Questions and thoughts coming in today….

Posted by Andy Durham on April 20, 2010 at 6:00 pm under College, High School | Read the First Comment

On the Bob Gibbons Spring Evaluation Clinic?
Where are the Summer and Fall Evaluation Clinics for those who may not be ale to attend the Charlotte Spring Clinic?

On the Under Armour Football Combine?
Did any players from this area participate. If so how did they do?

from Joseph McClain:
I’m thinking about signing with GTCC.

One of the key questions of the day….
Can a highschool coach or AAU coach get you in college?

from the E-mail box:
How many teams will make the baseball playoffs from each conference?

Let’s go to work on these and see how we do………..

  • Coach said,

    what sport are you looking to sign at GTCC and what are your options