five seasons, he has 150. He keeps his favorite in a frame above his bed.

Meanwhile, his 55-year-old dad keeps encased in plastic the foul ball that bruised his right leg years ago. It came off the bat of a future superstar:Derek Jeter. In the summers of ’92 and ’93, Jeter played shortstop for the Hornets at War Memorial Stadium.

And he signed the ball.

Robert Stutts still talks about that — and his many other experiences at our city’s minor-league ball yards.

“For two or three hours,” Stutts says, “you lose yourself and become a kid again.”

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