Greensboro Galaxy wins STATE REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP 53-46 over Greensboro Lady Phoenix

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Greensboro Galaxy AAU Girls Baksetball Team won the State Regional Championship by
knocking off the high powered Greensboro Elite Lady Phoenix 53-46. Galaxy avenged an
earlier loss in pool play by the Lady Phoenix in their first game of the AAU season.
They shook off the rust and won four straight games to capture the Championship
Trophy. Galaxy which has always been undersized over the past few years as they
compete across the nation but some how tend to make up for it with skill,heart and
determination. In Sunday’s Championship matchup they faced some of Guilford
County’s best which included, All Guilford County First Team (Samantha
Coffer-Northern Guilford), Cedrica Gibson (2nd Team-Highpoint Central), Shannon
Buchannon (3rd Team- SWG), Jamilla Pickard (1st Team All Conference- 2nd Team All
Region- Eastern Alamance), Jasmine Stewart (1st Team All Region & Conference-
Eastern Alamance), Kierra Mcivor (Dudley) and a host of other good players from
across the State. It was a well played game and good coaching by both Shawn Simpson of Galaxy and Delaney Rudd of Lady Phoenix. Galaxy mainstays Desiree Drayton (2nd Team All Guilford- 1st Team All Conference-Dudley), Brittany Drew (1st Team All
Conference-HM All Guilford-Page) and Miranda Jenkins (3rd Team All Guilford-1st
Team All Conference-2nd Team All Region- Eastern Guilford), Chell Jackson (1st Team
All Conference-Dudley) along with Ebony Goins (Dudley), Lauren Jackson (Dudley),
Moe Davis (Dudley), Hannah Talton (Page), Kiyierra Purcell (Eastrn Guilford),
Karima Jackson (Eastern Guilford) and Kenya Hailey (Southeast Guilford).

Galaxy got off to a great start 11-3 and never looked back and at one time had a 15
point lead. The Lady Phoenix were not going to be denied and fought back to within 4
points until Galaxy ran it to a ten point deficit as time became the Lady Phoenix
enemy as Galaxy knocked down some key free throws to seal the deal and win their
second straight Division I Regional Championship. Galaxy had balance scoring with
three players in double figure scoring (Drew 14 pts, Jenkins 12 pts, Drayton 12
pts). Drayton and Jenkins both had double-doubles 12 pts &11 rebs and 12 pts & 10
rebs respectively. Ebony Goins knocked down 9 pts. Galaxy is now preparing to head
to the Deep South Showcase on Friday in Raleigh at the NCSate University facilities
and the Dean Dome through out the weekend. Lady Phoenix is headed to the Boo
Williams event in Virginia. Good luck to both organizations with hard working
players and coaches.

Galaxy Box Score

Brittany Drew: 14 pts, 1 asst, 1 reb, 3 stls
Miranda Jenkins: 12 pts, 5 assts, 10 rebs, 6 stls, 5 blks
Desiree Drayton: 12 pts, 3 assts, 11 rebs, 1 stl
Ebony Goins: 9 pts, 1 asst, 6 rebs
Kenya Hailey: 4 pts, 1 asst, 2 blks
Hannah Talton: 2 pts, 1 reb
Chell Jackson: 5 rebs, 1 stl
Kiyierra Purcell: 2 rebs, 3 blks
Lauren Jackson: 1 asst


Greensboro Galaxy faced the West Charlotte Lady Phoenix which had two 6’4 players
led by Gisell Bailey better know as GG, whom is being recruited by just about
everyone in the nation. Galaxy had beaten them 58-54 in pool play led by Dudley
stars Ebony Goins 20 points,5 rebs and Desiree Drayton 13 pts, 10 rebs, 6 assts, 5
stls. While Eastern Guilford’s, Miranda Jenkins contributed 11 pts, 7 assts, 7 rebs.
Kenya Hailey of Southeast Guilford led the bench with 6 pts and 3 rebs. In the
semifinal game this would determine who would meet the undefeated Elite Lady
Phoenix. The game was tight from beginning to end with no one with more than a 5
point lead. Galaxy trailed at the half 41-40 and both teams were tied 53-53 before
Galaxy leaped frog to a 61-56 lead with less than 5 minutes to go. Both teams traded
baskets unil Page’s All Conference player Brittany Drew knocked down one of her
pattened three pointers to close the door for good. Miranda, Desiree and
Ebony converted on freethrows to help create the final margin of victory.

Galaxy Box Score

Miranda Jenkins: 27 pts, 7 assts, 8 rebs, 5 stls, 3 blks
Ebony Goins: 14 pts, 3 assts, 1 reb, 2 stls
Desiree Drayton: 13 pts, 6 assts, 9 rebs, 5 stls
Brittany Drew: 12 pts, 1 reb
Chell Jackson: 5 pts, 2 assts, 8 rebs, 2 stls
Kenya Hailey: 2 pts, 2 rebs, 1 blk
Hannah Talton: 1 pt, 1 reb
Moe Davis: 1 reb
Kiyierra Purcell: 2 rebs

Galaxy overall review:

Great team effort and it allowed coach to get everyone ample playing time. Several
newcomers played extremely well. Ebony Goins had a great tournament and should be
very steady as she regain her form after knee surgery which kept her out of action
for the Panthers this past season. In Coach Mcneil’s new position as head coach, it
should definately give him the scoring punch that will help his team. Kenya Hailey
showed great promise as she is learning to drive to the basket and finish and
hitting the midrange jumper. Coach Shawn Newton will welcome that along with
Ayshia Mcneil and the speedy recovery of Brittany Price. Kiyierra Purcell really got
some good work in and with the true dedication this AAU season, it should have her
ready when the season rolls around for Eastern Guilford. Lauren Jackson has shown
the ability to handle the ball and will benefit tremendously because of the type of
players that she will be practicing and playing with this
Summer. Moe Davis of Dudley showed that she will help add to the team’s winning
ways and being in a system that will give her a chance to develope her skills will
make Coach Mcneil at Dudley very proud. Hannah Talton played last year as an eight
grader and benefitted from it by making Page’s varsity squad. She has already shown
what a year of experience could do when she is out their during crucial times
during the game and have the confidence of her Coaches and teammates. Desiree
Drayton, Chell Jackson, Brittany Drew and Miranda Jenkins have played against some
of the top talent in the nation and have won at the highest level, so there are not
too many opponents that they face locally or nationally that they fear and normally
will always fight to the very end whether they win or lose and will set the tone
for the rest of their teammates to follow. Coach Simpson and staff though under
funded have always found a way to get it done.

  • Also note said,

    It was a good win for Galaxy.

    It should also be noted they lost to the Lady Phoenix team in the first round and won the championship.

    Galaxy came out strong in the second game..eventually had a 17pt lead however you can’t let teams back in it. Lady Phoenix came to within 3 points on a poor shooting game.

    Lady Phoenix missed 14 ft and 15 lay-ups.

  • game time said,

    It sounds like the AAU States will be heated this year with the regionals getting all of this attention. The great thing about AAU or club basketball is that all of the girls get the chance to play each other multiple times from spring thru summer even if their high schools do not play each other during the winter school season. Plus you get the opportunity to play the best that NC and other states have to offer just about every weekend.

    AAU basketball is so much more competitive than high school basketball for both girls and boys. If your daughter has game or you want them to have game, then you better get them into club basketball. The younger – the better whether it’s the Phoenix, Galaxy, Steelers, Bond or whoever.