Northern Girls Basketball: The First To Do It!(The Nighthawk community is very proud.)

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Northern Girls Basketball: The First To Do It!

As Northern Guilford High is preparing to graduate their inaugural senior class, the
girls basketball program also finds themselves losing their first set of seniors.
While all 4 seniors will head off to college in the fall, 2 of them will continue
their basketball careers at the next level.

Molly Tahmaseb~ Hollins University
Major: Sociology

Molly has competed all 3 years Northern has been opened, after completing her
freshman year at Northwest Guilford. She has played with the Lady Phoenix AAU
basketball team for the last 4 years. She has been player of the week, selected to
All-Conference, All-Tournament and All-Conference Tournament teams through the
course of her career. She was recruited by numerous schools such as Emory & Henry
and Randolph-Macon. She is a member of the National Technical Honor Society and will
graduate with a 4.0 gpa. She leaves Northern as the 4th all-time scorer and 2nd
all-time rebounder. She will continue her education and basketball career in
Virginia at Hollins University. Coach Richie Waggoner is getting an outstanding
player and respectful young lady.

Vontreece Hayes~Pfeiffer University
Double Major: Business Marketing/Sports Management

Vontreece has competed 2 years at Northern, after transferring from Northeast
Guilford. She completed her freshman year at Dudley. She came to Northern with no
prior varsity experience but was an immediate impact to the team. With no prior AAU
experience she joined the Lady Phoenix program, coached by William Whitaker/Eddie
Odom, during her junior year. After much off-season conditioning and personal
workouts with Jimmy Hayes(JamRun), Reggie Hines(NCBA) and Delaney Rudd, she
developed her skills. Under the direction of Whitaker/Odom she transformed into a
dominating post player on the AAU circuit., catching the eye of numerous college
coaches & scouts. She received many interests from Div I-III schools such as
Gardner-Webb, NC Central, West Virginia State, Chowan University, USC-Aiken, Queens
University, Methodist University to name a few. She is the very first female athlete
from Northern to sign a N.L.I & receive an athletic scholarship. She leaves Northern
5th all-time scorer, 3rd all-time rebounder and will graduate with a 3.0 gpa She
will continue her education and basketball career in NC at Pfeiffer University.
Coach Jill Thomas is getting a hard working player and dedicated young lady.

Although not all student-athletes will continue their athletic career in college,
the Northern community is very proud and honored to have witnessed outstanding young ladies play exceptional basketball:.

Jessica Johnson~undecided(NC State, Virinia Wesylan)
Major: Pre-Med

Jessica competed 2 years at Northern, after transferring from Page where she played
2yrs for Coach Jones. She immediately earned a starting position and has made an
immediate impact to the team. She has earned and was selected to the All-Conference
and All-Conference Tournament teams her senior year. She has averaged 1 game winning half court shot every season(including summer) she has played at Northern. She will leave Northern leading in charges taken. As a member of the National Technical Honor Society, she will graduate with a 4.2 gpa.

Kelly Tessitore~ UNC-Chapel Hill
Major: Education

Kelly has competed all 3 years Northern has been opened, after completing her
freshman year at Northwest Guilford. She has been player of the week and selected
the All-Conference, All-Conference Tournament teams for both basketball and soccer
through her career. She was co-captain for basktball all 3 years. She was named team
MVP her junior year. In addition to the Pizza Hut Invitational scholarship, she
received a full ride Teaching scholarship. She will leave Northern as the 2nd
all-time scorer. She will continue her education at UNC-Chapel Hill and will
graduate with a 4.7 gpa.

The Nighthawk community would like to congratulate all of these young ladies on their accomplishments. It has been a pleasure and a honor to be in the presence of
such hard working, focused and determined young women. We wish you the best!

  • witness said,

    Why are we running this story? This happens everyday at High Schools across the county. When will we allow Northern to be just another school in Guilford County?

  • Basketball FAn said,

    I think it is a great story! We dont hear often about what our student-athletes have done or what they will be doing after high school. It is good to read positive things about our local kids NO MATTER WHAT SCHOOL they are from. In this case, this is the first time Northern has gone thru a graduating class so to see great things happen to their first group is remarkable. Why would anyone not want to read about these great accomplishments? Only those who have not acheived or wish they can acheive, are the only ones hating.

  • witness - wake up said,

    Mr/Miss Witness – what was your posting all about. If you don’t like what is published, then submit your own material if it relates to the success of other student atheletes. This site has a good history with publishing information submitted from schools, and other organizations that help promote the positives in our community. The truth is that the parents and organizations at schools like Northern, Dudley, Northwest, Oak Ridge, GDS, etc.. do a better job with getting these type of stories out into the public.

    These type of stories are extremely uplifting and should not be submitted just for the football and basketball players but what about the swimmers, golfers, tennis players and so on. Any kid that puts in the time in the classroom and on the field/court and gets an opportunity to play in college should at least get their fair share of press locally so their parents can at least get that final local press moment.

    Thanks for publishing these type of stories about our kids/community!!!

  • to: witness said,

    as the article says, this is about an “inaugural” graduating class -meaning the first class to ever graduate from that school. this is a piece of history and these girls deserve to be recognized for being a part of that first senior graduating class; therefore, northern is NOT “just another school in guilford county”.
    i saw a sentence or two about them in the newspaper, which was squeezed into the huge article about coffer who has only “verbally committed”. she is not leaving any time soon, therefore the girls who have committed and the girls who are about to graduate should have the same amount of publicity as a junior who is nothing but verbal. thid is an exciting time for these girls. please let them have it without being criticized.

  • bball fan said,

    Andy will post any and all relevant articles relating to sports…I have submitted to him information on various aau events in which local kids have participated, regardless of the team or where the player is from…This is a site that all of us can submit information to…If your favorite player is not mentioned, take the time to write down their accomplishments, and I am pretty sure if it makes sense, Andy will post it !

  • shocked.. said,

    I must saying northern guilford girls has came along way from their year.Coach Furlough must be soo proud her and her teams accomplishments especially with having college potential basketball players on her team.

  • Not Shocked said,

    I can’t giv any credit 2 that coach. Why put all ur focus into 1 player & do all u can 2 pump that 1 player up when u have a roster full of college level talent? I applaud the girls who will continue 2play ball.

  • Tom said,

    Not shocked – you have no idea what you are talking about. Coach Furlough did a great job with all of the girls. You obviously don’t understand basketball. That one player you are talking about passed the ball better than anybody on the team. The girls on the team enjoyed playing with each other and we don’t need people like you trying to be put the team down. Good luck to Molly, Von Treece and Jessica as they continue their basketball careers. They are all really good kids and I have enjoyed watching them play and grow up. Go Nighthawks.

  • Varsity Northern parent said,


    I will have to agree and disagree with you. While you are entitled to your opinion, I respectfully disagree with you of how the girls were treated. And I am definitely not alone. That will be addressed at a higher level. However, the girls are bonded and wants the best for each other. The one player the other poster mentioned is a great player and even better person. I don’t believe the poster was putting the player down. However, I do agree the focus should have been on multitude of players, as the roster was filled with outstanding talent, and not one. I wish the best for all of the girls as each has earned to be recognized for their success and should be praised.