HS Baseball Tonight 4/27/2010: SEG-Dudley goes extra innings

Posted by Andy Durham on April 27, 2010 at 11:04 pm under High School | 17 Comments to Read

East Forsyth 6
Northwest Guilford 4

Southwest Guilford 12
High Point Central 1

SWG(19-4) no-hit the HPC Bison last night in 5 innings…..

Ragsdale 9
Glenn 7


Southeast Guilford 7
Dudley 6

8 Innings
Game winning RBI Tanner Hodgin, game winning run Josh Tobias….
WP:Josh Tobias
LP:Tevin Neal

Western Guilford 13
Southern Alamance 1

(4 1/2 innings)
WP:Nin Marrero

Northern Guilford 5
Morehead 1

WP: Bradley Burchette
NGHS: DC Arendas 2-2, Bradley Burchette, Johnny Pinnix 1-3, Scott Ryan 1-3, Trip
Dunn 1-3, George Carter 1-3

NGHS: 13-8 overall, 10-3 conference

*****More on the SEG-Dudley game….Dudley led early 4-0 and SEG battled back to tie at 4-4 and then Dudley grabbed a 6-4 lead before Southeast tied at 6-6 in the bottom of the 7th and then the Falcons went to win it the extra frame, 7-6…*****

+++++Batting highlights from SEG-Dudley….Tanner Hodgin 2 key RBI’s including the game-winne to score Tobias…Tiger Miller two, two-run singles to plate two and this gave him 2 RBI’s…Colby Keene had a triple and a RBI single for SEG, Austin Bain had two singles, Josh Tobias, Blake Butler and Dylan Barker both had doubles for SEG….

For Dudley Brandon Burkes had an RBI double and Corey Kimber had a two-run double for the Panthers….Ray Crawfor had a run-scoring single for Dudley and the go-ahead RBI in the top of the seventh….Sharod Williams had an infield single for an RBI for the Panthers….+++++

  • sefan said,

    Two outstanding games tonight. SE JV and Varsity won by one in the last and extra inning respectively. The boys in orange had to tough it out against two Dudley teams that certainly came to play ball tonight. Hats off to Dudley!

  • Mike said,

    great game by both teams, fun game to watch..Dudley has come a long way.. hats off to those kids!

  • mike c said,

    Dudley has improved greatly in the last few years. My partner tells me he can remember many of those kids when they were 11-12 playing Greensboro all-stars. He said their big pitcher back then was a kid they called Peanut. They could always hit and run. Their defense continues to improve. they just need more pitching depth. Kimber’s, Neal and Burkes appear to carry the load on the hill. With that arm Crawford has I am surprised he never pitched.

  • ron said,

    My hat is off to Dudley and there coaching staff. After watching them play twice now they have EARNED my total respect. These parents,coaches have done a great job of making this ball club into a team.The support these kids have been given has paid off and I am sure that this will carry these young men a long way in life.

  • DN said,

    Thank you for your post. This is what was meant earlier on other post when we said Dudley Baseball was something that you would have to see now in order to understand.
    This is not the teams of the past where you only had 3 or 4 “BASEBALL ” players at a time. This is a team of BASEBALL players that win or lose is going to play to the end. All they want is to play on a level playing field and not be judged by the name across their chest. Last night was a great game . We came up short but we’ll suit up Thursday night and go again.
    Six Seniors will play there last REGULAR season game tomorrow. Come out and Take in a game Panther Style…it can be SPECIAL.

    Mike C yes these are those kids but Peanut only played with them for 1 or 2 summers.

  • mike L said,

    DN, I always thought the field was level. I like the game Dudley plays. And I don’t know what’s wrong with being judged by the name across the chest. Dudley is a good name, good school (maybe I missed your point). Afterall, the name on the front means a lot more than the one on the back. đŸ™‚

  • mark said,

    who the heck wants a level playing field? Give me as field with a nice crown in it for better drainage every day of the week…

  • KC said,

    Good game that is for sure. I got my money’s worth. Players played hard, hustled on/ off the field, and made big plays. Umpires super job and consistant. Fans were involved, excited and well behaved. Only wish game moved quicker. There was way too much stepping out of batters box. Guess these teams are watching the Yanks/Sox games. Plus, let the head coach question calls, not the whole staff. Other than that, priceless! Good luck to both teams in their quest to be State Champion.

