A thought on the Masters Golf Tournament

Posted by Andy Durham on April 12, 2010 at 11:55 am under Professional | 14 Comments to Read

from one of our Greensborosports.com readers:

Isn’t it great that Masters Week started out being about a man who wasn’t faithful to his family and ended up being about a man who is?

  • Family First said,

    The family is one of the critical factors as to why we exist in life. The bond of marriage is a serious bond taken before our Maker. If we father or mother children, those children are the parent’s responsibility to set good examples and high standards for.

    Phil, no doubt, has a special love and bond with his wife Amy and his children. For better or worse, for richer or poorer, do death to us part….

    Enough said…..

  • DeSean Alston said,

    I’m just curious here…how is it exactly that you can say with full certainty that Phil has been faithful to his wife?

  • mike L said,

    You can’t. But I do think is is odd how we started with Tiger and his family situation and finish with Phil and his family situation. Maybe Phil hasn’t been true to his wife, we don’t know. But he has been true to his family through their crisis. Tiger cannot make that statement. I’m still amazed at what Tiger did. What was he thinking? Did he really think he would not get caught? I did like the new Tiger Woods we saw. More friendly, less bad language and temper on the course, and signing autographs for people. Appears he listened to Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson.

  • Tiger said,

    First of all – Tiger does not give a crap what Tom Watson thinks and he will listen to Jack because Jack set the pace for him decades ago. The issues that Tiger had to face had zero to do with golf and I thought it was beyond stupid that the chairman of the Augusta club felt he needed to throw his useless 2 cents worth into Tiger’s personal life or in the mid of a national tournament. I am surprised Sarah Palin did not come out with a statement about Tiger just after her new found knowledge of nuclear weapons.

    The point is that it is ridiculous that people keep attacking or trying to address issues that they actually have no “personal” knowledge of the actual facts or issues that have zero to do with the events at hand.

    Tiger – out !

  • Family First said,

    That is right. You can’t be sure, but you can be sure that Phil has been by his wife and family during her fight with cancer. Tiger has great athletic ability as a golfer. He made very poor choices concerning his dedication to family and setting the example. Let’s hope that he has seen the light and makes wonderful contributions that help others make right decisions in the future. He played a great 2010 Masters.

  • dale fulton said,

    that’s an interesting question, desean——you can be sure of one thing, though—if he hasn’t been faithful, which i hope he has, we can at least say he was smart enough not to text message his concubine and then leave his phone out—

  • mike L said,

    Tiger, he may not give a crap about what Watson says but Tiger’s behavior is not fitting of the game. Jack set the mark as far as wins in majors but there is a lot more to the game than that. With Tiger’s position does come some resposnibility. Otherwise he’s just another Charles Barkley. Tigers Dad talked about how he was going “to change the world”. Not by cussing and throwing clubs all over the golf course he won’t. Is that the role model we are all looking for?

    Masters chairman Billy Payne was dead on. So was Watson and so was Nicklaus. The Masters is bigger than Tiger. They can easily do without him. Tiger could learn a thing or two from Payne.

    Everyone is happy he is back. Hopefully he has matured and learned form his mistakes. A lot of kids looked up to Tiger at one time. We all hope he will give them reason to do so again.

  • Tiger said,

    Mike – I am quite sure you are a great person and I respect your opinion but some of the responses on this site are just crazy.

    Again – why would Tiger care about what Tom Watson thinks when you consider that Tom is already in Tiger’s rear view mirror with wins and golf achievements. Plus – Tom’s wife divorced him back in 1999 so Tiger should obviously not listen to him unless he is trying to help Tiger understanding the pain that can come with a divorce financially and emotionally.

    As far as old man Billy Payne (Masters Chairman), I do not remember him going after Grey “divorce” Norman after his company burned a boat load of investors in several business partnerships or how he left his wife for another woman and then got divorsed from the next wife. I do not remember him going after John “drunk” Daly after his many drinking issues which actually made it onto the golf course in several events. He did not even address Fuzzy “racist” Zoeller for his comments about fried chicken and collard greens.

    As far as a “role model”, you need to be careful who you and/or your kids follow. An atheletes on the field or court performance is all that I personal care to follow. On the court or field, I will show my kids clips of Charles Barkley,Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Alex Rodriguez, or Ben Roethlisberger because they know how to make it happen on their sport of choice. Beyond the performance of the game – my kids first and without exception look to me and my wife as role models and then anyone else that we advise them is appropriate. Obviously they will eventually look at the behavior of other at they become teenagers and adults but for now we are able to fitler most examples.

