Waffle Update – Grasshoppers

Posted by Don Moore on April 13, 2010 at 9:50 am under Professional | Comments are off for this article

Folks have been asking, “Where’s the Waffle?” Referring to the “Waffle House Strike Out Victim of the Game” – a player from the visiting team was selected by the Grasshopper promotion staff. If that person struck out, everyone received a coupon good for 1 Free Waffle with Food Purchase.

This year, no Waffles. (There is a new promotion in the works.)

WFMY reports that the local waffle House franchise closed its 36 restaurants because of financial difficulties. The parent company jumped in to keep 34 of the restaurants open. Needless to say, no money to advertise right now, no Free Waffles for baseball fans. Read the story at WFMY.

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