  • dn said,

    Dudley does not put the name on the back because its is all about the name on the front. What I was saying was do not judge by the name of the school but by how the players play the game no matter what school they play for.
    Mark L to much crown makes some great bunts roll foul and negates speed

  • SE'71 said,

    Great game on both sides of the field, however had dudleys second baseman not made a couple of errors i feel this would have been a completely different ball game but hey the ball bounced our way and thats baseball for you.

    My only question is why does Neal continue to pitch when everyone knows he is injured? Il give it to him Neal is throwing it pretty well out there but at what expense? Especially in a situation that his coaching staff placed him i feel it was unfair to him

  • The real deal said,

    SE 71 this is a team 1 individual did not loose this game. If a kid had a real injury the coaches would not put him out there so our coaches are not unfair to anyone. We lost and we are Ok with that we live to play another day but we will play as a team not
    individuals. Maybe you like to make excuses but at Dudley there is no excuse you either win or loose but you do that together TEAM. We hope you feel our pain but we dont need you to CRY for us we can do that for ourselves . PLEASE CRY FOR YOU AND YOUR SITUATION because every dog has his day.
    Thats the REAL DEAL

  • mo said,

    Some of these fans kill me. Defensive. 71 isn’t beating the kid up. there are lots of plays in a game. Any number of those plays could have been different and the outcome could have changed. Nobody is hating and nobody is crying for you. It’s just a game.

  • SEG said,

    to the real deal im not trying to start anything with you but we all know that Neal does indeed have an inury…many of our players converse with Neal and also took carolina acceleration with him and the other panther players. So why do all dudley fans continue to deny the fact that he IS injured?

    Not knocking Neal though, the kid has the most heart I have seen from any player in a long time…Just putting that out there I just want to know the deal with all of the denial

  • SE'71 said,

    No need to cry when your on the top of the conference

  • talent scout said,

    Neal has heart its as simple as that he’s improved his swing tremendously im pretty sure he has to be batting around .400 this season and from following this team i have seen him play just about every position at least once except for catcher (he may have even played that too)—In my opinion he is the best ALL AROUND player on that team he brings his bat, glove, and heart every game.

    Brandon Burkes is also a stud on that team and to be only a sophomore he has yet to reach his prime. Burkes also has played several positions on this team, although not as many as Neal, he still has moved around….He will be an important factor in the future of Dudley baseball.

    In MY OPINION these two are Dudleys most valuable players on the Dudley team but are overlooked because of the 3rd baseman Crawford who has a bat like no other.

  • Delvon said,

    NealSEG & SE71
    If Neal has an injury and “HE & HIS FAMILY” made a choice/decision on HIS playing or not. Who’s concern/responibility will it be? Does there need to be a press conference to let everyone know. Anyone that matters knows .I know … do you?
    Is Anybody questioning Stone playing if the DOCTORS ok’d it.

    Yes Neal has HEART sometimes too much But is that a bad thing His brother had it too. If he starts something he wants to finish Is That a bad thing?

    All six seniors on Dudley team this year (Not just Neal) wanted to finish TOGETHER what they stated 4 years ago with the likes of Trey Perry,Travis Neal,Frankie Johnson, Ruben Torelles,Donald Garner,CJ Middlebrooks an CG Faulkner(all of which played on the next level in some fashion)..Bring Dudley Baseball Back..

    Now they pass the torch on to Robinson,Williamson,Seagraves,Burkes,Kimber & Pratt as they prepare to move on to their next respective Fields.

    All of the players at Dudley work hard because that is what most have been taught since the were playing Mustang ball @ Nocho park and know what is expected.

    SEG @ WG today 7:00 will decide whois on top … Conference Champs and Tournament site.

    What makes you laugh can also make you cry.. D.Green … GOOD LUCK to both Teams

  • The Real Deal said,

    MO you need to pay attention and maybe read we know its just a game but there are no excuses and baseball is not tennis do you know what that means.
    SE 71 dont talk to fast I see where you lost to PROVIDENCE GROVE did I not say every dog has his day well lets see what you do with Western.
    When I see MD infront of your name you will be able to tell me who is injured and what we should do about it . Even then I WILL GET A SECOND OPINION how many MD’S have been wrong .
    Stay Positive

    Thats the REAL DEAL