    The bottomline is that Tiger is Tiger and everyone needs to go back to addressing their own kids and stop being so (TMZ) concerned with what a man or woman decides to do in their personal life. Tiger made some huge mistakes personally but that is between him, his wife and GOD. Jack, Tom and Billy should have just taken care of this in private (especially Tom and old man Billy).

    Tiger – out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mike L said,

    I don’t have kids but rest assured Tiger would not be there idol.

    Watson was not giving marital advice. He was addressing his behavior and ettiquette on the course. Don’t know why he got a divorce. Norman either for that matter. But they probably didn’t have the same public situation as Tiger. Or at least no one knew about it.

    Both Fuzzy and Daly have had to listen to remarks from Jack in the past, especially Daly.

    As I mentioned earlier, I liked the new version of Tiger. He wasn’t spewing cuss words or busting tee-markers. He signed autographs for kids as well as adults. Golf thrives for many reasons but one is the players give a lot back to the fans. i was happy to see that out of Tiger.

    His golf still amazes me. Even in defeat this weekend he hit some remarkable shots. I’m glad he’s back.

  • Get Real said,

    I want everyone that has not made a mistake in life to be the first to comment on Tiger and anyone else that has made a mistake. “Yea without sin cast the first Stone”

  • Tiger said,

    Mike – I think we are on the team and I agree with you in principle. Jack may be the only clean presents in this entire set of events that we have talked about. I would still say what I mentioned concerning Billy Payne (masters chairman) should have recieved more attention. Billy was out of line and did not treat Tiger fair once he was in the tournament with those comments. Thanks for being more fair than Mr Payne – Mike!

    Tiger – out !

  • mike L said,

    Tiger, I see your points. Bottom line is everyone agrees the sport needs Tiger back even though he is not bigger than the game. Maybe out of all this Tiger will be a better person, husband, father, and someone kids can look up to again. There could be something positive come from all this.

  • joe said,

    Food for thought from USA Today.

    Jim Nantz maintains that whispering voice throughout his CBS coverage of the Masters. But now that the tournament is over he’s speaking out loud and clear with criticism of Tiger Woods’ on-course behavior at Augusta National.

    Interviewed by WFAN’s Mike Francesa yesterday, Nantz sounded off on Tiger’s show of temper early in Saturday’s round, saying:
    “He used the Lord’s name in vain . . . If I said what he said on the air, I would be fired. Okay? It’s interesting. I read in USA TODAY and it was called ‘mild language.’ Someone on my broadcast dismissed it as nothing other than the fact he had a camera in his face. Well, guess what? Phil Mickelson had a camera in his face all week and did you ever hear him even come close to saying something like that?”
    What riled Nantz in particular is that Tiger had promised he’d be better behaved on the course:

    “He promised he wasn’t going to do this anymore . . . I’m not saying my language is perfect. I try my best to act with honor, we all do . . . It used to be far worse. I’ll give him that. If he’s really going to try I salute him for that but it was just a bit jarring to hear that, five minutes into the broadcast.”
    And one more shot:

    “It was disappointing to see the broadcast open up on Saturday that way, and I didn’t take it as mild . . . If I ever uttered those same words I would like the guy to write that’s mild language for me, because I would be fired.”
    — Tom Weir

    I think Tiger is not going to get the ‘pass’ he got in the past on his behavior. His behavior will be scrutinized much more closely. Right or wrong, he brought it on himself.

  • Jim Nantz said,

    Jim Nantz is the last person that should be targeting Tiger concerning his behavior. Nantz should shut his mouth and be thankful that CBS did not void his contract with the way he treated his own wife. Obviously people like Jim did not learn anything from their situation and they are bound to be back in a similar situation in the future. Unfortunately when you make the amount of money that these people make it is diffucult to be accountable to anyone.

    People on the local and national level should continue to show their non-approval of this type of behavior to reports with no moral standards of their own. Our entire landscape has elected officers, writers, host of shows, and people so willing to slam the next guy as soon as the opportunity presents itself. We should be above this behavior but our general culture is running to a place that all of us will wish we were not.

    GOD help us all !!!