Late coming to the site today, but we are adding scores and will be at WG-SWG game tonight

Posted by Andy Durham on April 14, 2010 at 3:56 pm under High School | 5 Comments to Read

We were late getting to the site today, but have added at least a couple of scores from last night with SWG-NWG results and highlights on SEG-Grimsley, plus the final on Southern-NEG….

We had the day game at NewBridge Bank covered with the Delmarva Shorebirds topping the Greensboro Grasshoppers 9-4 with three home runs from Delmarva including two, a three-run shot and a two-run shot, from Gary Helmick…..Hoppers fall, but will get another chance at Delmarva on Thursday night before the Shorebirds head back to Maryland…..

We will be at the Western Guilford-Southwest Guilford game this evening at SWG and wait to see if SWG uses Brock Hudgens, or if they save him for Ragsdale on Friday, or if the Cowboys go with Hudgens tonight and then use Matt Orth on Friday or if SWG goes with Andrew Madden……

Will Western use Casey Jones or do the Hornets go with one of the Marrero kids and save Jones for Southeast Guilford on Thursday?????

Should be a very good game tonight……

  • yankeeclipper8 said,

    Western Guilford vs Southwest Guilford is a good ballgame but…it is not a Conference Game for either team. Conference Games are all that matter for seeding in the State tournament. A win is nice, but got to save your aces for key Conference matchups and both teams are in heated battles. Good opportunity to throw your #3 or 4 pitcher in this game.

  • kirk said,

    Exactly Yankee. When you are in the PT 4A, conference wins mean everything.

  • jackiemoon said,

    That’s the problem with athletics these days, a game is a chance to compete and beat somebody. Non-conference or conference game doesn’t matter. Even though teams do hold onto guys for “bigger” games, each game is an opportunity to WIN! Don’t care if it was my daddy in the box, I am still trying to beat him. “You play to WIN the game!” Isn’t that what Herm Edwards said, and guess what if you don’t you are Jim Mora and saying, “Playoffs!” “Playoffs?”

  • PBR said,

    You have to play every game like it is the playoffs. I agree with Moon. You just can’t turn effort On and Off.

  • yankeeclipper8 said,

    ‘Moon & PBR: Didn’t say you didn’t try to win. Was only talking about your pitching rotation. Gives some of your young pitchers a chance to throw and believe me they are not going out there to throw batting practice. How you got that the teams were not trying to win…I’m not sure. Definitely all about winning, but you have to handle your pitchers and the number of innings they are throwing so as not to hurt their arms.