HS Baseball from Monday night: Dudley tops High Point Central

Posted by Andy Durham on April 13, 2010 at 10:44 am under High School | 13 Comments to Read

Dudley 10
High Point Central 7

WP:Brandon Burkes(2-0)
LP:Alex Bridges

*****Dudley turned a Triple-play with no outs and the bases loaded with HPC runners in the bottom of the 7th when the Bison hit a pop up to shallow right field that Corey Williamson handled, the runner at third tagged and headed home and the throw got him there(at the plate), and the runner at second broke for third and Sharod Williams threw over to Ray Crawford to get the last out and end the game with Dudley coming out on top, but High Point Central had their chances to win the game.

Dudley scores 5 runs in top of 7th inning to take lead 10-6 after trailing 6-5 at the end of 6th. Turn 4-2-5 Triple play with base loaded to end the game.

Leaders: (D) Keith Robinson 2-3 2b 2r , Ray Crawford 3-4 2b 1r 1 rbi,
Jibril Shabazz 1-3 1r 2rbi, Tevin Neal 3-3 3r rbi,

(HPC) Evan Aquilar 2-4 r 2rbi, Alex Bridges 2-4, Ben Horre 3-3 r rbi*****

More details on other games coming your way soon…..HP Wesleyan over Greensboro Day by one run on Monday and the two teams resume their three-game series today at GDS…..

High Point Wesleyan 8
Greensboro Day School 7

  • mike c said,

    I can’t believe this game was this close. Dudley has too many players for this game to be close.

  • Harry said,

    High Point Central has some great young players. Watch out for #6 and #10.

    Go Bison!

  • Bison Believer said,

    If Central was in the Metro they would make the playoffs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GDS said,

    wesleyan and GDS game came down to the bottom of the eighth when the winning run was walked in after intentially walking 2 runners. was a great game to watch that included a 3 run homer by Jonathan Wells in the 1st inning. they play again at GDS for the third and final time for regular season play

  • Andy said,

    Hasn’t Huston Harrington been the unlucky losing pitcher in about three straight GDS games….

    The kid has talent and is a steady tall, lean/lanky delivery man, but he has ended up at the wrong place in the game at the wrong time lately….

    Should be a good finisher today with HPW-GDS….Those Wells boys and the Bankhead kid can hit the ball and the Jemele Lewis kid can make solid contact too……

  • 77 Hornet said,

    If Central was in the Metro they would make the playoffs!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Really? Who would they replace?

  • BB said,

    Central would eliminate Southern Alamance and possibly Dudley in a true three game series.

  • IDK said,

    @ BB haha thats hilarious.

  • yea said,

    yea if central made it,smith would win the states haha

  • kevin said,

    Metro is not that bad. If I have my teams correct, SEG, Dudley and Western are good teams.

    Central is greatly improved; just short on pitching. They had Dudley beat and ran out of pitching. Word is they gave Ragsdale a fight tonight. They hit Stone hard as he gave up 6 runs. It was 6-6 in the bottom of the 4th.

  • pat said,

    Those Wells Boys can hit the ball, they can wrestle, and their pretty good dancers too, I should know I taught them how to do all three. Thanks Pat

  • jackiemoon said,

    I tend to agree with BB on this one! The gauntlet that is the PT-4A is head and shoulders above the Metro. HPC goes at least .500 in that league and gets a spot.

  • Dudley Alum said,

    This was a good baseball game under the lights beautiful night for baseball.
    There were some good plays made by both teams and a good game to watch.
    I will say that HPC is a very well coached team and they did play well.