Oak Ridge Military Academy Summer Basketball Camps

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We are pleased to offer the annual Oak Ridge Military Academy Basketball Camp to be held on the beautiful campus of the high school. The camp is designed to promote the fundamentals of the game and to improve each camper on an individual basis. With individual improvement, each camper will be able to return to their respective recreation, AAU and/or middle school or high school teams and play a more important role for that particular team.

A typical day at camp will include, but not be limited to:




Stan Kowalewski – Camp Director

Stan Kowalewski serves as the head varsity basketball coach at Oak Ridge Military Academy.  Coach “K” has been coaching high school, college and AAU boys programs for the past 15 years.  He has served as an assistant coach at Greensboro Day School, Greensboro College and UNC-Greensboro and has been head coach at Kiser Middle School , Bishop McGuinness High School, High Point Central High School, Northern Guilford High School and Oak Ridge Military Academy.  In his first season at Oak Ridge, he guided the Cadets to a 30-10 record which represented a school record for most victories in a season.

Prior to Oak Ridge, Coach K. guided Northern Guilford to a 49-12 record in their first two seasons including the 3A State Championship in 2009 in just the school’s second year of existence. Prior to coming to Northern, Kowalewski was at High Point Central from 2005-2007.  His overall record at High Point Central was 47-9 and his overall high school coaching record is 156-63 in seven seasons.  Coach “K” has also been a head coach for the North Carolina Gaters (since 1995) in all AAU age groups between 8 & Under and 19 & Under and he won an AAU National Championship in 2005 and 2008 with his 19 & Under teams.  Coach “K” played college basketball at Dartmouth College for four years and played high school ball at West Genesee High School in Syracuse, New York.

Camp runs June 28-July 2….
Contact information:
Stan Kowalewski
Head Basketball Coach
Oak Ridge Military Academy
2317 Oak Ridge Road
Oak Ridge, NC 27310
Fax: 336.285.5343
E-mail: oakridgehoops@yahoo.com
Website: www.oakridgemilitary.com

  • Get Real said,

    This is not a fundamentals camp,lets just call it what is really is. This give Stan a chance to recuit the area talent. This is a camp were Stan can see the younger players in the area and make promises to the parents and kids on how he can get them a D-1 basketball free ride. Andy please don’t post Stan’s w’s and l’s until he has had a chance to really coach a group of players that are truly students not a group of all stars. It is a slap in the face to the hard work that our true coaches at our High Schools like Page and Grimsley put in yearly. That are the true coaches because they go out each year and play the hand that they are dealt. Coach Corbett and Coach Kent don’t have a team of All Stars, they just have students from their area and they are not out there recruiting players. I think that is what High School coaching is all about.

  • Get Real - Get Real said,

    Mr/Miss Get Real – some of you need to get over your issues with Stan and/or the Oak Ridge program. Oak Ridge does not have a natural area of students that must attend their school. They are a private school that must go out and get the best kids that they can get for both the classroom and sports programs. If you truly believe in your argument, then you would also be asking them to recruit the lowest performing students in the class along with the “average” ball players. The fact is that would be a bad decision for the student and the paying parents. They are not going to recruit students that cannot survive in the classroom and they will not recruit players that cannot even make on the floor.

    GDS and other private schools have the same type of camps each summer and I do not hear people upset about those programs.

  • dale fulton said,

    I love the part about all of his accomplishments.

  • Irate Grimsley Parent said,

    Wasn’t that 3A title made void………..posting this up would be making a false statement. C’mon Andy.

  • Andy said,

    I didn’t write the copy for the camp brouchere…That is what they sent us and in Coach K’s mind he still has that title and I don’t think it is going anywhere, but it does make for good topical discussion….

    As my dentist used to say, “I’m not here to change to the world, just to get people to brush their teeth”….(Man, I wish I would have listened to that guy!)

  • Get Real said,

    In my mind I was the greatest player in the world but that’s not reality. So if I send you a brouchere that I am having a Basketball camp held by the greatest basketball player in the world,would you put it on this site. I think you would lose creditabilty and I think that is what you are doing by using anything that Stan sends you and posting it.

  • Andy said,

    I think the mind part only relates to the State 3-A Title….Coach K played at Dartmouth and he has coaching credentials…

    In my mind I am one of the greatest basketball players that ever lived and I have past coaching credentials that I don’t use any more….

    It basically comes down to having a passion for the game and many of us have that and some choose to share it with others at different levels…

    Coach K can still coach and he can still teach and maybe some kid out there will learn something…..You can’t put a ban on wanting to coach and work with kids and many still have that dream and we can’t just sit here and regulate who can and who can’t run camps…

    We are putting the word out and you can read the word as you wish….Just tell others about the good word and put a good word in for us on occasion….

    I still say one of the best feelings in the world is when you leave that outdoor basketball court in the summer and you can’t eat anything, but you can drink water or whatever and you can’t get enough after a good workout….The best feeling in the world, you are dead, but you are about to be revived…..

    Long live a good game on a good court, play hard, have a passion for and respect the game, because the game is your life……

  • Be Honest said,

    Be Honest,

    Folks let be real this is all about Coach K’s ego once again. Andy must have a soft spot for K he is always defending him no matter what he does or says. That’s ok if Andy is a Coach K fan so be it, there are a few out there. But again K is a legend in his own mind and everything he does is to boost his own image. Name one player who has made it big that he has coached???? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again K wants to coach at the college level
    and that is his motivation. Maybe if he can save the ridge someone will notice and give him a shot. Like we have said a thousand times take the player you are suppose to have
    that live where there suppose to live and go to school where they are suppose to go to school and win a championship and then we will applaud you.
    Oh and as far as the 3A championship goes I ask Mo Green and he said K did not win the title he stole it

  • Robert Jones said,

    If Maurice Green would say something like that to you, who are obviously someone that cannot be trusted ( evidence is your posting his comment), then it’s obvious that he does need to have a spokeperson we pay $150M + per year and a lawyer like Jill Wilson to “cover his ***”. That’s a very irresponsible comment to make publicly, but based on what a couple of AD friends of mine tell me, it’s not the first irresponsible comment he’s made recently. So yo be honest, did Mr. Green really tell you that or is your name a LIE, too?

  • Be Honest said,


    Chill out man.
    Mo told us all back in May of 2009 when the NCHAA striped NG’s Basketball Title
    for having 2 players that were ineligable for living outside the district. I am sure you remember all this coming down. So NO Mo did not tell me this personnaly however I do know Mo Green and I think he is an outstanding person and a great superintendent
    and doing a wonderful job fo GCS.