New buzz on Buzz: Peterson to join UNC-Wilmington today at 4:30

Posted by Andy Durham on April 16, 2010 at 1:11 pm under College | 9 Comments to Read


UNC Wilmington has hired Buzz Peterson as its new men’s basketball coach, is reporting.

Peterson will be introduced at a 4:30 news conference this afternoon.

Peterson has just completed one season at Appalachian State, where he led the Mountaineers to the Southern Conference tournament championship game and 23 victories.

The UNCW Seahawks were 9-22 last season.

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  • NG FAN said,

    What does this mean to Jonathan Frye? Will he go to App. State or de-commit and go elsewhere? Just wondering

  • tee tee said,

    We should officially label him the Larry Brown of college coaches. It is sad that the lower D1 and D2/D3 schools do not have the funds to keep their coaches in place. Any successful coach apparently can name their price someone else with ease. Twice the money at another school for only 5 years is financially the same as being at the first school for nearly 10 years. Plus, if you are fired from a mid range or high D1 program, then the lower D1 and/or D2/D3 schools would love to have you because you are bring some name recognition. The system is really messed up. Plus, consider all of the kids that thought they were playing for Buzz instead of whoever comes (ie the kid from Northern Guilford).

  • Andy said,

    That is a very good question. Who will be the new coach at App and now where will
    J Frye end up?????

    That is interesting?????

    If I’m the coach at UNCG, Elon or HPU, I might be touching base with some of my contacts and try and be ready to jump into the fire in the fight for the services for the red-head, who is a smart kid and he probably already has a good idea what he is gonna do…

    Good luck always to J Frye.

  • TN VOL said,

    He’s going backwards. He couldn’t make it at Tennessee and got fired.

  • recruiter said,

    If he has signed his letter of intent he is bound to go to App for 1 year. That is the bad part of the recruiting process. The coach’s can come and go at will, but the athlete is legally bound by the letter of intent. The school would have to give him a release.

  • tee tee said,

    Just wondering – could a kid that just signed with a school or even a current player sue the coach that is leaving or the university if promises were made that a specific coach was going to stay. Maybe these kids should start asking for a commitment letter from the university and/or coach as to whether they will be there excluding obvious issues such as death, etc.. If a school or coach wants them that bad, then it would seem like a reasonable request. If they break the contract, then they could be assured that the university would let them out of the letter of intent via the contract.

  • recruiter said,

    tee tee.
    In a perfect world that would be the case, but coaches would then sue for damages preventing them from their right to work . All coaches have clauses in their contracts that prevent these types of things from happening. They have exit provisions included to protect themselves.
    Most people agree that in the case of a coach leaving the student athlete should be given the right to opt out of their letter of intent. Unfortunately, the NCAA and college AD’s and Presidents don’t agree.
    Recruiting is full of broken promises. Both from the coaches and the athletes. You need to be avery careful all the way through the process. Cuts both ways, kids leave early and don’t fullfill their contracts either. Not a perfect system.

  • Andy said,

    I thought if a new coach came in after you had signed that you were only obligated to play for the coach that signed you at that school and if a new coach takes over, say like at Appalchain, that the current recruits for the class of 2010/2011, could begin to look at new schools….

    Kind of like what happened when John Calipari left Memphis for Kentucky or when Lane Kiffin left Tennessee for Southern Cal and they tried to take players with them that had committed to their old schools…….

    Anyone know for sure????? This is what I was thinking, but I may be wrong…..

  • recruiter said,

    you sign with the school. Not the coach. Most schools grant releases but not mandatory.