Quincy Miller headed to Westchester Academy

Posted by Andy Durham on April 15, 2010 at 11:25 pm under High School | 11 Comments to Read

I got the word today from a very reliable high school basketball coach that Quincy Miller, one of the state’s top players while at Quality Education Academy in Winston-Salem, will leave that school(QEA) and enroll at Westchester Academy in High Point….

Miller would join Deuce Bello and Ike Nwamu on the Westchester squad and this would make them the early favorites for next year’s North Carolina Independent Schools 2A Championship….

Miller is considered one of the top young talents in the this state and he was featured last winter on the front cover of Johnny O’s Sport Carolina Monthly……

  • Bad News For GDS said,

    This is not good news for GDS. Why isn’t GDS getting these type of players anymore? Deuce and Ike killed GDS last year so I can’t imagine how bad it will be this year. Is Freddy losing his ability to get the top talent? Maybe GDS should start trying to build their girls basketball program since the boys appear to be in a stand still position.

    Westchester is a great school and I think this will bring them a lot of additional press with all of these guys playing together. In the end – this will be great for the entire community because that group of guys will get a lot of national press. Quincy Miller will likely be a McDonald’s All American ranked in the top 20 nationally and Deuce Bello will likely be ranked in the top 50 nationally as seniors.

  • spaz fan said,

    It has a lot to do with the character of a player too at GDS. Freddy won’t recruit anyone he thinks will end up in trouble. You also have to academically qualify, to which GDS has pretty high standards. I don’t know anything about Quincey and I’m sure he’s a great kid, but there is more to it than just hoop skills at GDS.

    I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’…

  • Tell it like it is said,

    Sound like too many chiefs and not enough indians. Team chemistry will be a nightmare. They will need more than 1 basketball to keep all of these egos happy.

  • Team Chemistry...What?? said,

    Team chemistry will not be an issue and I do not understand why someone would even try to make such a case against this move. You must be a GDS supporter that is tired of seeing the better players (with good grades) continue to go to places other than GDS.

    Personally, I would prefer to have my child play on a team with good or superior talent than to be the only good/great player on a team. By yourself, you will get double teamed and left having to watch your non-playing teammates try to win the game. If you are playing with multiple good players, then your team has the opportunity to achieve great things such as a state title and compete with other teams nationally. Also, the presence of other multiple good players will draw the attention of more scouts and college coaches.

    Players are searching for teams with other good players because they are starting to understand the power of #s. AAU teams, whether girls or boys, will eventually have the majority of the best players on the same team and they all benefit from each others presence. Colleges such as Carolina, Duke, Kentucky for men and Tennessee, Duke and Connecticut for the women have proven that this process will benefit everyone. This will also help Westchester with future players considering them.

    Stop hating on Westchester (GDS supporter) and just take your butt kicking both times next season – unless GDS takes Westchester off their schedule the same way that they will likely try to remove Oak Ridge.

  • hoopmaster said,

    Wait to you see High Point Christian next year. They will be LOADED!!!!!!!

  • Knowledge said,

    1- Ike and Deuce did not kill GDS… Ike did not shoot the ball well that evening. Deuce was a tough match up
    athletically for GDS. Westchester won by 2pts.

    2- The NCAA is probably not going to be accepting QEA’s transcripts.

    3- I think it’s good that Quincy Miller is attending a more traditional school. I think it’s better for the kid to be at
    a Westchester or his local public school than a QEA.

  • Tell it like it is said,

    Team Chemistry … What , have actually ever held a basketball in your hands. This is one of the most ignorant statements I have ever read. My comments were not based on anything about GDS, my children are gone and graduated, from public schools.

    I have coached AAU basketball and I know what a nightmare Team Chemistry is. By the way I watched Westchester play several times last year. Deuce and Ike didn’t want to give the ball up last year. I can’t imagine in their senior years with more talent how it is going to be.

    For you to say that you would rather your child play on a team with talent is simply STUPID. It is not like their was no talent on that team last year. I don’t think they lost but 2 games.

    Next time read what you say before you make yourself look like an idiot , again!!!!

  • Team Chemistry..Tell it like it is.. said,

    Mr or Miss Tell it like it is.. You may have coached AAU but obviously you must have coached with one of the nobody programs in the area or created your own backyard YMCA reject team. Nearly every high producing AAU or high school team (girls or boys) that I have seen has multiple good/great players. There is the “every blue moon” team that has no stars but instead has a number of decent players that just play together as one but that is not the norm.

    Basketball is a game that the eventual champ will have 2-3 star players. This is true from the NBA, college, high school and heck even middle school. And yes – I would without a doubt prefer for my child to play on a team with other good/great players than for them to be the only good player on a team. My kids actually fall into the category of “good/great” players and I have seen the value of them playing with similar kids in practice and in games. When they played on teams with weak talent they were bored in practiced because no one could stop them and they were either double teamed during the game or targeted by the other team to the point of cheap shots that could have created injuries.

    Playing with multiple good players will help your child improve in practice due to the competition and help them shine during the game because they cannot so easily be singled out. Years ago I was the type of player that was singled out and I can see it still happening with my kids today. So – Mr/Miss Tell it like it is – if you cannot see this, then either you were a bench warmer (or fan only) when you were younger and/or you are coaching in a developmental league for the rec or YMCA.

    Yes – Westchester only won by 2 last year but anyone that attended that GDS game would clearly know that Westchester should have beat GDS by 10-15 pts that night. The GDS players were playing like they were afriad of Deuce Bello.

    One final point – I guess you are proud of yourself because you can use words like “studid” and “look like an idiot”. I think your own words describe your thinking and your life fairly well. Let’s hope your children never have to read how far you have dropped.

  • jus sayin said,

    just sayin…..quincy and deuce are really close off the court so i doubt there will be a chemistry issue there…as for ike, i doubt he’ll be looking to cause any chemistry problems either. the only thing this means is that westchester will be up there with word of god as far as highlights goes next year. and as long as they keep good chemistry they should get a ring.

  • watch said,

    ryan king to oak ridge next season 6-7 athletic can play came from quality education just like miller i cant wait to see GDS and Oak Ridge showdown if the game is scheduled and oak ridge has even more players coming in next season

  • John Doe said,

    Quincy is a very good player and athlete, but what most people don’t see is that Ike is a better all around player than deuce. Ike can shoot dribble and of course throw down. He is the most underrated player in North Carolina. Greensboro Day and High Point Christian are very good this year. Westchester only escaped HPCA by four points. Another team to look at this year is Davidson Day School. They are the best deffencive team I have ever seen. Check them out.