NCAA field expands, but will Slippery Rock ever get in the tournament? Maybe in 2096…

Posted by Andy Durham on April 22, 2010 at 6:41 pm under College | 2 Comments to Read

The NCAA Men’s basketball field has been expanded from 64 to 68 teams and not 96, as was expected and the way things are starting to look, Slippery Rock will never get into the NCAA Tournament…

Even if The Rock went DI, I still don’t see them getting into the tournament…..We need more teams below the low-major level in the tourney and Slippery Rock would represent their Pennsylvania people well and I know that for a fact….The Rock would shock the world when they got in the tourney and Dave Diles, former ABC Mutual of Omaha Football Scoreboard Show host, could vouch for The Rock.

Every Saturday for many years, back in the fall of the year, when College Football was in full force, Slippery Rock was the scoreboard darling each and every Saturday afternoon…..The show with Diles, would not be complete until Dave Diles announced the final from the Slippery Rock game and on most Saturdays, Slippery Rock would come out on the losing end, again…..But the name, Slippery Rock was the turn-on, and it still is……..

Slippery Rock could do the same thing for College Basketball, if the NCAA would make an exception and let them into the tournament….Bring on The Rock and they will shock the world….Look what Butler did for the tournament this year when they made it to the finals, and eventually fell to the champions, the Duke Blue Devils.

Let’s let The Rock, rock the NCAA and take this field of 68 to 168 and The Rock will be playing, The Rock Around the Clock…..We can also bring back Dave Diles and we find out now, “Why Dave Diles left ABC and the Scoreboard Show“……(From

On to The Rock as we rock them into the NCAA Tournament……
Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania (also known as The Rock or SRU) is a public, master’s-level university that offers some doctoral programs in cooperation with Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Both institutions are members of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. Slippery Rock University is located in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania, approximately 52 miles (84 km) north of Pittsburgh. The university has one of the largest campuses in western Pennsylvania, occupying 611 acres (2.4 km). It includes new residential suites, the cornerstone being Watson Hall.

Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania competes in the NCAA Division II and is a member of the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC).

  • Bob said,

    If you are going to bring back Dave Diles, then please bring back Todd Donahoe.

  • AJ said,

    We grew up on The Rock and Dave Diles with the scores on Saturday afternoons.