Biggest bust ever from the NFL Draft

Posted by Andy Durham on April 20, 2010 at 1:33 pm under College, Professional | 5 Comments to Read

Jim Rome was talking about this on his show a little while ago at around 12:30pm, right before Michelle Obama’s brother Craig Robinson came on and how about that bust?????(The ones from the NFL Draft, not the ones from Chicago, Illinois.)

Jim Rome starts rattling off the NFL Draft pick busts and he says who is the biggest bust ever and he names:

1)Lawrence Phillips
2)Tony Mandarich
3)Heath Shuler
and others and as soon as Jim Rome starts talking about this I said aloud to me, myself and I, as I was driving down the road……

RYAN LEAF……It has to be Ryan Leaf and Rome talks about the aforementioned players and then he hits his punch line and says, “but you know the biggest NFL Draft bust ever, it has to RYAN LEAF……

Anyone have other thoughts on this one or are we all in the same accordance on this selection and will Sam Bradford be the top pick on Thursday night????? Will Tim Tebow fall far in the draft?????

Ryan Leaf the biggest bust ever, no matter what draft you are talking about? Football, Basketball or Baseball????? Remember when the Texas Rangers selected 18 year-old Texas high school pitching sensation David Clyde????? Remember when the Portland Trailblazers selected Sam Bowie ahead of Michael Jordan????? Does anyone still remember Sam Bowie?????

Back to Sam Bradford out of Oklahoma……Is he your man for this year’s #1 pick in the NFL Draft or do you think that Tim Tebow still has a chance to move up to the top spot and will runningback C.J. Spiller from Clemson be the first ACC player taken in the draft?????

  • Turk said,

    Ryan Leaf was the biggest bust and Joey Harrington was a close second.

  • Willie T said,

    Obama’s been the biggest bust so far in my opinion. What ever happened to McFadden the kid out of Arkansas?

  • Andy said,

    What became of Robert Smith the RB out of Ohio State????? Did he ever become a brain surgeon/doctor? The last time I saw him he was talking sports on ESPN and he was talking helmet protection with Merle Hodge.

    Does anyone know if Smith made it to Med School and if he ever became a doctor…..That’s all he was talking about back when he was coming out of college…..

    If Smith never made to Med School than I would say he was a bust.

  • Bob Lowe said,

    Smith never made it to med school but had a pretty good career with the Vikes. He chose the tougher career of the broadcasting talking head.

    Leaf or Phillips is a tough call. As a Rams fan, I go with Phillips. He’s now in prison serving a long sentence and not taking any personal responsibility for his mistakes.

    Leaf made some mistakes, too. He got into trouble as golf coach in Texas. He was forging prescriptions, or something.

    Little known fact about Leaf? Chargers fans were worried they’d get stuck with Peyton Manning, but Indy took PM.

  • Bamm Bamm said,

    I saw the Rome show & agree with Leaf being a bust of tremendous proportion, especially when you consider he was taken ahead of Peyton Manning! I would call that the number 2 draft blunder of all time (behind Sam Bowie/Michael Jordan) but at least Leaf did play for a period of time (albeit not well:):)), & I think him being a quarterback makes people think it’s worse than it is.

    For my money, considering the hype he was given…Mandarich was a far bigger bust than Leaf or anyone else & it’s amazing that when you consider all of the teams individual scouts or combines & interviews that no one managed to figure out that Mandarich was a juiced up, ‘roid freak, whose claim to NFL fame was getting run over by Bo Jackson!!