HS Baseball Today 4/17/2010: FINAL…Dudley 11, VCS 1

Posted by Andy Durham on April 17, 2010 at 10:22 am under High School | 10 Comments to Read

Dudley 11
Vandalia Christian 1

5 Innings
WP:Brandon Burkes
LP:Jon Bethea
HR:Ray Crawford-Dudley, a Two-run shot….

Three-run Double by Dudley’s Tevin Neal and Dudley had three straight Triples and then a doulbe in the bottom of the 4th to break open a 6-1 ball game…When I arrinved in teh top of the third it was just 4-1 Dudley…..

Vandalia Christian School at Dudley 2pm
VCS with Jon Bethea, Dusty Long, AJ Williams and other Vikings head over to Dudley to take on the (14-2) Panthers……

Do we have other games today that you know of. Please send them our way…..

  • witness said,

    How many private school victories does the Dudley Panthers have this year? This is going to hurt them going into the playoffs.

  • aharrisss said,

    A win is a win in my opinion. It’s like Lefty Driesell said, “No one remembers who you beat the next year, but they do remember how many games you won “( or lost ). I hadn’t seen Dudley play all year until the Bob Doss games on Friday, but they appear to doing a lot of things right. Their players are having fun and they appear to get along well with each other and the coaches. One of the most revealing aspects about their program is that they have two young men who played in the youth programs throughout their careers and now they are giving back to the communities by coaching a new generation of players. In my opinion, that says a lot about Dudley and these young men.
    They are keeping baseball alive, and that’s important. There are too many effective programs for youth baseball that get ruined or become ineffective for a variety of reasons, so let’s give them credit. They are playing and having fun!!
    Good luck to Dudley!!!

  • mike c said,

    Got to agree witness. Plus all the teams that came down from Ohio. Dudley has improved but their OOC schedule hurts them. Need to schedule some Mt. Tabor’s, West Forsyth’s, North Davidson’s and stronger teams from other conferences. It’s all non-conference so it doesn’t hurt your record for qualifying for the states. They’re feasting on too much private school pitching.

  • Andy said,

    I’m not sure about the Brush Ohio and St. Josephs games because I did not see those, but after watching Dudley battle Bennett Hixon and High Point Wesleyan, I would say when Dudley topped Hixon they stopped what would have been Ragsdale’s #1 pitcher this season…Hixon is strong and when Dudley defeated Vandalia on Saturday they topped Jon Bethea and he would have been Page’s #1 man this year and at least #2 for Page, since Trevor Brackett is having a very solid season for the Pirates on the hill…

    A number one in Hixon and a #1 in Bethea and that is good pitching no matter how you slice it….HPW is good competition and Vandalia has a good ball team with catcher Nick Taylor and their first baseman AJ Williams…Bethea has a great move to first base and he along with AJ Williams were both Colt All Stars over the past two summers….

    Dudley is (15-2) this year and I think the turn for Dudley started back in 2008 when they won the Grimsley Easter Tournament…Guys like Ronnie Burkes, Ruben Torellas and Frankie Johnson helped get it going and kids like Ray Crawford, Eric Kimber, Tevin Neal, Alex Moore, Sharod Williams, Jibril Shabazz, Corey Williamson have kept it going and it will be up to Brandon Burkes, Corey Kimber and Keith Robinson to keep it rolling….

    Dudley is having a good year and it is good to see peole talking about Dudley baseball.

  • Dudley Alum said,

    Andy you are right it is good to see people talking about Dudley Baseball.
    The one thing that I have noticed and I am sure you have also you get people like MIKE C and several others to respond anytime Dudley is mentioned so either they hate us or there are some other problems that we hope they dont have. I know that we have tried to schedule other teams that were mentioned and we have allways been turned down for some reason or another so we only play the teams that will play us. SO MIKE C DONT HATE THE PLAYER HATE THE GAME. Maybe you can get some of your good old boys to play us if not we will keep on trucking. WE LOVE YOU MAN


  • Mark J. said,

    Dudley Alum,

    Hadn’t seen Dudley play this year, so I can not comment on how good they are or are not. While I’m sure there are valid reasons for these other teams like Mt. Tabor, West Forsyth, and North Davidson not to play Dudley, one of them surely isn’t due to race.

  • Andy said,

    I think one of the things we have to focus on now, is what is left on the schedule and who all of our teams will be facing the rest of the way….

    Ragsdale at East Forsyth will be huge today and the Dudley makeup game with SEG is supposed to be cooking for Wednesday….

    The schedules will all work themselves out and the remaining games are the ones that count the most and can all respect each other as our teams battle for the playoff spots…

    One team that might get left out is Northwest Guilford and that would be a shame, but when you look at their conference foes, Ragsdale, East Forsyth, SWG and Glenn, how do you get in?????? NWG lost Kuxhausen and Browning, but they have made up come ground since back in late March…

    Good luck to all the teams and again, let’s focus on what we have left….The fish/ball that got away, can be a catch for another day….

  • Dudley Alum said,

    A word for today: Don’t point a finger—-lend a hand.

    Go Panthers

  • mike c said,

    Nobody hates Alum, just be realistic and deal with facts. It’s not like I’m some biased parent. Just because someone disagrees doesn’t mean they hate . Not being a greensboro native, I don’t know the history on Dudley. But I do know almost everyone I see is glad they are playing better.

    BTW, Dudley did not beat Hixson. Games was tied when Hixson went out and inning was completed. Don’t assume he would have been #1 at Ragsdale. Might have been #1, might have been #3. And Ragsdale has the weakest staff in years. Just the facts.

  • Dudley Alum said,

    Mike C what game are you watching he would have been Ragsdale#1 NO QUESTION.